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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 122 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 122 by desirenovel

Conflict & Hope



Luna ! Come on , we need to go for a walk ! ” Kevin said , without even knocking on m y office door . I looked at him , my lips refusing to turn u p into a smile to return his big one . ” I need to complete some paperwork , Kevin .

” I replied , as I stood up and shuffled some papers . My stomach was huge , and I was due soon . I placed a hand on my stomach as I bent over to gather some files together . W e were having a baby boy and doctor Callum was stunned at his growth already .

My baby and the fact that my love was still teetering on the brink of death four months onwards was all that kept me going . ” Nope , doctors ‘ orders , a walk and fresh air every day . Come on , let’s talk about the latest Fenty Beauty release ! ” He stated , coming over and taking my hand . I looked at him . He and Carmen were always around me .

Serena , Darien and Tia would often accompany me too . I had returned to this pack four days after the battle with Endora . Alejandro was kept at home , hooked up to the necessary drips and was checked on throughout the day .

Even when I was working , someone was always checking up on him . Otherwise , I didn’t know how I would even leave him .

I had stepped into Alejandro’s shoes with the help of Darien . Being an Alphas daughter I knew enough , with the guidance and help from Alejandro’s men , I was managing . However , with each passing day , I lost a bit more of who I was .

” I don’t think I need any more make up , Kevin . ” I murmured , ignoring the pain in my back . The baby moved a lot and had a habit of digging into my spine . It was clear he was going to be a strong one , just like his Papa .

” Why not ? With such a beautiful face to play with . ” He said , linking arms with me . Because who should I look good for ?

There was a time I dressed up for myself , but the moment I fell in love , my life was n o longer my own . That was my truth . I lived for Alejandro …. I wanted to look pretty for him … I looked down at the t shirt I wore with leggings .

None of my clothes fitted anymore , and although Serena and Kevin had begged to take me shopping or to at least let them order some cute maternity clothes , I refused . I didn’t want anything . I wore my mate’s shirts , it was all I wanted .

Him … I missed his smirk , his dark , piercing eyes , the way he looked at me ….

The way h e held me … Made love to me … Fucked m e … Talked to me … I looked at my ring . The gorgeous diamond sparkled . A symbol of the promise he had made to marry me . ” Luna … ” I looked up and saw the sad look in Kevin’s eyes .

” Yes ? ” I asked . ” About the make – up , I’d say we should get some for when Alpha wakes up .

” He said softly . I didn’t say anything , but no matter how I acted , my pack knew I missed their king . Despite how hard I tried to hide it . Everyone tried to help me , Raihana or Raven came down to stay often , but it was still so hard .

Things hadn’t been . Aunty Monica had closed up and according to Damon , broke down often . But she was still doing better than Grandma , whose health was deteriorating .

The last time I saw her , she looked as if she had aged ten years in the last few months . She was now living at Moms , but it wasn’t easy . easy for anyone ; Dad was holding strong , and as for Mom herself , she was doing her best despite being pregnant .

She was actually due a any day , and we were ready to welcome our little bundle of joys into our family . Mom hadn’t found out the gender , as Aunty Indy had said when she got pregnant she was going to keep it a surprise .

” Can I make my rounds at the hospital ? ” I asked Kevin .

He sighed . ” Aren’t we going for a walk ? ” ” I’m their Luna , I think I should visit to see if I can- ouch ! .. Help . ” I finished with a wince , as my baby kicked me hard . ” Oh , he is a tough one ! Your entire stomach moved !

” ” At this rate , I feel I’ll be early ! He’s already trying to get out ! ” I exclaimed . ” Come sit down for a moment . ” He helped me over to the closest log that was used as a bench by the kids of the pack .

I was due soon anyway ; a werewolf pregnancy was shorter after all . I sat down stroking my stomach , wincing until he calmed down a little . ” What will you do for the upcoming Blood Moon Ceremony ?

I know Alpha Elijah wants you to come down , since his pack is hosting the event this time . Have you decided ? ” I looked at the sun that shone above us . It was the beginning of April and spring had arrived . What do I do ? Mom was due as well …

It was ideal to go , but I couldn’t bring myself to leave Alejandro . ” I don’t want to- ” ” What do you mean you don’t want to ?! You need to go ! ” Serena’s voice came from behind me . I looked at her and sighed . ” I can’t leave .

” I said , my heart clenching with pain . ” Nonsense , if there is any change we will call you back . You need this , Kia . ” Serena said gently , sitting down next to me and taking my hand . ” He wouldn’t have wanted this .

” No , he wouldn’t have . But how can I live without him ? I brushed away the tears that escaped my eyes . I refuse to cry . ” Ok , I will go for two nights . ” I whispered . Just the thought of leaving him for two nights squeezed at my chest .

Please , Goddess , help me . Heal my Alejandro . I swear I’ll never ask for anything else .

The Blood Moon Ceremony arrived , but this time the roles had reversed , and I was getting Raven ready . She was pale , as she sat before me , allowing me to get her ready . ” I’m not going . ” She said , suddenly pushing away my hand gently as she stood up and backed away from me . I looked at her , concerned . ” Raven … “

” No , Kia … I … I don’t know , I’m terrified . ” She whispered . ” Because of your feelings ? ” I said quietly . Although we didn’t talk too much about it , I knew her conflict between Liam and Damon .

I did not know what to hope or wish for . I just prayed whoever her mate was or both , that they’d accept it . But I had also seen Liam look hurt at her and Damon’s interaction .

Raven had been there for Damon after he lost his father , something that clearly affected Liam even more . I had felt his turmoil . He tried several times to talk to me but it had only been last night when he asked me if he thought he had the chance of being mated to Raven . Raven had shifted on her birthday . Her wolf was stunning yet unique , a mix of grey and black . But the thing that stood out was that her wolf form had two different colour eyes just like Raven herself .” I don’t know what tonight will bring . I mean , maybe neither could be my mate . ” She murmured .

This mating ceremony was hosted by Dad’s pack , and although it was smaller than the mating ceremony that The Night Walker Pack held , it was still pretty big . ” You won’t know until you get down there . ” I said gently .

She sighed and sat down again . She looked stunning in a long slinky sequined black strapless dress , with a thigh – high slit . It was backless , with just two straps holding it in place , with cut out sides showing off her slender waist .

She had it paired with black heels and sultry make – u p with a deep maroon lipstick . Silver shimmer covered her body , her neck was bare , and she wore large dangly earrings in her ears . I was dressed in an off – shoulder fitted red dress with long fitted sleeves . The skirt had an open sheer layer that trailed behind me .

I didn’t want to dress up , but I was attending as I was here and as the Queen , I had to appear in control . Alpha Allen had thought it would be good for as well . people to see me , carrying the future King I just wished ..

. I tried not to think of Alejandro , knowing I’d start crying . I smiled at Raven , forcing her to sit down s o I could finish off her eyeliner . ” Selene will give you the best . ” I said softly . She nodded and placed her hand on mine .

” Thank you , Kia , for coming . I didn’t want to ask you … but I’m glad you came .

I’m glad I did . She had always been there for me and it was only fair that I am there for her . ” Any time . ” I said , as she leaned over and caressed my stomach . ” I’m glad I got to see my nephew too .

He’s going to be a big boy like his Daddy . ” She said , smiling proudly . I smiled as I added a little more highlighter to her cheekbones . Finishing off with some makeup setting spray , I gave a small nod .

She was ready . RAVEN I walked hand in hand with Kiara . My nerves were kicking in big time . The party was being held out in the open , lit up brightly with dazzling lights . The weather was gorgeous , not cold yet not hot either .

My eyes were looking for two familiar faces . Would one of them be my mate ? I couldn’t see them in the sea of young men and women all dressed up for this night . I moved my body to the music despite how nervous I was feeling ,

when Kiara tapped me . ” Want to get a drink ? ” She asked . I nodded , ” I think I need it . ” I said , and we both walked towards the drink bar .

When we stopped , both of us were distracted by the chocolate fountain that was set up not far from the drinks . A lavish array of dipping’s spread out in front of it . ” Chocolate . ” We both said in unison .

I laughed as we hurried over to the fountain instead , forgetting about the drinks . We both helped ourselves to a stick and began selecting some items . I added marshmallows , strawberries and brownie pieces to my stick .

” I have gained weight . ” Kiara said , a gentle smile on her face as she dipped her stick under the chocolate before placing it on her plate and taking a bite . She hadn’t , well , not much apart from on her stomach .

I knew she was trying to eat for the baby , but I also knew she was reminded and forced to eat most of the time . I rarely saw her smile , and when she did , it held so much sadness that I wished I could take it all from her .

I would give up anything for her to be happy . I put my plate down and cupped her face , brushing away her tears that escaped .

” You don’t want to ruin your make – up . ” I said softly . Although she had only worn a touch of mascara and gloss . She nodded and I smiled . ” Besides , I need pictures ! Lots and lots .

” I said , turning back to my stick and dipping it under the chocolate . ” Ok . ” Kiara said as I licked my lips . Oh , now this looks so good … Food porn at its finest …

I admired my plate before taking a huge bite , taking the marshmallow and a strawberry into my mouth at once . Oops … way too much . I could barely chew and Kiara giggled slightly . ” You look a sight .

” I simply nodded my agreement . Imagine my mate seeing me looking like this , chocolate dripping from my lips , I needed a tissue . I put my plate down , about to pick some up when the most delicious mix of scents hit me and I froze .

My chest pounded as I inhaled deeply . Roasted walnuts , fresh rain , spiced cinnamon and honey … Scents that drowned me … Scents that were faintly familiar … ” Oh hey , boys . ” Kiara said with a smile .

I turned slowly , my mouth still full of chocolate , as I stared at the duo before m e . My heart was thumping wildly , Liam looked mesmerising in a grey suit , and Damon looked as handsome in black .

Both oozed sexiness and if I thought they were handsome before , Goddess , they were complete sex invites now ! Both of their eyes were glowing , fixed on me with a possessive look that made my core knot and my wolf howl in happiness .

” Mate . ” They both said in unison . Kiara gasped , one hand clamping over her mouth . I swallowed , forcing myself to eat the mouthful of chocolate , feeling dizzy and barely noticing when Kiara patted my mouth clean for me .

‘ Mates . My mates … I have two mates …. Goddess …

The boys gazes snapped to each other . I couldn’t speak as I gouged their reaction . Damon looked stunned , and Liam …. Liam’s reaction pulled at my chest .. Accusatory , hurt and disappointment .

He stepped back , running a hand through his strawberry – coloured locks , which had been styled in a quiff moments earlier . ” I … how can she be both of our mate ? ” He said in his sexy husky voice , making my core throb .

” It happens . ” Damon’s deeper , seductive voice came . ” It does , and there’s a reason the Moon Goddess makes pairs … ” Kiara said softly . My heart was pounding as I looked at her . She looked scared , as she looked at Liam . Why ?

No … he would not reject me , would he ? Liam looked between Damon and me . ” Liam … ” I said softly . He shook his head , stepping back . ” I can’t do this . ” “

His words cut me like a knife and I felt the pain of his rejection destroy me . He turned and walked off . Not even giving me a chance to say anything . a ” Liam ! ” Damon called after him . He looked at me ,

his blue eyes softening before he ran after his friend .. I was about to fall to my knees when Kiara caught me . ” No babe , don’t let it get to you . It’s not a rejection . He just needs time .

” She whispered , fighting her own tears . I didn’t speak , not wanting to burden her more , simply nodding as I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly . Don’t cry . You will not cry .

I swear Raven , i f you cry , you are going to run fifty laps around the pack grounds without a break ! I threatened myself . But no matter what I said or thought , the pain of Liam’s rejection stung worse than being doused in wolfsbane .

I realised at that moment , I wouldn’t be happy with one … I needed them both …. They were both a part of me …

LIAM No , this could not be happening . I had waited for my – mate , and this was the game that fate played with me ? Why ? And of all people , why was I pitched against my best friend ?

I pulled off my jacket , getting ready to shift when Damon called my name again . ” Can you stop causing a scene ? ” I growled . ” Come on man , don’t do this . ” Damon said with a tilt of his head .

Never had I ever felt angry towards the man that stood before me , not even when I found out he was sleeping with Kiara . I clenched my jaw , feeling my anger growing . ” Unlike you , who can shift your attention from one woman to another .

I can’t . ” I said quietly . Yes , it was a low blow , but right now I did not want to see his face . ” Liam , let’s cool down and think this- ” “

” What’s to think ? I swear if we told her t o pick , she wouldn’t be able to ! Shall I tell you why ?

Because the moment Kiara was gone you decided to shift your damn attention to the one woman I loved ! And you knew I did ! ” I shouted , my frustration overtaking me .

” Liam …. I swear I’ve not made a move on her … I wouldn’t have , unless …. ” ” Unless she turned out to be your mate ? Right ? ” I said , shaking my head . I swear …

” ” Calm down , you’re letting your ” Don’t tell me to calm the hell down ! ” I shouted , my Alpha aura rolling off me . No longer caring if anyone heard or not . ” Just back the hell off ! ” ” Hey man ! I’m trying here .

How the hell d o you think I feel knowing I have to share my mate ?! ” Damon snapped . ” ” Share ? Seriously , are you for real ?

I am not sharing my mate , it’s all or nothing . ” I spat . Her fresh floral scent , with that intoxicating hint , filled my nose as I heard her gasp . Damn , she had heard … I looked at her ; her gorgeous , unique eyes glittering with hurt and tears .

She looked beyond beautiful tonight in that figure hugging dress … But how are you supposed to share your other half ? ” Do whatever you want … But if you think I’m going to be any part of this … you’re sorely mistaken .

” I said quietly . Not waiting for an answer , I turned , shifting and racing off . My heart pounding , feeling my wolf’s agony in my head . It hurt so freaking much . Fucking hell , why did this have to happen ?

Did the Moon Goddess really hate us Westwood’s that much , that she did not want any of us to be happy ? Because it sure as hell seemed like it . ‘ Liam ! ‘ I frowned when Dad’s voice came into my head .

Did they seriously snitch to Dad ? ‘ What ? ” ‘ Your Mom is in labour . ” Well damn … Could the timing get any worse ?

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