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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 18 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 18 by desirenovel

The Wendigo KIARA ‘ Dad , the hospital just experienced a disturb The lights suddenly went out and I froze . Luckily it was still light outside but whatever had caused this was nearby . ‘ Kiara , Why aren’t you home ? ‘ Dad called back . ‘ I told her to go to the hospital . ‘ Mum joined in . ‘ I’m fine but something isn’t right here . ‘ I replied , hearing the shrill scream of a nurse . ‘ Kiara stay put ! ‘ Dad growled . ‘ Ok . ‘ Yes I lied . I couldn’t just do nothing , something was wrong and I was probably one of the strongest ones around with most of the doctors ‘ being omegas and the patients too injured to fight . I grabbed my staff from the hallway , rushing down the hall towards where I heard the scream .

The smell of blood grew stronger and I stopped when I sawi The disgusting creature looked partially wolf and partially human but not like a Lycan . It looked more like a deformed monster with its elongated limbs and the haunting look of hunger that filled its eyes as it ate parts of her body , making my stomach churn . It was too late for the nurse , whose body had been torn to shreds . I felt sadness washing over me wondering who she was , I knew all the staff here . No one else was going to die , not on my watch . My defiant eyes turned towards the large monster . ” I’d make a nice snack . ” I suggested .

I wasn’t sure they could understand or what exactly their capacity of understanding was , but a girl could try right ? ” I’m sexy right ? ” The Wendigo growled at me as it leapt over the shredded woman incredibly fast . I crouched down ready for it , it clawed out at me and I raised my staff aiming for its chest . I growled , knocking it back with all my strength . I had the upper hand with it being a tight place , it couldn’t manoeuvre as good as I could . I knew one hit and I was dead . Last time I ran but this time I wouldn’t , I had no weapon then . This time I did . The problem with Wendigos was , unlike Manangal’s , their scent was very faint . Which meant in the dark , I’d be at a disadvantage . Thank Goddess it wasn’t dark right now . It lunged at me , biting onto my staff . I wrenched it to the side , slamming its head into the wall before I brought my claws out and slashed my hand through its side . It howled in agony , hissing as it backed away .

I didn’t give it a chance to heal as I ran towards it , bracing my weight on my staff I spun over doing a flip in the air . I grabbed one of the ceiling beams and kicked it square in the face . Letting go of the beam I wrapped my legs around its neck , grabbing it by the head and snapping it sideways , sending it careening backwards . Letting out an unearthly growl that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up a s it fell to the ground , but it wasn’t dead . I felt its claws dig into my waist and I let out a gasp of pain . Jumping off it I grabbed my staff once more , still clutching my waist . Before I could do anything more , I smelt two very familiar scents Dad and Alejandro’s . They burst through the double doors two seconds later , both taking a second to take in the scene before the Wendigo leapt forward in a flash . Dad growled first , lunging at it and tearing its head off as he shifted in mid – air . I saw Alejandro frown , his shirtless body making me want to lick my lips . Goddess , how long did it take to carve him to perfection … ? 2 ” Didn’t I fucking say , we could use it alive .

” He growled at Dad who was now back in human form . I dared not look towards him , not wanting to be traumatised for life . Ⓡ ” I wasn’t going to risk one alive in my pack . ” Dad said grimly . ” Kiara . ” ” Dad , I’m fine . ‘ ” 1 ” Didn’t I say you were to say away ? ” Dad growled . I rolled my eyes . ” Dad , I was the strongest wolf here . It was my job to protect those who were weaker . Stop being so overprotective ! ” I snapped , I was frustrated ” She’s right for once . You should be fucking proud that someone stopped that thing or you would have lost a lot more than a couple of pack members . ” Alejandro said coldly , his dark glare on the Wendigo . He glanced at me and I didn’t miss his gaze running over me , making my stomach twist and my heart race . He glanced at my staff before he walked past . His seductive woody scent made me want to inhale deeply but I resisted . I saw the large gashes running down his back , through the tattoo on his back . How was he still moving with those ? ” Kiara , go home . ” ” There are people who need attending to Dad . I’ll go after that . ” I said quietly .

He sighed and gave a curt nod before he entered a side room , stepping out . I was glad to see he was covered . He motioned m e to follow him but I hesitated . I glanced a t Alejandro , his bloody back making me falter . Dad followed my line of sight and frowned . ” Behave . ” He said this warningly . I knew he wanted to assess the damage and was trusting me enough not to mess up . I nodded and he walked off , leaving me alone once again with the Alpha king . I knew I better behave or he would ə definitely not consider me leaving this pack . After that attack , I hope he doesn’t change his mind about letting me go . ” Not going to run after Daddy ? ” He mocked me , not even looking my way . ” I don’t run after him . I stayed so I could check your wounds . ” I said , stepping closer to him . He stood up from where he had been crouched and turned towards m e .

My heart skipped a beat as he walked towards me , his dark eyes glinted but I couldn’t make out his emotions . He towered over me . Each step he took was with power and confidence , his aura oozing dominance and darkness . I didn’t look away nor flinch under the power that he was clearly trying to pressure me under . He may be a king but I was the daughter of two Alphas . ” Did I ask for your fucking help ? ” He asked , backing me against the wall . ” I’m trying to be nice . ” I said . His lips turned up from one side in a cold , humourless smirk . ” I don’t think nice is in your fucking ” 1 nature . ” Oh yeah ? Well , it’s definitely not in yours . So , what is in my nature then ? ” I remarked , trying not to glare at the hunk before me . ” Being fucking reckless . ” He said , his eyes now flashing red .

I wasn’t going to lie , I was confused . Didn’t he say to Dad that I did good ? He looked down at me as I glared up at him . ” So that’s an issue for you now ? ” I growled , crossing my arms to try to put some space between us . He was close and every sense in my body was going crazy . His husky voice , paired with the words he spoke next , made my core throb and my chest pound wildly . ” No. I kinda fucking like it . “

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