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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 2 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 2 by desirenovel

Friend’s & A Movie

The wind blew through my hair, a pleasant welcome on this warm day. The sun was lowering itself in the sky and I knew I’d have to head inside soon.

I was sat just outside our family home, near the river. I smiled gently, my eyes glued to the book in my hand ‘My Future Stepbrother’ By Nlonroe Thirty. I loved this book. I smiled as I turned the page as I leant back against the tree.

But I didn’t get to lose myself in the book and fantasise about crushing on the male lead Jayce because Liam, my twin brother and future Alpha of The Blood Moon pack ran over.

“Kia, join us. We’re going to go watch a movie.” He said, running his fingers through his hair. I looked up into his cerulean blue eyes, which mirrored dads. He looked a lot like dad actually. The only difference between the two was, Liam had strawberry blond hair like mum’s natural colour.

“I don’t want to go. You lot go.” I replied,

turning back to my book. He sighed and snatched it from me, making my eyes flash a brilliant purple. “Liam!”

“Kiara. Enough of this. Come on. You know dad said that the king’s coming in two days. Then we’ll be stuck serving the arrogant ass.”

That made me smile. As an Alpha Liam didn’t like to take commands from anyone and having two Alpha parents didn’t help with that. The fact the king was actually coming down… meant he would have another superior around.

“It’s not funny. We’ve all heard he’s more arrogant and cocky than dad and every other Alpha put together.” Liam growled now glaring at me. His deep navy eyes of his wolf showing through.

“It’s a little funny. I actually want to see dad bristle.” I said cheekily. Liam narrowed his eyes “You are evil. Especially since your daddy’s little girl.” He mocked, he wasn’t wrong. Everyone knew I was dad’s favourite, I was second only to mum.

I stood up and reached for my book. He held it out of my reach. Although I was foot s he was over 6 foot.

“Come out with us.” He repeated stubbornly.

I didn’t want to. It would get dark by the time the movie finished and then I was as blind as a bat. Although I was quite good with my senses it wasn’t the same. I hated holding everyone back, no matter how much they said I wasn’t a burden. I was one. I always have been one.


I looked at him and was about to argue when Raven, my feisty sexy temperamental best friend came running over. Raven was a little younger than me and still 17 years old. She had her black hair cut in a bob with bangs with red and plum streaks in it. The most unique thing about her was her mix-matched eyes. The left was an icy blue and the right was a blue-green. Did I mention she was also tiny at feet g inches?

“Kia!” she said, wrapping her arms around my waist and hugging me tightly. She was dressed all in black, I don’t think she owned many other colours. Nlaybe the occasional purple or red.

“Ow ow! You’re crushing me!” I joked “All I’m crushing are these plushies,” she said, prodding my breasts, making me blush before she let go of me and looked a t Liam who towered high above her.

“Raven,” he replied. Their eyes met and I simply stood there. Raven has been my best friend since we were little. But there was something between Liam and her. I even think they might be mates. I can just imagine it, our tiny Luna. But then again I think she had chemistry with someone else too…

“Since you’re here, we were heading out and Kiara here refuses to go. We both know she listens to you.” he said. Raven crossed her arms.

“Even you listen to me.” she remarked, making Liam glare at her as he shoved the book into her arms.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself bitesize.” He growled.

“Ooo I’m terrified.” She mocked, making me laugh. Liam stormed off and we both started laughing.

“I’m not going Raven, don’t even try it.” I said stubbornly, taking my book back frowning. This was a signed copy and it meant a lot to me.

“Kia. Liam isn’t wrong. Come on and I’m going to be there too. We want you there.”

But I was also the reason Raven stuck by m y side when she should be going and doing what she wants. I hated holding everyone back. I always did. Family trips. Nlum and dad couldn’t even have their full time together because of me. No matter how old I got I was still useless.

“Ok.” I gave in. I didn’t want them to beg me either, knowing this time neither was going to let me get out of it. Worse I knew Liam would take it to dad too. I brushed m y fingers through my waist-length sandy blond hair, guess I had no choice.

It was over an hour later and here we were at the movies. Damon Nicholson, the future beta and also Liam’s best friend was with us. The four of us have always hung together. We were now laughing over a comedy, and I was actually enjoying the movie, whilst sipping on my Fanta. We had gone into town, although our pack had grown a lot over the years, w e didn’t have our own cinema yet.

“I would have preferred horror.” Raven said tossing popcorn up and catching it in her mouth “I’m sure there’s a lot you would have preferred.” Damon remarked, making me laugh, taking popcorn and shoving it in Raven’s mouth. She bit onto his finger, giving him a mock glare as Liam looked down at the tiny pint of our group.

“Zip it, boys.” Raven said, releasing Damon’s finger. I smiled “I told you I’m the third wheel. Or should I say the fourth wheel…” I said looking between the two men and Raven. They all stared at me, looking confused.

“What does that even mean?” Liam asked. I shrugged. I often said things without thinking and I knew it irked them. They exchanged baffled looks and I turned back to the movie. I preferred romantic movies like the Titanic but it was hard to choose something we’d all agree on.

“By the way, I love that top Kia!” Damon piss me off. The other didn’t. I didn’t say anything. He led me to the door and let go of me.

“Mind link me when you come back here ok?”

“Fine.” I said. I wasn’t going to, why should I? I hated being treated like an invalid. I stormed off, the familiar spasm o f pain up my right ankle to my knee jarring through me.

‘Love you Kia’ Liam mind linked me. Nly anger faded. I knew what they did was because they loved me.

‘Love you too big brother’ I walked to the bathroom knowing Liam was watching. Entering I looked in the mirror, staring back at me was a pretty young woman. I had a square face, with high defined cheekbones, plump lips and

straight long hair. But what I loved the most about my face was my eyes. Sage green with a blue ring, a mix of mum and dads. I gave it a few moments before I left the cinema and walked into the parking lot. My wolf was restless, she wanted me t o go further out.

‘Why?’ I asked her, not that I’d get a reply, but I liked to think I could communicate with her, she sometimes sent me emotions as answers. ‘Is there something out there?’ I asked.

The urge to keep walking filled me, and I did, the brightly lit cinema lights becoming fainter as I continued walking. My common sense told me to stop. This wasn’t the first time I’ve done this.

Growing up, I followed my impulse and always ended up in danger. But now I had my wolf things would be different right? Although she couldn’t see in the dark, she was strong and fast.

Suddenly everything went pitch black. Alarms went off signalling that there had been a power outage. My heart skipped a beat, but I was calm.

‘I don’t think this was a good idea, I said t o my wolf. I looked around but everything was black ‘Kiara!’ Liam called through the link, panic laced into his voice.

‘Relax I’m safe, I’ll just stay in one place till the lights come on.’ I replied through the link ‘Ok. Raven’s coming’

‘Relax Liam.’

He didn’t reply and I knew Raven was probably rushing to the bathroom already. I sighed, guess I better head back. I turned to walk inside when I heard a strange unearthly growl. My blood ran cold when I felt something move behind m e, the whisper of the wind brushing against me, spurring me into a run…

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