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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 119 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 119 by desirenovel

Sacrifices – MARCEL

My body screamed in pain as I forced myself up , I saw Scarlett attack but the witch was still strong . I tried to move but I couldn’t , I watched as the younger Alpha Female ran to protect her sister .

My heart rang in my ears as I jumped forward , but I was too late … The witch plunged her hand into the girls chest , my own chest tightening at the sight of her heart being torn from her rib cage … but what hit most was the look of content sadness on her face .

I would never forget it … Scarlett’s scream pierced the air as she caught her sister’s body , and I ripped the fucking witch to shreds . She hadn’t expected me to get up but with the damage that Scarlett and I had inflicted upon her , she had been considerably weakened already .

” No ! No ! Goddess no ! ” Scarlett shouted , a s the black whirlwind dissipated . I wasn’t going to take chances as I tossed her fucking heart to a nearby wolf who finished it off , devouring it . ” We need Kiara ! “

” Kiara’s in battle , she can’t come … It’s too late for her … ” Aaron , Elijah’s beta , said quietly as he placed a shirt around Scarlett’s naked body .. ” No ! ” She shouted . ” Take her back ! ” Jackson , the old Alpha said about Scarlett , his face pale as he looked at the body that she clung to .

Aaron looked at me , seeing I was in a worse state , and motioned for me to go . I nodded , trying to lift her , but she refused t o let go of her sister . In the end , I simply guided her away . I could feel the panic within her . ” Call Kiara ! She can heal . ” She begged me . “

Only if there’s something to heal … her heart’s gone . ” ” I said quietly as we made our way away towards the packhouse . I needed to get her to safety , the sound of shouts and howls filled the air .

I stopped when the old , wise she – wolf of the pack approached . Her eyes glistened with tears and a knowing look . Something told me she knew so much more than she let on .

” Come with me . ” She murmured . ” Aunty ! Aunty ! We need Kiara ! Elijah isn’t replying ! ” Scarlett cried , her heart was pounding .

I could tell she was losing all the self – control the Alpha female usually possessed . The elderly woman didn’t speak , leading u s away from the packhouse and towards a small cottage that I had seen several times . She opened the door as I lifted Scarlett through the door as she clung to her sister’s body .

” Call Kiara , for goddess’s sake ! ” ” Listen to me , Scarlett ! ” The woman growled , slapping the younger woman sharply across the face . Scarlett stilled , as if suddenly snapping out of whatever trance she had been in . As if the sheer reality of the situation was finally settling in …

” Indigo is dead . But we can save the child . ” How ? ” Scarlett asked , I could see the desperation in her eyes as the reality of the situation hit her .

” We have no time to explain , but are you ready to carry the child ? ” Amelia asked . ” Carry the child ? ” ” I will transfer the child to you . ” Amelia said , quietly looking at Scarlett . Magic ? But how would Amelia do that …. ” ” Of course , I’ll do anything for Indigo .. Scarlett said , hugging her sister’s body to herself .

Amelia smiled as she hurried away to get certain herbs . I frowned . She wasn’t a witch … or she didn’t seem to be one . There were disguising spells … but no , there was nothing that screamed ‘ witch ‘ from this woman … ” Oh , I’m not a witch boy … well not really .

I have always had a certain eye for some stuff … and well perhaps I have some witch lineage … but I think I can do this . I had felt a little unsettled , so I gave both Indigo and Kiara some herbs , just in case . To prolong the pups life if this happened . I did hope I was wrong …

” She murmured , gathering jars . Was Kiara pregnant ? And she was out there risking it all ? ” Do you need help ? ” I asked . ” Well , why don’t you cover that junk first ! Shameless men … if you’re thinking of getting lucky , I’m too old for such things … She complained .

HI suddenly realised I was naked , not that there was anything wrong with that . Nudity was common in wolves … but it was clear the woman wasn’t going to stop. ” There are some shorts outside by those trees , and then just clear the space away ; we need them both to be lying side to side

. ” F I did as she asked , finding some shorts before I returned and swiftly cleared the floor . She began drawing symbols with the herbs and the salts . ” Scarlett lay down in that star , careful not to ruin the markings , we are running out o f time . Marcel place Indigo’s body in this star …

” I saw the sadness in the old woman’s eyes as she looked at the dead woman . I knew what loss felt like , I had suffered it too … My mate . The burning anger for revenge against Endora filled me but I knew right now I needed to be here to assist . I did what she said and she looked a t me .

” There’s one vital point you need to do , son . When I transfer the child , there will b e a connection between the four of us . ” She motioned to the two women and herself .

” When you see that formation , it will be visible , the moment Scarlett’s and the pups become one , I need you to break where these three stars join . ” I nodded , frowning as I realised she had made a third star … one she herself was seated in …

It was at that moment I realised that , as planned , two lives were still going to be lost … defying nature held a price … to save the pup who was meant t o die … she was going to sacrifice her own life . My heart thumped as Amelia looked a t me , her eyes twinkling as she smiled slowly .

She knew I had figured it out … ” Remember what you must do … ” I simply nodded . ” Let’s do this ! ” Scarlett said , in a panicked state . Amelia nodded .

” Fear not , I will manage this . ” Scarlett simply nodded as she closed her eyes , tears spilling down her cheeks . I wonder what she would think when she realised that she wouldn’t get to say goodbye to Amelia either …

DAMON Indigo was dead

. I didn’t know what to think . I felt useless . Despite doing my best to hold the ranks , once the witch was gone I thought it would get better , but it didn’t . Another one came and took her place . Her grey hair was waving around her crazily , as she lashed out at us with never – ending spears of ice .

Our team were doing their best . Dad , Alpha Jackson and I were up against the witch . I hated how they were long distance attackers and we needed to get u p close . ‘ Ok , a plan . Aaron , I want you to play the decoy , I will go for the frontal attack .F Damon , I need you to do the finishing job .

You’re the fastest of the three of us . ” Alpha Jackson said . Despite the loss of his daughter , he was still in control , like a true Alpha . ‘ Got it . ‘ Dad and I said in unison .

I worked fast , pretending to attack . Picking up one of Marcel’s swords , I ran a t her , ducking her shards before I let one hit my arm , tumbling to the side on purpose . ” Useless mutt . “

She spat in her raspy voice . No , we weren’t useless … But what really hit me was that if witches wanted , they sure could cause us a lot of damage . This was why the saying ; ‘ Kill a witch on sight , ask questions later ‘ even existed .

Alpha Jackson ran at her , his large wolf letting out a piercing roar before he swiped at her , which she blocked with a wall of ice . He went flying to the ground a s Dad jumped in next . He was younger and faster than Alpha Jackson .

I got myself ready , letting both of them attack the witch , waiting for my chance .

It was a mess of blood , shooting daggers o fice , wolves and the witch . Around us , the remaining wolves were fighting the Wendigos . Some tried to help us , only to b e killed by the witch instantly . I needed to rip her heart out of her chest .

I silently made my way forward just as she cackled , clapping her hands together . All I saw was Alpha Jackson’s wolf impaled from all sides . The last thing I saw was his wolf’s eyes widening before the witch opened her hands , tearing his body to pieces .

My heart was racing as I tried my best not to react crazily . I saw Dad’s eyes blazing a s he lunged at her , ducking and diving . I made my move . I didn’t trust her not to d o the same to Dad , so I lunged at her . My hand went through her chest .

Just as she whispered something , the runes that I had never noticed on her body began to glow . We won ! Or so I thought … Just as I ripped her heart from her chest , a smirk of victory on my face as I looked at Dad , my smile vanished .

Dad crumbled to the ground before me . His heartbeat was steadily fading . ” How sad … ” The witch whispered , before her body crumbled forward . I squeezed her heart in my grasp , destroying it completely as I rushed to Dad .

” Dad ! ” I shouted as I heard his heartbeat vanish completely . Hell no , please no … ‘ Damon ! Your father ! ‘ Mom’s voice screamed in my head . Fuck please no … ” Dad ! Come on , man ! ” I shouted . How had he … I looked down , noticing the blood that was pouring out of his body .

My eyes flashed as I looked at the Wendigo who was staring at me intensely . ” Bastard … ” I lunged at it , slamming it to the ground as I ripped its head clean off of its body . My heart was thudding as 1 looked at the scattered bodies of my pack mates ..

‘ Damon … who have we lost ? ” Uncle El’s voice came in my head .

He sounded exhausted . My heart clenched as I wondered if he knew about Indigo . I looked at the moon , wishing the Goddess would help us . ‘ Dad … Alpha Jackson … and Indigo . ‘ 1 replied quietly . Silence . He had lost his best friend , father and sister all in one night . boked down .

I don’t think Selene really cares … I felt dead as I turned to the Wendigos before me . My hatred only grew as I leapt towards the closest one … ELIJAH She was stronger than I could have ever anticipated . Rafael , Liam , Alejandro and Kiara . Combined , we were still losing .

She was channelling the power within the earth , magic that had lain dormant for years . We were able to keep her away from the location she was seeking , but with each attack we were forced to retreat , and we were now getting closer to that spot . I ,

like every other Alpha and Luna , could feel the pack link breaking away . I had lost count of how many we had lost . At times , I lost the pack link thanks to Endora’s magic , and at other times I was able to catch snippets . I felt Scarlett’s anguish ,

but I knew she was ok , I couldn’t connect to her . It took m y all not to break ranks and go to her . I knew , if Endora got the upper hand …. we were all dead . Kiara was a powerhouse . Her power was raging around her , I knew for a fact that without her we would be dead already ..

Endora’s body was full of runes and she was chanting nonstop . No matter how much we tried , she was able to keep us at arm’s length . Kiara was flitting between forcing her back and healing us ,

I could feel her channelling the power of the moon at times , Endora realised this too and it only made her angrier . Her army of Wendigos was depleting but she was not failing . ” She’s taking their life sources ! The more we kill , the stronger she gets ! ” Kiara suddenly shouted .

Endora chuckled . ” Oh ? So you finally figured it out ?! ” She spat . Kiara didn’t reply as she and Alejandro tried to break through her barrier , only for her to throw them back . It was the same , Rafael , Liam and I would try , then Alejandro and Kiara , but we couldn’t .

” Rafael … Is this any way to treat your mother ? ” She taunted . ” My mother is dead . ” Rafael said quietly . We knew we were drawing this out , to the precise moment she was at her weakest … That was our chance … I slashed through another Wendigo . We just had to keep going …

I felt two pack links break , a strong pain rushed through me and my heart pounded . Someone close to me …. that link I just knew it wasn’t Scarlett … *** ‘ Damon , Who have we lost ? ” I asked quietly through the link . ‘ Dad … Alpha Jackson … and Indigo . ‘ I felt as if I had just been punched in the guts . My best friend , father and sister … the baby … I licked my lips , trying to fight back the pain that was threatening to consume me .

” Scarlett ? ” I asked , trying to control my voice . ‘ Marcel took her to safety . ‘ Damon’s reply came . ” You’re next in charge . Hold your defence . ‘ ‘ Yes , Alpha . ‘ Came his quiet yet angry reply . We had both lost our fathers … But now was not the time to mourn …

I looked at Endora , feeling the very same hatred I had felt for Zidane years ago ignite within me like a volcano that had just erupted ….. SCARLETT This pain , it hurt , feeling the pack link snap several times .

Not knowing who we had lost and who was alive … But right now , all I could do was carry my sister’s child . Indigo had sacrificed herself for me . She had died to protect me ….

Why ? I hated that I didn’t get to say goodbye . Why did she do it ? I could have possibly healed … why did she risk her and her baby’s life ? It was my duty as her big sister to protect her … not the other way around …

I looked at Amelia , my heart thudding as I saw the glow that surrounded Indigo’s stomach . The faint beat of the baby’s heart was fading fast . I felt something wrap around me , feeling a sudden tug within me , and I watched in awe as the glow lifted from Indigo’s stomach .

My eyes widening as I realised it was wrapped around a small foetus . It travelled along the glowing thread that was linking us as i t came towards me . I gasped as I felt the strong pressure around my stomach , a split second of pain , something pulling and then a strong push on my stomach .

I felt the stretch within me and knew it had worked , watching the light that settled around my stomach vanish and the faint sound of a beating heart grow strong within me .

I looked at Amelia , who was shaking , her eyes glistening as she looked relieved with sweat coating her forehead . I realised then that she had not been sure if it would work . I didn’t care that she had some level of witchcraft within her … or that she was part witch .

It didn’t change how much I loved her . It made sense that she’d always had a knack for knowing things … I wished she had told us though , it’s not like we would have judged . ” Take care of yourself …

” Amelia said to me . Before I could respond , I noticed Marcel step forward , swiping his foot through the ashes and herbs that linked the three boxes . ” Good boy … ” Amelia whispered , before she slumped backwards .

Marcel caught her and I sat up as he lay her down . ” What’s happened ? ” I asked , hurrying over to her . My stomach twisted when I realised there was now one less heartbeat in this room … ” She’s gone , a life for a life …

The pup was meant to die , but she sacrificed herself for it to live … to even the balance . ” His deep . voice resonated in my head as I realised I had just lost one more person on this night . I closed my eyes , placing a hand on my stomach . For Indy and Grandma Amy …

I would always protect this child . Marcel left me alone , giving me a moment to grieve the loss of my loved ones .

But I was an Alpha and I needed to return to the battlefield . I stood up , fixing the shirt that Aaron had given me earlier . It was time for these witches to go to hell , exactly where they belonged .

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