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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 19 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 19 by desirenovel


Her eyes widened in surprise at my words . Well , fuck . I really do need to learn to keep my mouth shut . I looked away from her , trying to ignore the scent of hazelnut chocolate that seeped off of her . Fucking Goddess , did she have to be so fucking tempting ? Why did I even like chocolate ? I glared at her , annoyed by her silence . ” Let me check your wounds . ” She said . ” Need an excuse to touch me ? ” ” You wish . ” She retorted , giving me a deathly glare . ” What was that supposed to be ? You looked like a fucking constipated cat . ” I remarked whilst walking over to the wendigo to begin searching it . Was there really nothing on it ? Once again , no clue … I felt her walking over and the anger that was radiating off her .

Seems like daddy’s girl knew how to obey because she kept her fucking mouth shut . I mean , I knew of a few ways I could keep that mouth busy … I frowned as she crouched down , observing the Wendigo . ” It was in pain . ” She remarked . I raised a n eyebrow . ” Well , it was fucking injured . ” What was she , stupid ? ” I know that ! I’m just saying , I can sense i t . ” I looked at her sharply , it was there again . That very faint aura around her . She blinked and it was gone . Something told m e there was more to her than she or her family knew … Was it coincidental that a Wendigo appeared where she was ? ” Can I check your wounds ? They look pretty bad . ” She said , now looking at my back . ” It’ll heal . ” I said . Or I cou let her do what she wants … Having her hands on me wouldn’t be so bad . I smirked coldly , if her dickhead of a father knew what went through my mind he’d have her locked away in a fucking tower . But we all know that if I want something , nothing would stop me from getting it .

” I still think cleaning it will help speed up the process . 11 11 ” Fine . ” I said suddenly . ” You can check the one on my leg too . ” I smirked as I walked away from the dead Wendigo , noting the parts of the she – wolf 120 that were scattered around . I glanced at the walls . Blood was smeared over it , it looked like a scene from a horror movie . I liked to create such scenes , shame I wasn’t the one behind this one . ” In here . ” She said opening a door . She didn’t seem to click on that I wanted t o torture her . Oh well , this was going to be fun . She walked over to a cabinet and took some stuff out . I didn’t miss the limp that was more prominent in her ankle . Did she overexert herself ? Curiosity filled me and my mind flitted to fourteen years ago when I had saved her , remembering how she had walked back then . I had thought she wouldn’t make it i n this world . I guess I was fucking wrong , she was different , but at the same time I had to admit she was strong . To face a Wendigo without fear … was something not even the best of my warriors could do .

Sure , they’d face them , but they did fear it . ” This may sting a little . ” ” I’m sure I’ve dealt with more fucking pain than this . ” ” Ok big guy . ” She shot back , dabbing the cloth rather firmly on my back . Whatever she had put on it stung a little , but it was nothing compared to the pain I’ve felt . Pain , I relished in the feeling , the only reminder I was alive . I tensed when she placed her hand on my shoulder . I felt the rush of pleasure from her fingertips tingle through me and I rolled my neck , stretching out the kinks . That was another thing that made me feel alive – her fucking touch . ” You’re all tense . ” She said , placing the cloth down and I felt her add something chilling to the wounds . I frowned , feeling a tingle of coolness from her hand . That was what I felt moments ago but as soon a s it came it was gone . ” Do your fucking job . ” I remarked . I raised an eyebrow when her nails dug into me . I turned my head and glared at her , she moved back , her eyes widening .

” What ? ” She said . ” You know exactly what . ” I said dangerously . She had better not forget her place . Once again , she didn’t cower under my fucking aura . Maybe she was just a bar of chocolate ? Just like chocolate , she didn’t have the ability to feel my power . Maybe the same fucking rule applied to her . I wonder if she tasted like chocolate too … Well shit , I was seriously losing my fucking mind . She moved around me and my eyes went to her waist . She had been hurt too … ” Don’t you need to fucking tend to yourself ? ” ” Yeah , I’m going to clean it now . ” She said , lifting her top , showing off the large gash that ran across her waist and stomach .

Her under breast tattoo caught my attention and I found my gaze lingering on her breasts as she wiped the wound . It was kind of amusing watching her try to look past her breasts to see her wound . ” I don’t fucking care . If you drop off , at least we’ll have one less Westwood in the fucking world . ” ” This world needs us Westwood’s . ” She shot back , glaring at me . ” Is glaring all you can do ? ” ” I can do a lot more . ” She retorted . ” Yeah , I heard you that night . ” I remarked , making her blush . She turned slightly , grabbing the bandage . ” Come here . ” I commanded , I felt her tense . Well , at least my Alpha command worked on her . She raised an eyebrow and came over , I smirked . ” Seems like you do know how to follow orders . ” I said . I did not miss her racing heart . I took the gauze from her . ” Only if I want to . ” ” So , I wonder what else you want … ” I remarked , opening the bandage .

I placed i t around her waist , feeling her tense under my touch . My eyes didn’t leave her , as I wrapped the bandage around her stomach , not missing her taut stomach and defined waist . She was pretty sexy . I guess the fucker was good at one thing – Making a pretty , sexy daughter . I pulled it tighter , making her gasp as her hand went to my shoulder . I resisted a smirk as I completed wrapping the bandage around her and tucked it firmly in . ” Thanks … ” She said , ruffling her hair as she lowered her blood – soaked top slightly . ” I’d say anytime but the only time I have my hands around a woman’s waist is if I’m fucking them . ” I remarked .

Her cheeks flushed and I felt her breath hitch . ” Then I guess I should feel honoured . ” She said . I smirked . ” Or insulted , you’re clearly not hot enough . ” I was not going to give her the fucking satisfaction of knowing that she was fucking sexy . Her eyes flashed with anger and she gave me one of her withering glares . ” You are such a fucking arsehole . ” She crouched down in front of me as she began cleaning the wound on my thigh . I sat there in my shorts , enjoying her trying not to get too close . I would fucking prefer her on her knees facing me but after my suspicions , I didn’t want to get close to her . Somehow , she always made me say more than I wanted . ” Dickhead . ” She whispered in a barely audible voice but I heard . ” Seems like you have a dirty mouth . ” I said , grabbing her by the neck .

Her eyes widened and I smirked coldly . ” Keep talking dirty and I’ll have to wash it out for you . ” Our eyes met and I could smell her intoxicating arousal coating her in temptation . Fucking nymph . I glared at her coldly . ” I warned , letting g ” Don’t disrespect me . ” o of her . She simply gave me another dirty glare and went back to cleaning my leg . Once she was done , the wound was already healing . ” Right all done . ” She said through gritted teeth .

Moving back , she made to stand up – only for her ankle to give way . She stumbled , falling to her knee in front of me . She grabbed my thighs to stop herself from falling , her face inches from my crotch . Her pupils dilated and I tensed , feeling myself twitch . Well , fuck . She looked up slowly and I knew she could fucking hear my heart too . ” What ? Want to take care of my dick too ? ” She blushed and quickly moved back . ” No ! Even if you were the last man on earth , I wouldn’t fuck you ! ” She snapped , turning her back on me . I smirked . ” Who said anything about fucking ? ” She glared and I smirked coldly at her . ” I can tell when a person lies , and you’re fucking turned on . ” I said , now standing u P. ” You wish . ” ” Seems like that boy’s really not cutting it .

I hit a nerve , that was for sure when she turned and glared at me with anger burning in her now brilliant purple eyes . ” Thanks to you , you almost wrecked Damon and Liam’s relationship . ” ” Shame , it was probably not strong enough if something so small could break i t . ” I taunted coldly , turning to leave . I sensed her lunge at me and I turned in a flash , grabbing her by the neck . I slammed her against the wall , making her wince but still , she didn’t let out a sound . She was fucking stubborn – and clearly had no control over her fucking emotions . ” I told you , countless times , don’t fucking disrespect me . ” I growled . My face was inches away from hers . ” You’re all talk . ” She spat icily . ” Don’t push me so far that I show you the monster I am . ” Her anger calmed slightly and she looked away . I’m guessing she remembered her words about not getting angry with me . Well , whatever the fuck worked …. My gaze fell to her plump lips .

Would one taste really make a fucking difference ? ” Let go of me . ” She commanded . I narrowed my eyes and tightened my hold on her neck . ” I make the rules . ” She looked at me and raised an eyebrow . ” Do you ? ” She asked softly . Our eyes met as we both stared each other down . I was aware of her breasts now touching me and I stepped closer , crushing my body against hers . Goddess , she was a fucking temptress . She pissed m e off and fucking tempted me all at the same fucking time . I felt her body tense against mine and the tiny shaky breath she let out . ” What’s the matter ? Does daddy’s little girl need a real man to satisfy her fucking thirst ?

” I taunted . Her eyes were hooded , her lips parted , and I smirked . I had her trapped , or so I thought . She smiled seductively , running one hand down my chest . Her fingers grazing my pierced nipple , whilst her other hand ran down my waist until she rested it on my ass . Sending a wave of pleasure through m e . ” Or does the Alpha King want an annoying incompetent eighteen – year old ? ” She taunted breathlessly . My eyes narrowed and I let go of her , pulling away from her grasp on my ass . ” Keep dreaming . There are countless women who I take an interest in ; to fuck , use and throw aside when I’m done . If anything , you’re not even worth that . ” I said harshly before I turned and stormed out of the fucking room .

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