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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 14 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 14 by desirenovel

Her Anger

My anger flared up and I grabbed her throat , not caring that my claws dug into her soft skin . I hate disrespect and I will not tolerate it from anyone . I warned her and if she thought I was playing , then she had a lot to learn . I slammed her to the ground , but at the last moment I found myself slowing down . I couldn’t . I don’t know why , but I couldn’t fucking hurt her the way I wanted . I internally felt the crunch resonate through me as she mer the ground . She gasped ; her hands were wrapped around my wrist tightly as the smell of blood filled the air . I saw the pain that flickered across her face but it did nothing to lessen the burning flame of anger in her eyes . ” It’s all you’re good at , right ? Do it again i f it makes you feel better , but I am not scared of you ! ” She hissed . Her words sounded distant , as all I could focus on was the blood that surrounded the ground around her . Fuck ! I shouldn’t have done it .

My heart was racing in a way it hadn’t since the day I had awoken t o find I had killed my mother . To find out I was a fucking monster . I was one . This was fucking proof of that . I let go of her and moved back . I had hurt her , for what ? For being one of the rare people to actually stand up to me ? To treat me like a normal being ? She got to her feet , her eyes filled with a burning rage and I knew it wasn’t because of the fact I had just smashed her skull into the fucking ground . Where my claws had dug into her , red gashes were left behind . One thing was clear , if her father saw that I wasn’t going to hear the fucking end of it … He was one of those I wouldn’t mind killing off … But then again , he was useful . Not that I’d admit that . ” I don’t know why people think you’re some kind of king . All I know is you’re a petty tattle tailing asshole ! ” She spat resentfully . I could see those stunning eyes blaze with anger and for once in my fucking life , I didn’t want that .

” I am a king , whether you like it or not . It fucking doesn’t change anything . ” Yeah , even if I didn’t want to piss her off , my mouth had other plans . I crossed my arms as she walked up to me . She had an aura around her . It was faint , but it was there . Not an Alpha aura … it was subtle , something different … What was it ? She suddenly shoved me hard . I frowned , not even budging an inch . ” Get the fuck out of our pack . You’re not , welcome here . ” She hissed . Her eyes were now a dazzling purple . ” Too bad , that’s not your choice . ” ” Don’t make me do something that you will regret . ” ” Like what ? Go cry to your daddy ? Go ahead , because I sure won’t mind ripping his head off . ” Her canines were out now and I could see she was fighting herself . Well , since I had pissed her off … Why not carry on ? Right ? ” Touch my dad and you will wish you were never born . ” She hissed .

I smirked coldly . ” I already wish that . ” I said dangerously . She frowned . Her anger suddenly seemed to vanish , replaced by a look of confusion and then something else . She stepped back , looking away . I frowned . That wasn’t what I was expecting . ” You know when I was younger , I heard a story about the Lycan king who never found his mate . Who lived alone to rule the werewolf race until his last breath … A story that came into existence once you took your throne – About the mating ceremonies you hosted in hopes to find your queen ( ( ” That is not true . I only hosted them because the council thinks it’s a fucking good idea . ” I said dangerously . She was fucking confusing me with her mood that changed like the British fucking weather . ” Whatever the reason … In my head , I always wished the king found his princess . That he would get his happily ever after with one who teaches him how t o love .

I even wrote a story once where o love . I even wrote story once where you lived happily with her . I think I was right . All you need is someone to see that you’re not a monster . I’m going to hope that beyond that façade of yours , there’s something inside you that at least cares ” She said quietly . I looked at her coldly . I hated how she was prying into my fucking life and mind . ” There’s no such fucking thing as happily ever after . You’re more stupid than you fucking look . I don’t need your fucking kindness or pity . ” I said . My aura was rolling off me in waves and she wasn’t even budging .

Why the fuck was she defying me ? ” Then I guess I’ll just kill you with kindness . ” She whispered . Her soft voice tempting me . Her lips slightly parted , looked rather appealing , and I stepped closer glaring down at her . She glared back until she seemed to realise how close we were standing . ” Stay out of my way , little one . You don’t . know what you’re messing with . ” I said , leaning closer until my nose was just an inch away from hers . I resisted a smirk . Well , no matter how rudely she behaved towards me , it was clear I still had a fucking effect on her and I didn’t mean fear . Her heartbeat had quickened and I saw her glance at my lips . It seemed like her fuck partner didn’t cut i 1. Maybe a real man was what she needed t o satiate that fucking heat she had running through her .

The smell of hazelnut chocolate swarmed my senses and I was tempted to bury my nose in her neck . Even the blood didn’t lessen the way she smelt . ” I’m not little and you’re the one who’s messing with me . Back out of my life and I’ll back out of yours . ” She said quietly . ” Or what ? ” I taunted . Her eyes flashed purple again but before she could even speak , I sensed another scent approaching and knew instantly who it was . I stepped back smoothly , crossing my arms . She glared at me . ” Or I’ll make sure you get your head out o of your ass ..

” Kiara ! ” I smirked as her face drained of colour , she turned to look at none other than her father . His eyes were a dark blue but he was not looking at me . Now this was fun . Did daddy’s little girl just land in hot water ? I saw him look at the blood on the ground and then at the blood that still stained her head . His anger grew and was rolling off him in waves but it was now mixed with worry . ” Dad , calm down . ” She glanced at me and I knew she realised I had sensed him approaching , Her eyes flashed for a second before she stepped in front of her dad , between me and him . ” I triggered him off , dad . ” She said . Smart girl .

I wouldn’t mind an excuse to vent all my anger out , and I had to admit that he was probably the strongest opponent I was going to find , but I was still stronger . ” Stay away from him . ” Elijah said coldly t o her . His hand was tenderly feeling the back of her head , his anger calming when he realised it wasn’t as bad as it looked . Nevertheless , the rage was still there . ” I’m fine , dad . ” She urged , but the man wasn’t going to listen . He looked at me with anger and rage growing in his eyes . ” If it weren’t for what you have done in the past , I’d fucking tear you apart or die trying . ” He snapped , now moving his daughter behind his back . ” I wouldn’t mind killing you . ” I remarked . ” Dad , leave it , please . ” She urged . So , she was worried for her dad . Funny .. ” Kiara , I’m not finished with you but for now , you’re grounded . ” He said icily . I smirked . Told you she was a little princess . ” Dad ! I’m 18 , you can’t ground me ! ” ” Watch me . ” He growled . His Alpha aura rolled off him and I frowned when she flinched . How the fuck was it that mine didn’t work on her … ” Go home . ” I saw her struggle before she turned and stormed off , unable to disobey him .

He turned to me , his eyes still dark cobalt . ” Touch my daughter one more fucking time and I swear I’ll kill you . ” ” As I said , I wouldn’t mind killing you . ” I said arrogantly . He gave me a cold smirk . ” Don’t underestimate a father’s wrath . ” ” I’m shivering in fear . ” I mocked before pushing past him roughly . A sudden thought had entered my head and I felt uneasy . That wasn’t possible , was it ? No , I had to be wrong . Definitely fucking wrong . That would be like the worst fucking scenario ever . It wasn’t a possibility , and if it were … Fuck it . It definitely couldn’t be . I was not going to think like that . Not now . Not fucking ever .

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