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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 17 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 17 by desirenovel

Helping The Injured

Dad’s words had shaken me but he had refused to allow me to join him . Dad , Liam and Jackson had gone , I knew even mom was irritated that dad told her to stay put . ” Come on , let’s go make sure everyone’s accounted for . ” Mom said frowning . Was everyone being called back ? How bad was it ? ” Any updates ? ” I asked , grabbing my staff as we left our house , rushing towards the packhouse . Mom was frowning and she nodded . ” It was a rogue attack . ” She replied . ” How did they get past patrol ? ” ” By killing them . ” Her reply shot through me . Someone had died , or more than one . We hadn’t had a loss of a pack member in years … ” Kiara , go to the hospital . Do what you can to help .

There are several injured . ir Mom’s voice was filled with urgency and I nodded , changing direction and heading t o the hospital . Even if I wanted to go to where the fight was , I knew where I would be of most help at . I wasn’t a professional medic when it came to human terms , but I knew a lot about werewolf healing and herbs that helped with the process . Grandma Amelia had taught me a lot . I had always been interested and although Grandma Amelia wasn’t into it herself , her husband had been and she had kept all his research – something she had gifted t o me on my fifteenth birthday . I still treasured them , they contained so much information . With the fear of ruining them , I had written everything out clearly and put his books away for safekeeping .

I now hurried through the small hospital . The magnolia walls and the white marble floors looked warm , a familiar place to me and one that felt like a second home also . Hearing a young woman sobbing , I changed directions until I found her sitting on the floor in the hall , crying . I frowned in concern . I knew her and it took me a moment to place her name , Barbara . She was a year older than me . I crouched down and placed a hand on her shoulder . She flinched until she realised who I was . ” Are you alright ? ” 2 ” No , he marked me . ” She sobbed . Showing me the mark that now stained her neck , almost fully healed . I didn’t know who she meant , watching as she pulled at her hair and showed me her neck . ” That fucking rogue ! He got away ! ” She sobbed in anguish . I pulled her into my arms , my own heart thudding . The fact that she was marked against her will brought back a memory from a few years ago , when mom had told me what she had been through .

Her own father had marked her , I could never imagine having such a horrible father . Marks were an interesting yet complex matter . Only one wolf can bear the mark o f another unless they had multiple destined mates . So , when you mark a second person , the first mark you made is removed automatically . When your mate dies and you decide to take a second mate , your late mates ‘ mark can only be removed by someone bearing your own mark . It was like my grandparents . When Grandad Jackson marked Grandma Jessica , she was able to mark Grandad in return , removing Dad’s mother’s mark only because she had passed away . E It was this very reason why dad had not been able to remove the mark from mom’s neck until they found out they were mates , because Zidane had been alive at the time .

Only one’s true mate could overrule all other marking rules and claim their mate as their own , regardless i f their current mark giver was alive or not . I heard mom’s mark made by Zidane was disgusting and her body had repelled it . H e had gone against the very laws of nature by marking his own daughter . I hope Selene gave him a befitting punishment . Looking at Barbara’s , hers was healing really well . I wished she found her mate soon and he didn’t get angry that she was already marked . Marking someone against their will was a disgusting act and was looked down upon greatly . ” Things will be ok . Come on , let’s get you cleaned up and get you something to drink . ” I said softly helping her stand . I helped her to a chair and made her sit down . ” Kiara , he said he’ll come back for me ! ” She sobbed . ” No one can do anything to you . I promise . ” I said stubbornly . I would never allow some ratty rogue to touch one of my own pack members . ” Not under our watch . ” ” Kiara ! ” I turned and saw one of the pack doctors running past . ” We could use you , there’s a lot injured ! ” COUNES ” I’ll be fine . ” Barbara said , giving me a weak smile .

I saw her clutch her neck . ” Are you sure you’re ok ? ” I asked . She winced but nodded . ” I’ll head home . ” She stood up . ” Let me at least get you a herbal drink . ” I said firmly , mind linking one of the nurses . She shook her head . ” I’m fine , just upset . You should get to helping . A lot of people were injured quite bad . ” ” Ok but just wait , someone’s bringing you the drink . ” She nodded hesitantly and I smiled , unable to waste any more time . Ping the nurse bought the drink for her before she left . It would clear any toxins from her body and repel anything the rogue may have been carrying . –

I stepped past the first ward and my stomach churned , the strong smell of blood filling my nose mixed with the smell of fear , anxiety and panic . All six beds held a patient , each one supporting injuries . Someone was assisting each of the injured . Some looked a lot worse and , from what I could make out , some of the worse patients were not even in these wards but were being operated on or being prepared for surgery . I rushed on to the next ward and saw three beds were not being attended to yet . I walked over , analyzing which one looked worse off . Settling on a young man in his early twenties . He was an omega from what I could tell . He had his arms wrapped around his knees , blood covered his clothes and soaked the sheets he was sitting on . The only thing he was holding was an already blood – soaked towel over his shoulder . His head was also bleeding profusely . ” Hey , mind if I check you over ? ” I asked gently . He was clearly shaken . Omegas were not fighter wolves .

I looked around , realising that the other patients looked like omegas too . Where had the attack come from ? At what point did the break – i n occur ? ” U – um … sure . ” He whispered , flinching a s I tore his shirt off to examine his wounds . I frowned as I observed the injuries . These were no Rogue attacks ; these marks were made from a Wendigo . I f these were made by a werewolf , they would have been healing slowly by now , but they weren’t . Just like my injury , they were working slowly . At this rate , he would bleed out . I looked at him , my face paling . ” Were you attacked by a Rogue or something else ? ” I asked , wanting to confirm . He shook his head shaken but he didn’t miss the tremble in my voice .

” I didn’t see . ” He whispered . ‘ Dad , one of the patients was bitten by a Wendigo . There’s definitely a Wendigo out there . ‘ I said through the link as I rushed to get something to clean the wounds with . ‘ Fuck . ‘ His reply came . I had sensed his unease before he had blocked his emotions . I wondered what was going on out there , as I quickly tended to this boys injuries . I cleaned the wounds first before I began to stitch him u p . He hissed in pain and I gave him an apologetic look , placing a hand on his arm . ” I’m sorry , I’ll try to be gentle but we need to stop this blood flow . 11 He nodded visibly , seeming to calm down . ” Sure . ” He said , with a nod . He blushed lightly and I smiled as I continued stitching him up . Once I was done , I wrapped gauze around his shoulder and arm and then cleansed his head wound . It was then that the hospital lights flickered and I tensed .

” W – what was that ? ” He said . ” Umm , just a shortage , don’t worry . ” I said smiling , although I felt unease settling into me . The lights flickered once again and I heard the distant sound of something shattering …

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