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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 126 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 126 by desirenovel

Complete Once Again

No matter how many people . congratulated me solemnly on the birth o f our son , it was still a heart – breaking time for everyone . My only contentment was that my baby had been born healthy .

Serena had told Mom and Dad that I had the baby and Mom was determined to come , although she only had Azura the day before . I had told her not to , but she refused . We still had not told them about Alejandro . Just the thought caused another wave of pain to envelope me .

I wanted to die , to break down , to let everything out , but I couldn’t because I had my little angel , the only physical remnant of Alejandro and my love . I never understood what it meant when they said a mother’s love is unconditional , but now I understand it means that no matter how much pain we were in , we’d keep going for our children . For our son , I would keep going . I looked down at him as I fed him . He was a hungry little thing .

His suckling was strong , his little hand holding on to my breast as he drank hungrily . In the glow o f the hospital lamps , I could see that his every feature would look a lot like his father .

This was such a beautiful moment and I tried to smile , not wanting to let him sense my emotions , but how much of this pain could I hide ? When I was mourning for half of my soul ?

My chest constricted painfully and he paused , his large red eyes looking up at me curiously . I bent down , kissing his cheek tenderly , fighting back a sob . For my baby , I had to stay strong …

I tried to focus on my little prince but I couldn’t stop the tears that streamed down my cheeks , as I found myself drawn into memories of my king who was taken from me . ” I thought I said those belong to me and I really don’t like to share what’s mine . ” 11 My heart skipped a beat as I gasped , my head snapping up to see the killer , handsome , tall , muscular man walking towards me .

His trousers hung low on his hips , displaying his god – like body , showing off the light sprinkle of hair disappearing into his pants . My eyes ran u p his chiselled abs , the mark that I had adorned him with … I couldn’t breathe , nor could I think properly . Was he really here ?

I looked up , my heart thundering like a thousand wild horses in my ears as our eyes met .

I gasped when I felt the sizzling current of the mate bond snap back into place . The emptiness that had consumed me seconds ago was gone , replaced by such emotion and power that I felt my eyes sting with the surge of the overwhelming emotions that were now drowning me . I felt the surge of the pack link bind us together and knew that everyone had felt the return of their king .

My king . I didn’t know how it was possible , but this was happening , because no dream could smell so divine , no dream could fill the hole inside of me . A He fell to his knees by the bed , cupping m y face before his lips crashed against mine , fuelled by emotions that even a thousand words could never express .

Delicious sparks electrified me and I whimpered against his lips at the wave of emotion , love and passion , he held for me swirled around me . Holding nothing back as he kissed me like I was his lifeline , because he sure was mine .

My tears trickled down my cheeks as I held his wrists , kissing him back with everything I had . The desire that had died completely within me was lit ablaze as m y core throbbed with an ache that burned for him and him alone .

I didn’t know how , but he had returned to me . He had come home . His delicious scent , the way he kissed me , so dominantly , so possessively , so lovingly He was mine and he was here . *** An angry cry made us both pause for a moment , before Alejandro kissed me tenderly and we slowly broke apart .

I could hear his thundering heart , his eyes filling with guilt , but he still didn’t look a t our son . His gaze held mine , the pads of his thumbs brushing my tears away . ” I said to you , I’d be by your side every fucking step of the way … But I wasn’t . ” H e said hoarsely.

” You’re here now , ” I whispered , ” I ** missed you . ” He didn’t reply , the storm of emotions threatening to consume him and another angry cry made him slowly look down , I watched them , my heart tightening with s o many emotions .

I could sense the awe , love and uncertainty as he stared at our pup , who was staring back at him curiously . ” He’s … ” Our baby cried before he turned looking for milk again , I latched him on as Alejandro slowly reached out and caressed his cheek so gently with the back of his finger ..

” He won’t break . ” I whispered . ” He sure as hell won’t … The little fucker i s already exuding power … ” I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry at his choice of words for our son . The realisation that he was here , living , breathing , alive … ” Have you seen his eyes ?

” I asked softly , smiling slightly in amusement .

I removed him from my breast much to his annoyance and turned him to Alejandro . ” That’s kinda strange … But he’s fucking perfect . ” Alejandro said , the corner of his mouth twitching into that rare , sexy half smile of his that was a blessing to ever witness . It melted me completely .

” He looks like you . ” I replied softly . He looked up at me , the sadness in his eyes so clear , so raw … ” I don’t think I can ever make up for all the pain I have caused you . ” He whispered . ” You can , because you’re here for the rest of my life .

” I caressed his jaw , the amount of happiness that I was feeling could never b e explained . He didn’t reply , wrapping his arms around my waist , his head resting against my hip and our baby’s feet , not caring that he was being kicked in the head by our little pup who I could tell was going to be a handful .

I wrapped my free arm around Alejandro’s shoulder , caressing his hair . I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face and I didn’t want to .

This was the happiness I wanted . We remained like that until our baby fell asleep . ” Alejandro . ” I whispered . He looked up at me before moving back . ” Sorry . ” I tilted my head , ” Stop apologising . ” I said , lifting our baby to my shoulder to burp him .

Alejandro got up from the floor and sat o n the bed facing me , his eyes dipping to m y breast that was partially uncovered . ” I’m still not happy that he gets to enjoy those . ” He frowned possessively . I couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped my lips . A fresh wave of happy tears threatened to fall . ” Al , they are his source of food .

” I laughed weakly . I was blushing when Alejandro reached over , brushing his finger over my swollen nipple . I felt myself throb , my core clenching and I knew he would be able to smell my arousal . ” Still my playthings … guess I can’t complain when you’re my favourite dessert too .

” He smirked arrogantly , his gaze dipping between my thighs . ” You smell so fucking good . ” He leaned over kissing my neck softly , right over his mark , making me shiver in pleasure , his fingers brushing between m y thighs . ” Only yours .

” I replied before I looked down at my baby , who had fallen asleep , looking drunk on milk . I wiped away the droplets that were gathered at the corner of his mouth and held him out to Alejandro . ” He’s strong . ” I encouraged , a Alejandro slowly took him from me . Even though he was a big boy , he looked tiny in his Dad’s hands .

The image before me was one I’d never forget . He looked at me and I saw the vulnerable hesitation in his eyes .

I gave him a warm smile , my eyes blurring with tears as he looked down at our son once more . Watching ham raise the child . up and kiss his forehead ever so gently , at that moment I felt as if I couldn’t contain all the emotions I was feeling .

I covered my mouth , to hold back my happy sobs . Not even noticing my aura swirling around m e until Alejandro reached over and I realised the entire room was illuminated i n purple light . ” Hey … ” He said softly . ” I really missed you .

” I said , he leant back on the bed , his long arms easily reaching the crib as he placed our baby into it . I got on my knees , reaching over and making sure his blanket was firmly tucked in so he didn’t end up covering his face .

I smiled softly , feeling so content that our little prince would have his Dad and Mom . Alejandro scooped me into his arms , I closed my eyes as he wrapped his arms around me , my entire body tingling at his touch as I cuddled into him . ” I know , Amore Mio … but I won’t ever leave . Not again . There’s a shitload of things I want to do with you … I will never leave you again . ”

I knew he wouldn’t he came back from the dead for me . I don’t know how , but he did it . His love for me was unmeasurable . ” So , tell me … How’s life been ? ” He asked softly . Standing up , he moved the bed sheet back and got in , still holding me in his lap as he pulled the blanket around us . Hard . Painful . Empty .

But I couldn’t word those , knowing he heard me through the bond anyway . He kissed my forehead tenderly . ” I know … I can’t imagine life without you , Kiara . Just thinking about it fucking kills me . You are fucking brave .

” ” Apart from that … Mom had Aunty ” Indy’s baby was born two days ago on the Blood Moon . They named her Azura Rayne . She’s gorgeous . Raven found her mates … Liam and Damon . ” ” Woah … Now that was some shit I wasn’t expecting .

I hope she rejects the fuckers ass and chooses your brother , He’d kinda deserve that shit . ” Alejandro said sardonically .

I frowned slightly , looking up at him , despite the fact that I couldn’t even be annoyed at him .

” Don’t be mean to him because you don’t like him . ” I said with a pout .

” They were mated for a reason . ” ” ” Still , I wouldn’t share , that shit’s fucked . The moon goddess sometimes tests us . That doesn’t mean she’s always right . Maybe them being mated is just a test . I think that just accepting things as they are doesn’t always make it the only option .

I mean , if you were mated to my Beta as well , he’d be dead before the day was fucking done .

” He said coldly . I could feel his anger and possessiveness a t just the thought , and it made me think , Liam hadn’t really acted like an asshole … He is an alpha male who would obviously be possessive . In fact , stepping back showed how much control he had .

As much as I wanted them to be happy , I knew it wasn’t about what I wanted ; it was what would be best for them . I sighed after a brief moment of reflection on his words .

” Well , I have no idea what they are going t o do , Liam left for training .

” I looked at our little baby who was sleeping peacefully and I tilted my head up . ” Any names ? ” I turned in his lap , now straddling him . M y C – section wound was still dully aching but I was healing well . I bit my lip when I felt him throb against me .

” Names … it needs to be strong . You fucking carried him and birthed him , what do you like ? ” ” Something strong I agree , but I have no idea … I haven’t really been able to think properly . ” I said softly . ” So any suggestions ? ” ” Hmm … Dante . What do you think ?

” ” Dante … I love it . It has a strong meaning too , Dante Alejandro Rossi . My little prince . ” It sounded just right . Dante … ” Perfect , name sorted … Were you alone for the birth ? ” He asked softly . ” I actually had a caesarean … When you …

When I thought you were gone , I … I tried t o heal you and in turn drained my energy , I didn’t even realise I had him until I woke up . . ” I said feeling upset . ” I didn’t even realise that I was in labour …

” ” Hey … You’re fucking amazing to have gone through all of this shit alone . You’re probably still fucking hurting , right ? ” I nodded as I looked at him blinking back my tears , not caring that I was acting like a baby .

My stomach did a flip when he gently pushed me back onto the bed . My core knotted as it betrayed me , the moment he lifted my gown all thoughts of pain were gone . I just wanted him … The cool air hitting my legs , I was bare to him in only my panties .

His eyes darkened with desire , flashing red as he admired me . Did I look any different ? I had just had a baby … ” Alejandro … ” He gave me a sexy smirk , ” As much as I want to eat you here and now , I wanted to check your wound .

” He slipped my underwear down slightly looking at the long wound that was on the mend . ” Alpha saliva helps .

” He murmured , bending down and placing a tender kiss o n top of my panties making my breath hitch . Pleasure rushed through me and m y eyes fluttered shut . My wolf howled and I wanted to moan in pleasure , but instead , I bit my lip trying t o calm my wild heart .

I could smell my own arousal , my cheeks burning when his nose grazed my pussy , inhaling deeply , before he ran his tongue along my incision .

I gasped as sparks erupted within me , my core burning with desire , but before he could even say or do more there was a commotion outside . Alejandro was fast to pull my gown down and gently tug me into a sitting position , just as the door flew open .

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