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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 13 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 13 by desirenovel

Emotions & Confusion

I could not believe he did that . The dickhead ! Urgh , I was so going to get him for this ! ” Guys ? ” Liam said again , his eyes now a deep magnetic navy . ” Justin , carry on with the training . ” The young man , who was in his mid – 20s , nodded – motioning for everyone to carry on . Raven looked at me and I gave her a flip …. nod . I needed her . Guaranteed , Liam will Liam walked off and we all knew he Damon . wanted us to follow him . I looked at ‘ We got this . ‘ He said through the link . I took a deep breath as we followed Liam into the packhouse and into the lounge . H sola . e looked around , seeing two teens on the ” out ” He said curtly . Liam was friendly , however when he got angry , it wasn’t good .

Raven shut the door after the two boys left and he turned his darkened eyes on us . ” Care to explain why you’re fucking my sister ? ” He said , now turning to Damon . With anger radiating off of him the air in the room felt thick . I looked at Damon , who looked calm . Should I speak ? ” Calm down , Liam . ” Damon said . ” Don’t tell me to calm down , yeah ? When you’ve gone behind my back ! Of all the girls … my sister , really Damon ? ” Liam said . ” Since when have you two been dating ? ” ” We aren’t . ” I said suddenly . I didn’t want anything to make matters worse . Liam turned to me and , if anything , looked more pissed off . ” Look , I’m not a kid Liam . Unlike you , my views on things are different . This decision between Damon and me was made together . So just stop with this Alpha male crap . ” So , you two are fuck partners ? ” Liam said , sounding a little disbelieving .

” Friends with benefits ? ” Damon added helpfully before sighing . ” Look bro , it wasn’t meant to come out . The plan was t o end it once we met our mates . Look , it’s been a while and neither of us has found i t getting in the way of our normal 3 ) relationship . ‘ Liam frowned ; I knew he couldn’t get his head around it . Liam was a one – woman man . In all honesty , I don’t know how many women he’s been with , but he does not sleep around . Something mom was super proud of . ” Someone will get hurt … Do you two think you two are mates ? ” He asked quietly . ” There’s a chance . ” ” No. ” I said at the same time Damon had spoken . I looked up at him . Guilt filled me when I saw the flash of hurt flicker through his eyes . There were no feelings between us , right ? Just a sexual attraction maybe ? But I think I might be wrong …. ” Liam , they aren’t kids . If they want to do this , then who are we to butt in ? ” Raven said , the usual energy – filled girl was quiet and serious . ” Rather me than someone else , right ? ” Damon said quietly . Liam ignored him . ” Do you think this is ok ?! You know what ? Do what you want . Kiara always likes to act like she knows what she’s doing , and you Damon , you’re the one who’s going to get hurt in this . Trust m e .

” He shook his head and stormed out of the room . ” Liam ! ” Raven said . I saw the pain in her eyes and the hurt look she cast at Damon before she rushed from the room . I sat down and sighed . ” He’ll be ok . ” Damon said . ” The Alp was a bit of a prick though , mention like that . ” ” A bit ? The guy’s a complete dick . ” I snapped . ” Leave it . Trust me , he isn’t worth it . ” Damon replied quietly . I looked up at him , now remembering the look in his eyes when I had said no . ” Damon , you don’t like me , do you ? ” I said standing up and walking over to him , not missing the way his heart began to race . ” Course I do . You’re my favourite girl . ” H e said it with a smile . I didn’t smile back . He was avoiding my actual question . ” You know what I mean , Damon . ” I replied . Thinking back , he had joked about dating a few times . ” Kia , it doesn’t matter . You’ve never considered it as more . ” >> He placed his hands on my upper arms , giving them a gentle squeeze .

But I had just got my answer , like a slap to show me I had been so blind to it . ” Damon , didn’t I say to you if feelings crop up that we should … ” He cut me off b y cupping my chin and placing a thumb o n my lips . ” That was my choice . I’m fine . I don’t want you feeling guilty . ” I looked down . What did I feel ? Yes , there was that chemistry that I found him attractive but if I compared it to the strong emotions that had filled me recently when it came to a certain jerk it wasn’t the same … But even those were just sexual . I sure was confused . ” Kia , look at me . ” He said , tilting my head up slightly . This felt too intimate … I couldn’t do this . ” I’m sorry Damon , but Liam was right . Someone was going to get hurt . We shouldn’t do this anymore . ” I whispered . Why did it feel like I was being untruthful to myself ? ” Is this about Liam or Alpha Alejandro ? ” Damon asked softly . My eyes widened and my heart thudded . I stepped back . ” I don’t know . But let’s end it . Bes the blood moon is coming , so we will most likely meet our mates . ” I said quietly . There were two blood moons in a year , but for one the Alpha king hosted a huge ceremony . The success of finding your mate there was high . The last blood moon Damon hadn’t found his mate , but he was only 18 going on 19 , so there was plenty of time .

” If that’s what you want . ” He said , flashing me that sinile that he always gave me . I stepped closer , flinging my arms around his neck tightly . I was upset and there was only one person I had to blame . ” I’ll always be here for you , Kia . Even if I’m no longer your fuckbuddy . ” He said with a chuckle . ” I’m sorry it’s ending like this . ” I said quietly . ” Th make it up to me . ” He said with a glint in his eyes as he held me by my waist , pulling me against him . ” Go on … ” ” One last night ? ” My heart skipped a beat , I was already confused … But I couldn’t refuse him . Not when he never refused me . I smiled and nodded . ” You’ve got yourself a deal , Beta . ” I said with a wink , before hugging him once again . I smiled slightly as he hugged me tightly , caressing my bare waist . ” You’re still number one . ” ” Hmm until you meet your mate . ” I said amused as I stepped back , feeling a tiny bit better . ” Yeah . But what if we are mates ? ” ” Then I’d be a lucky girl . ” I said , although deep down I didn’t think we were .

The small smile on his face was worth it . I turned away , feeling the guilt wrap around me as it slowly morphed into anger . Anger at one certain Alpha who I was not going to let off . I left the packhouse , trying to sniff him out . ” Searching for someone ? ” I turned , shocked at the sight of my grandfather Jackson . ” Grandad ?! ” ” In the flesh cutie patootie . ” He chuckled . I squealed and rushed over to him , ignoring the pain that set a spasm up my leg as I launched myself into his arms . Cutie patootie . A name dad had called me since I was little , and unlike dad who had switched to angel , granddad still called m e it . ” Has Grandma come ? ” ” Not this time . ” he said , kissing my forehead . Grandad and grandma lived out of the pack . It’s been years but they liked the privacy . To be honest , granddad and clashed a lot .

I was around eleven when I learned that dad and mom were step siblings before they found out they were mates . Apparently , they fell in love before the blood moon . I loved their story . To m e , it was romantic and not weird at all . Because of the constant clashing , and the fact their parents were married , they moved away . Although grandad was perfectly fine with it now , dad didn’t seem to be able to let go of that grudge . It was a typical behaviour of dad’s . He can’t forgive others quickly or himself , I knew h e still felt guilty about my ankle . Although they didn’t live here anymore , Dad kept their mansion in good shape and they stayed in it when they visited . ” Why are you here ? ” I asked as he set me down again . ” The King’s here . There are a few things he’s discussing and I thought I’d come to see if your dad needs help . ” ” Ah , I see . ” ” Well , I won’t stop you . You look like someone with a goal in mind . ” He said with a small smile . I nodded . Damn yeah , I had a goal to claw a certain jerk’s eyes out ! ” I’ll see you later , granddad ! ” I calic before hurrying off . It took me a further ten minutes before I caught the intoxicating woody scent mixed with male musk . My stomach flipped and I frowned . How could a man b e so sexually attractive while also being a complete jerk ? Oh , wait ! You just need to behave like a prick , like the Alpha king . ” Do you really have to ruin my day by showing me that face of yours ? ” His annoying voice came .

I frowned and scanned the area . He was here , but where ? I gasped when he suddenly landed in front me , a dangerous look on his face . I looked up at the tree behind him then back at him . ” Before speaking , remember my warning . ” He said coldly , his dark eyes piercing into me . I gulped despite myself . What’s he going t o do ? Me being me , I had to speak . ” After causing issues by opening your mouth , do you think I care ? Fuck your warning and fuck you . ” 5 That was the wrong reply . I felt the darkness swirl around him . His eyes blazed red as his power wrapped around me like a storm , pressing down on me . The urge to yield filled me . Run ! Danger ! It was what my wolf was screaming , but my feet were rooted to the spot , refusing to budge . I closed my eyes the moment his hand wrapped around m y neck . The most dangerous sinister growl I have ever heard left his lips and my heart pounded against my rib cage , sending shivers up my spine . Never had I heard something so terrifying . It made me want to cower and yield to him . I think I just pissed off the Alpha king . Scratch that , I definitely did .

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