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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 20 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 20 by desirenovel

A Little Freedom

There was something between Alejandro and me. I don’t know what it was but I saw the way he didn’t even bother to look at the women who wanted a sliver of the Alpha Kings’ attention. But when he would look at me, I did not miss the hunger in his dark onyx eyes. He could deny it all he wanted but I got his heart racing too, just as he did mine. What was i Soon I knew he’d be leaving and returning to his own pack. Just the thought made me and my stomach sink. I was totally confused; I mean, the guy got me so worked up that we were constantly at each other’s throats.

I wasn’t weird. I had never been attracted to anyone so strongly before – then there was the fact that he was thirty-four! That i n itself shocked me, he was almost double my age. If Dad knew what went through my mind, I’m sure he’d lock me in the cells for the rest of my life. Things with Damon had been kind of strange. I mean, he was quieter, and I knew our ‘breakup’ had affected him. the night after the attacks I went to see him , w e did end up having sex but for the first time , I found it hard . Although he was as amazing as ever , I couldn’t stop the guilt that filled me . Guilt that had no basis to be there . I couldn’t forget his quiet words when we had simply laid there . ‘ I’ve already lost you . ‘ I wouldn’t forget them , but it also made m e realise that I had hurt him .

It only added the need to leave the pack . To just have a little break to come to terms with it , as well as having space to breathe . Coming to that ; I hadn’t asked Dad again , I mean , a lot had been going on . It had been two days since the attack . We had lost 4 men and 1 woman . Kimberly Stone , the sweet twenty – five – year – old nurse who had been pregnant . The funerals were held yesterday and security had been tightened considerably . We had just finished training for the morning and I had just showered and got dressed in pink leggings and a white chiffon tunic . I paired it with white sandals and pink feathery earrings to complete my look .

complete my Toon . ‘ Kiara , come to my office at the packhouse . ‘ Dad’s voice came through the mind link . ‘ Bring Raven too . ” I frowned . Did I mess up again ? What did I do now ? ‘ Ok . ‘ I quickly sent Raven a text and headed out . Seeing Damon standing with Liam , I paused on the bottom step . I hadn’t seen him since the other night when I snuck out of his bed , although he had said to stay the night , I hadn’t been able to . Our eyes met and my heart ” Morning . ” He said , breaking the silence . I could see Liam observing us sharply . ” Morning , you weren’t at training . ” I replied smoothly . ” F ” I was setting up some sensors around the pack grounds . ” ” Oh , no wonder … ” I replied . Goddess , don’t let me make this awkward . ” Anyway , I need to go , Dad’s called me to his office at the packhouse . ” ” You too ? ” Liam said , frowning .

” Why ? You two as well ? ” Damon nodded as he exchanged a look with Liam . ” Weird , he called Raven too … ” I added . ” Let’s get going then . ” Liam said pushing open the front door , and the three of us stepped out . Five minutes later , we all entered Dad’s office only to find Mom , Beta Aaron – who I called uncle and Damon’s dad there . As well as Alejandro and one of the men who had come with him – Dustin , I think it was . I wonder what this was about … ” Come in . ” Dad said from where he sat on his chair , like the Alpha he was . Mum was seated on his leg . Uncle Aaron and Dustin were sat in the seats opposite dad .

I glanced at Alejandro ; the man was stood leaning against the far wall smoking away . Despite not being seated , the power that wrapped around him made it clear who the supreme Alpha in the room was . Did the man ever not smoke ? ” Someone , crack a window . I’m suffocating . ” Raven remarked , fake coughing . Uncle Aaron looked at her in amusement and shook his head as Liam and Damon gave her a pointed look . I smiled slightly , stepping forward . ” Why did you call us ? ” ” It’s regarding you wanting to go to another pack for a short while . ” Dad said , I didn’t miss the emphasis on the word ‘ short ‘ . ” Oh really ? You’re going to let me ? ” I asked , stepping forward and looking at dad with excitement in my eyes . Dad frowned at my obvious delight and I smiled sheepishly . ” So , I can go right ? Where am I going ? Can I choose ? ” ” Kia … ” Mom said smirking slightly .

She stood up and I didn’t miss Dad growling a t that . I smiled , they really were the perfect pair . ” You’re going to the Night Walkers Pack . ” I looked at mum stunned . That was the royal pack , Alejandro’s pack . My stomach fluttered and my heart raced in excitement . His pack . I was confused though , why would my dad send me there when he warned me to stay away from him ? Not to mention the man had injured me too and Dad had flipped . Luckily , he didn’t reinforce the grounding business . ” I think it’s best . The pack is safe , and Rafael said Rayhan and Raihana will be visiting there for a few weeks anyway . You’ll have company and then when the blood moon ceremony takes place you can return home with Liam or if you meet your mate … Dad trailed off ; his brows furrowed deeply . ” So , I get like three weeks ? ” I asked . It was better than nothing but the thought o f staying at his pack … My stomach knotted and I felt anticipation ripple through me . ” Yes . ” Dad said . ” Is that pack really the best place ? ” Damon suddenly spoke . ‘ Damon don’t , you know he’ll say something . ‘ I said through the link .

” Yes son . It was Scanett’s idea and Alpha Alejandro kindly agreed . ” Uncle Nathan spoke up . I saw Dad frown at Mum and it seemed Mum may have had more of a say in this one . But if Dad agreed , it meant he too thought this was best . ” I’m doing a fucking favour , so make sure you don’t piss me off . ” Alejandro said coldly , now glaring at me . ” Dad … Do you really trust that she’s safe there ? ” Liam said , concern clear in his voice . I resisted rolling my eyes . Did these two seriously not know how excited I was ? ” She isn’t a baby , Goddess ! I feel sorry for your mates . Give the girl some space ! ” Raven said , she rushed forward . ” Uncle E 1 , sooo you thought about what I said ? ” She batted her lashes at Dad who gave her a sceptical look . ” I did . Quit that , before I change my mind . ” Dad growled . Raven smirked and moved back , giving m e an excited look .

I raised my eyebrows in curiosity . ” Raven wanted to go with you and we all know she doesn’t listen to no’s . ” Dad said . Alejandro now looked up . ” I’m not taking two brats . ” He said bluntly . ” We’re a team . ” Raven said , now knowing if Alejandro said no , Dad wouldn’t be able t o do anything . ” Please ? ” We all knew there was no sincerity in that please , Raven was going one way or another . ” Consider her a part of her security . ” Dad said . ” Damon , I want you to go ” 1 ” No. My pack will protect her , she doesn’t need others . You are already sending two warriors . ” Alejandro said , his aura now suddenly growing . ” I’ll take it as an offence if you think my pack is not competent . ” ” It’s not that but it’s only fair the Alpha’s daughter has someone with her , from her own pack . ” Dad growled back . ” Then she can pick . The brat or him .

” Alejandro said with contempt , glaring at Damon with such hatred my heart thudded . Why did he hate him so much ? It wasn’t because of our relationship , was it ? Who was I kidding ? Sure , he had some interest i n me , but I knew it was just sexual . It seemed I wasn’t the only one to feel confused at Alejandro’s dangerous anger . ” Kiara … ” Mom said , frowning as she looked between the two men . Damon’s face was emotionless , his soft blue eyes calm . While Alejandro’s were a burning red , screaming anger and power . ” It’s fine , I mean the packs safe … I don’t think I need … I mean Raven , I’ll take Raven . ” I said , making Raven high five m e . Alejandro smirked as if he had just attained a victory and took a long drag of his cigarette . ” We leave in the morning . ” He glanced at me and our eyes met before he walked out . Dustin gave a small smile before he left the room too , following his Alpha . Dad sighed and looked at Damon .

” What happened between you and Alejandro ? ” ” Nothing . We just fought once during training . ” Damon said , glancing at me . I had a feeling he had a doubt . 11 ” Oh , who cares ? That man has issues . Raven added . ” So come on Kia , let’s go pack ! ” ” Ok . ” I said , smiling slightly . ” Angel . ” . ” Dad called me . I stopped and turned back . ” Be careful . Even if Alejandro has agreed , he is dangerous … Don’t piss him off and remember that you are a guest at his pack . Respect him . ” ” 1 I nodded and was about to leave when I turned back to Dad , a sudden thought coming to me .

” I don’t get it though . Of all the packs , why did you choose his ? There’s more to this , isn’t there ? ” I saw the adults exchange looks and Liam stepped forward . ” Don’t think too much about it , Kiara . ” ” No. There’s more … I want to know . ” I pushed stubbornly . ” Kiara . For once , stop being stubborn . The reason doesn’t change anything . I got you sorted to go , so take it . ” Mum said firmly . ” But there is more to it . ” I said now . looking at Dad . His blue eyes met mine and he sat forward . ” The attacks on this pack are growing . The Wendigo and Manangal attacks are all around us . We’re like a fucking hot spot , drawing them in . I’d rather you be somewhere far away and safe . What better place can there be than the Alpha Kings Pack.

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