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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 120 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 120 by desirenovel


She was strong , but I was not going to back down . Getting close to her had never been harder . She chuckled sardonically as Alejandro failed once again . Even though h e was now using two foot – long daggers to help him , there was nothing that worked against her barriers .

‘ Alpha ! Luna ! Darien called ! ‘ Someone shouted through the link . ‘ What is it ?! ” Alejandro growled as I blasted another of her attacks away from u S. ‘ Jasmin’s started to act weird in the cells . She seemed to have a seizure or something .

What do we do ? Leave her or g o to her ? ” ‘ Don’t go anywhere near her , there must b e some reason behind it . We’re approaching the given time ! Tell Darien that if she begins to go fucking psycho , kill her instantly . Keep me updated . ‘ Alejandro grunted as he shoved through the wall .

This time he seemed a little more successful , but it was futile . Before his blades even got close to her , he was blasted back .

He was in his Lycan form , and despite his immense power , his mother was holding her own against us all perfectly . Liam backed up , calculatingly looking around . I knew he had been observing Endora looking for any blind spot , but it was clear he hadn’t found anything . A strong blast of black shards rushed towards us and I just about managed to raise a barrier , despite the fact that Alejandro had jumped to shield me .

‘ I’m fine . ‘ I said softly . ‘ I’m not taking any risks . ‘ His reply came . He kissed my forehead , and for a split second , I melted into his touch . But we didn’t have time to linger , re – joining the battle once again . I had just sliced a Wendigo’s head off when the same wolf’s voice came into my head .

‘ Alpha , Darien’s killed her . ‘ ‘ Is it just coincidental that she started acting strangely near the given time ? ‘ I asked . Yeah , probably , but we can’t take any fucking risks . ‘ Alejandro replied . I didn’t reply . Something just felt off about it . Jasmin had done nothing apart from pleading .

She had no idea why she was sent there , but for her to simply begin to act weirdly now felt off . Was there more behind it ? ‘ Ask Darien how she was acting strange . All the details ! ‘ I called , just as I blasted Endora away . ‘ Ok , Luna ! ‘

” I have no time to dally … ” Endora hissed a s she began chanting louder . A huge hurricane began whipping around her as she began to move forward . ” Stop her ! ” Someone shouted , but I didn’t pay attention to who it was .

I ran towards her , but the sheer force of the cyclone that created a barrier around her was too much . She was heading towards the spot we had pinpointed , and i t was clear she was paying attention to the time . Seems Delsanra had told nothing but the truth .

I nodded at Liam , who made quick work o f sending a signal . The next thing we saw was the burst of flames as the entire area was lit ablaze . Endora stopped . ” What is this ?! ” She spat ; but even through her anger , I could sense her panic .

Good , it meant we were slowing her down a little . But we knew ultimately , we were going to have to let her begin her spell . It was a risk we had to take to get to her at her weakest . She whispered a spell and the fire was put out in seconds .

We had placed these explosives , thanks to Grandma Amy’s amazing idea to lace them with herbs that weakened witches a little . I just hoped they did the job , even if a little , and I would thank Grandma Amy later . We needed all the help we could possibly get . Her chanting got louder and soon I felt the glowing black walls reach high into the sky as we were all stopped from crossing any further .

‘ Reserve your energy for the precise moment . ‘ Alejandro said quietly through the link . His eyes glowed red and for once as he stood so close , my purple aura illuminated him properly . I paid attention to his Lycan form . It was terrifying yet made me stare in awe .

The power that oozed from him , those glowing red eyes … Endora laughed manically as she looked towards us . ” Petty herbs won’t stop a witch like me ! ” She spat . ” You need me though , right ?! For whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish ?!

” I shouted . ” I may not have gotten you , but I had a backup plan … The death of three from the Asheton bloodline will fuel me enough . Three innocents that were killed in cold blood , on this very night ! When I have succeeded , I will have you too !

” I felt my blood run cold , fear twisting in m y guts . Three innocents have been killed ? W – what did she mean ? There weren’t many of our bloodline … I looked at Dad , m y heart thumping like crazy .

” Fuck . She sent Jasmin to us so we would kill her ? ” Alejandro looked confused and disgusted . It made sense . There was no way that Endora or her army would be the ones to kill Jasmin , Jasmin was not innocent but … she had actually not known why she was a tour pack …

So that made her an innocent . It was confusing and messed up , but it made sense .. Dad stepped up , not saying anything , and neither did he look surprised . ” Who else ? ” I whispered , my heart full of fear as I looked at him and Liam , both who I now noticed looked upset .

There were only a few others with that bloodline . My panic was rising by the second . ” Dad ! ” ” Indigo … and her baby . ” Dad said quietly . I felt as if all my breath was knocked out o f me . Alejandro looked stunned as well . I didn’t know how to feel … She was gone … I felt numb .

I couldn’t accept it . I didn’t want to know who else died … but the look on Dad’s and Liam’s faces terrified me . We had lost more , but I couldn’t bring myself to ask . Endora simply laughed as she carried on chanting , but we had no time to focus on her when an influx of Wendigos came running .

I turned , sparing a quick glance a t the watch on my wrist . Seven minutes … i n seven minutes , we would take our chance . I blasted a Wendigo back , my purple flames incinerating it . I stepped back as another two lunged at me . ” Seriously , don’t they ever run out !

” Liam growled , as he jumped in front of m e , snapping the first one’s head off before he tore the other one’s heart out . ” Running out of patience , brother ? ” I teased weakly , despite there being nothing humorous about this situation . It wasn’t often when I saw Liam getting annoyed .

” I have limits too , sister . ” He shot back , his eyes flashing dangerously , slicing through a Wendigo . ” I can tell … ” I said trying to smile , but there was nothing left to smile about . We were losing pack members by the minute , and I wish I could have healed them .

If I was with Aunty , could I have had healed her ? ” Alpha , Luna , Alpha Scarlett has a message to convey . ” It was one of the members who were sitting inside the packhouse relaying the message from another .

Someone from Dad’s pack must have conveyed the message to our pack member , who would then fill us in . It was a system that helped us all keep in touch . It was the same man who passed on Darien’s messages regarding Jasmin .

‘ Indigo’s pup is alive , so Endora has one less Asheton dead than she thinks . ” I frowned as I glanced at Dad , who gave us a tiny nod . I didn’t ask how the baby lived when Aunty was dead , but it gave me some level of relief . ‘ She won’t figure that out until she needs them for whatever purpose .

We need to get this shit over with . ‘ Alejandro said . ” We’re in the last five minutes . Tell Scarlett and Marcel , if the witches are taken care of to join us if they are up to it . We need an absolute defence around Kiara and me . We will go for the kill no matter what … They know the rest .

‘ ‘ Yes , Alpha . ‘ Alejandro frowned as he conveyed something to Rafael , Elijah , and Liam . Although they couldn’t reply , they could hear his voice . They simply gave a small nod , just as I heard a snarl and turned to see a flash . I was just in time to see Mom rip a Wendigo to pieces .

She stood there covered in blood , her eyes blazing silver , her anger so palpable it made me shiver . ” Let’s send this bitch to hell . ” She growled . Behind her , Marcel stood with weapons in hand . ” The rest of the bitches are dealt with .

” ” Red … ” ” Dad murmured , sparing a second to pull her close , but it was fleeting as they fought off some Wendigos . At Mom ‘ words , Endora seemed to falter , and for a fleeting second , I saw the worry in her eyes . ” Let’s do this . ” I said quietly . Turning to the barrier , I closed my eyes and channelled the moon’s energy … This was it . Selene , lend me your strength .

Don’t let any more of your wolves suffer … ALEJANDRO I felt it , the moment Kiara began to harness the moon’s aura . The blast of purple power reaching for the sky and her hair swaying around her , defying gravity .

Then there was the billowing darkness that raged from Endora . It was like evil and serenity side by side . Darkness and light . I glanced at the time . Two minutes … If we didn’t attack at the right time , our chance would be gone …

I wasn’t sure we’d be able to defeat her if she managed to resurrect the dead as she was planning on . We had lost so many … The losses I felt through the link were hitting me slower , which meant we may be slowly gaining the upper hand ,

but if Endora was able to g o through with her plan , we were screwed . I took a deep breath , unleashing all my aura . I was going to take the frontal hit . Even if Kiara was the one with the power , I was not going to let her get hurt .

I ‘ It’s time . ‘ Her soft voice came in my head . My blazing red eyes snapped towards Endora , who was whispering and chanting . To the naked eye , it didn’t look like she was any weaker , but it was a chance we had to take .

The Alphas formed around us , protecting us from all the Wendigos who seemed to be drawn to us the moment Kiara had unleashed her powers . They cut them down , leaving me and Kiara to deal with Endora . ‘ Let’s get this bitch sent to the pits of hell .

‘ I growled . Yes , she may be my mother … but it was only by blood . The Endora we had come to know was nothing like the sweet mother who always seemed to care for us when w e were children . I didn’t have any remorse that I wanted to rip her to shreds . ‘

On three . ‘ I said coldly . Kiara nodded , as I stepped up next to her a s I began counting .

Giving the rest the signal to block all attacks , I took her hand and kissed it softly . Our gazes met before I turned away , my eyes fixed on the raging storm that separated us from Endora .

” Take care of her . ” Scarlett said , looking a t me with bloodshot eyes .

I didn’t reply , I couldn’t answer anyway , I was in Lycan form . That was not something she needed to ask of me , I’d die protecting her if I had to . We focused on none of the monsters that i were now desperately trying to reach Kiara . As the rest struggled to keep them at bay .

Fuelled by heartbreak , pain , determination and willpower , they didn’t stop fighting , nor did they allow the ranks to break . A few other Alphas joined them and I realised we truly had become united .

I took Kiara’s hand in my own , as we both took a few steps back , before we ran as one towards the hurricane . Kiara let out a scream of concentration as we hit the wall , her purple flames pushing against the darkness ,

but this time we didn’t stop . Even as the wind whipped and cut my skin , I simply shielded Kiara the best I could , watching her powers penetrate the barrier , I gave it my all as we pushed against it , and finally , we fell through , hitting the ground .

My entire body was slashed up and I had been forced to shift back . Although I was healing , it was slower than normal . Kiara only had a few cuts ; her power and my body had shielded her enough . I felt relieved at that , despite hating the fact that I had to let her do this to begin with ..

I had hoped Endora would be too busy doing whatever she was doing to notice u s . That was until her eyes snapped up towards us . I had never seen a more ugly and sinister expression on her face than she had right now . If looks could fucking kill … ” Don’t push me … ” She rasped .

” I’ve spent too many years preparing for this moment . 11 Evil . Pure evil spewed from her , and I felt i t swirl around us .

Clawing at me and trying to sink its talons into me . ” Too late … ” I whispered . It was less than thirty seconds from that moment … In a flash , I ran at her , growling murderously as I pushed against the barrier she raised .

Her eyes widening , she whispered a spell . Kiara was next to m e in a moment , her purple force field smashing against Endora’s . ” I’m your mother , Alejandro ! We can be gods ! ” She shrieked , struggling to keep m e away from her . I saw her fleeting glance towards the moon and the ground , her heart thundering . I smirked coldly . So , this moment truly was important to her .

” I will succeed … ” She murmured , as she carried on whispering , keeping me at bay . Not under my fucking watch . I used all my force , letting my aura swirl around me as I used it all to break the barrier and knocked her to the ground .

Even then , I was still pushing against the barrier that surrounded her , my hand’s inches from her heart . ” Don’t ! ” She screamed as Kiara looked to the moon , raising her hands before she turned her attention to the ground .

Channelling all her ability into it , I watched her purple aura sink into the land , determination clear on her beautiful face . She looked fucking ethereal , her entire body was glowing … Her powers swirled around her so blindingly that they lit up the entire night sky .

She was a goddess . This was not the plan , but whatever Kiara was doing was fucking Endora up .

” Stop it ! No ! You bitch ! Stop it ! ” She shrieked . Her powers wrapped around my wrists as I struggled to reach for her chest , I needed to end this .. Her face paled as Kiara suddenly stopped what she was doing , a victorious smile on her face . ” Too late …

” She said , walking over to us . Endora was so occupied she didn’t notice when I grabbed her necklace . Only when I wrenched it from her neck did she realise i t was gone before I tossed it aside . ” No ! That’s- ! ” She spluttered , staring at the necklace ..

I felt her power blast against me , but I refused to let go of her , not faltering when her shards of darkness impaled me . I didn’t care about the pain . My only aim was to keep her anger targeted towards m e and not my queen .

But the second wave sent me flying , I hit the wall of the hurricane as Endora clambered to her feet . Her chest heaving i n rage . ” Alejandro ! ” Kiara shouted . ” Now ! ” I said , kicking off from the ground , shifting into my Lycan form once again .

I saw Kiara preparing herself as we rushed towards Endora as one , reaching her at the same time . Kiara’s I purple wrapped around her , shattering Endora’s barrier as I smirked in victory .

Her scream of rage and despair filled the sky as I plunged my hand into her chest , my claws tearing through her flesh and breaking her ribs to get to my target . I felt victory was near . The smell of blood was strong in the air . You’re fucking dead . ” If I go …

I’m taking you with me ! ” Endora hissed , slamming her hand against my chest . The runes that covered her arms glowed as she whispered something . I struggled to pull my hand free from her chest , to rip her heart out , but she was holding tight .

An agonising pain shot through me as she began chanting , and I felt something tighten in my own chest . Kiara’s hand wrapped around mine , plunging into Endora’s chest as we both tugged at her heart . Never had I felt such power fighting against me .

I growled as w e both mustered our strength and we managed to tear her heart from her chest . Her eyes widened , a look of pure , unbridled hatred on her face as she chanted … a look that suddenly changed to vicious happiness . ” We are bound … “

She whispered just as pain erupted in my chest and I growled in agony . I fell to the ground as my body screamed from the pain , forcing me to shift back . The taste of blood was strong i n my mouth . ‘ Destroy my heart and destroy your own i n the process .

The choice is yours … ‘ Her voice whispered in the air . ” Alejandro ! ” Kiara shouted , pure fear in her eyes as I looked at the heart that was still pulsing in my hand . ” Don’t … ” We didn’t have the time … We had to end this now …

She looked at me as I felt the darkness swirling around the heart in my hand . I looked up at her . I knew what I had to do . ” I love you … Amore … ” I closed my eyes , ripping the heart I held in my grasp to shreds .

” Baby no ! ” Kiara’s shriek of despair filled the air .

I wasn’t able to stop the howl of pain that escaped me as I felt my own heart being . ripped to pieces .

I couldn’t breathe … I couldn’t … I saw Endora’s body drop to the ground , her barrier dissipating as my body began shutting down .

The last thing I saw was Kiara’s terrified face as she rushed towards me , the strong taste of blood and the pain consuming me as my vision darkened … I had never felt so much pain ….. ‘ Hold on … ” The electrifying current of her touch was faint before my world went black .

This was it. My End.

I am sorry.

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