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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 117 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 117 by desirenovel

The Night

They were both hurting , Alejandro and Aunty Indy . I knew Alejandro was afraid to lose me … N o matter how much he denied it or wouldn’t speak of it . Auntie’s words about him getting killed and leaving me hit him hard . I had seen it when he stormed out .

Even if he raised his walls , I could sense a person’s emotions . His fear … His love … His concern …. It broke my heart seeing my king so vulnerable . He was always the heartless one , or portrayed himself to be , but now that he had finally let himself love … we were facing a witch .

One who was powerful and fuelled by dark magic . Strong enough to be a risk to us all … I was scared too , scared to lose my happily ever after before it had even begun …. I entered my old bedroom after we had spent the last hour with Aunty Indy .

Only t o see Alejandro standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist , water trickling down his body and getting dangerously low … Goddess , I wouldn’t mind being those droplets right now … I licked my lips , my throat feeling dry . My core clenched at how smoking hot he looked .

He glanced at me , strands of his black hair falling in front of his eyes , another one of the things that made me dripping wet … ” Are you just going to fucking stand there , Amore Mio ? Or will you shut the door ? ” I blinked , then shut the door behind me , locking it before walking over to him .

” You showered already ? ” I ran my fingers through his wet strands of hair … ” I smelt of burnt onions . ” He replied with a deep frown , pulling me against him . My heart pounded as I rested my head against his chest . Desire rushed through me , but more than that , I needed him … his embrace … his closeness … his comfort …… ” Hey … What the fuck happened ? ” He asked , threading his hand into my hair as he tugged my head up to look at him .

I shook my head , making a kissy face , asking for a kiss . He smirked , bending down and kissing me softly . ‘ Nothing happened . ” I said through the link . My wolf was restless , and so was I. Girl calm down , I said to her , sighing . ” Doesn’t fucking seem like it .

” ” I just … I’m scared too . ” I said , fighting back the tears that I didn’t even know were building up . ” Nothing’s going to happen , ok ? ” He whispered , his deep voice thick and husky as he sat down on the bed and pulled me into his lap .

” When I think of the future …. I feel sick ….. like something bad is going to happen . ” I whispered . The overwhelming emotions that hit me every time I tried to focus on the upcoming day overcame me once again . H e didn’t speak for a moment , holding me tight .

” It doesn’t matter … Whatever happens …. we’ll get through it … I promise you , nothing will happen to you . Or to our pup . He said quietly , running his fingers ” through my hair as he kissed the top of m head . His voice held complete y confidence . ” Promise me nothing will happen to you .

” I whispered , my heart thudding . I needed that promise , I needed him to tell me . His heart was racing , and it terrified me . ” I promise that I’ll try my best to come out of this unscathed . Endora is my mother , and it’s my fucking job to end this shit …

but I will give it my all to come out of this shit alive . ” His words squeezed at my heart painfully . Crushing me completely . He didn’t promise me that he’ll be ok … he only promised he’d try … I couldn’t speak as he simply held me , his thundering heart felt like my lifeline as I curled against his chest , letting the tears slip down my cheeks . A King and a Queen .

The titles were pretty but never had I realised how heavy the weight of those titles were . It was our duty to protect our people … no matter the cost . Neither of spoke . He only bent down , kissing my wet cheek .

I wasn’t sure when he made us lie down or when he slipped m y shoes off , but the sheer weight of knowing that anything could happen in a matter of days weighs heavily on me … all I could do was clutch onto the man that I loved so dearly … All Hallows Eve .

The night had finally arrived . Restlessness , tension and fear rushed through the wolves . Every man and woman displayed it but one – Our king . My Love , My mate . No matter how vulnerable he felt , that was a side that only I felt and experienced when we were alone .

Today , as he stood at the front of the flanks of wolves , ready to lead us to battle … there was only confidence , power and calmness exuding from him . ” Everyone knows the plan . Remember your positions and remember the aim . Don’t break ranks , don’t panic , and look t o your Alphas for guidance . ” Alejandro spoke as he stood before everyone in nothing but a baggy pair of pants .

Everyone listened , their faces sombre and serious . I could sense their emotions ; exhilaration , fear , worry , determination , confidence and pride … mixed with so much more …

Marcel had managed to have his men united under him and , unsurprising to most of us but Marcel himself , his people were ready to join his pack and to be recognised as a pack in their own right . The Rossi brothers were truly an exception .

Each one was born to lead , an Alpha .. ” Be prepared for the unexpected and for those who believe Selene’s watching out for us … then pray to her and ask for fucking strength , because we sure as hell are going to need it .

” He gave a cold smile looking out at the crowds , I could see him under the light but I knew once we were fighting , I’m going to have to use my abilities to see … I knew what to do , and I’ll be making sure to keep a protective shield around me for my baby .

Thanks to Grandma Amelia , Liam and myself , we had been able to pinpoint the exact location where the witch was buried .

Liam was very intuitive , he always had been , but he was just calmer and quieter than I was . Working together , we had found the most likely spot and had set up some traps . 2.39 am … that was the precise timing that we would need to deliver the finishing blow .

Before she channelled the power in this very area to resurrect the witches . There had been doubt raised several times about Delsanra’s words . I think my agreeing with Rayhan irked Alejandro a little too , but everyone knew that it was our best shot .

It was a risk that we had to take , and Rayhan had been adamant that this was it . Once Alejandro had finished talking everyone got ready , some meeting and talking to their mates or families , before those who were not going to fight joined the rest in the safe houses .

The weather was cold and wet . It had rained on and off through the day and now it was just getting colder . I wore leather pants , a polo – neck top with my necklace hidden inside , and a jacket over .

My hair was pulled into a tight bun on top of my head , and I carried the staff that Alejandro had gotten for me . I looked at the time on my phone . 1.06 am … Liam came over to me , ” Hey . ” I said , He smiled at me , and wrapped his arms around me tightly , kissing the top of my head .

” It’s going to be ok , alright ? ” I looked up at him and nodded , my eyes stinging . That dreaded feeling was wrapped around me tightly and no matter what I did , I couldn’t get rid of it , that deep , dark , foreboding feeling that was clawing at me getting stronger with every passing minute . ” Cheer up Kia …

He’s going to be ok . ” He comforted me . Twins … I guess we still had that connection . ” I’m terrified . ” I mouthed to him . I wasn’t scared of battle , nor the enemy ,

but I was scared for my king , who was going to lead this attack . Unlike stories of kings and princes who rode into battle with others to protect him , Alejandro would be the one protecting the others .

He had a full formation in place to protect me …. but for himself … nothing . Liam hugged me tighter , his soothing scent calming me . ” I’m not far from him . I’ll try my best to watch his back . ” He said , very quietly , so n o one heard . I nodded , ” Thank you . ” I whispered .

He kissed my forehead and I took a deep breath , pulling myself together . I had to be strong . ” Ok , let’s get to this . ” I said , spinning my staff . I looked over at Aunty Indy . Mom had tried to talk her out of fighting , but she refused , insisting she needed to do this .

Dad had initiated her into the Blood Moon Pack , but it hadn’t helped . She was still quiet and I could see the pain in her eyes .

Luckily , Mom had persuaded her to fight i In the back ranks . We didn’t know what Endora’s army would consist of either . Marcel had said she had other witches , perhaps … we weren’t sure … But if it was witches , then it was going to be extremely hard .

Doctor Callum and Grandma Amelia had prepared some potions and herbs to help against witches , and we had weapons that were made by Alejandro’s pack to fight against beasts like Manangals and Wendigos . Weapons that were going to be used tonight regardless of the enemy .

Alejandro came over to me , a small sexy smirk on his face . ” Come with me . ” He said , taking my hand and tugging me along . ” Where are we going ? ” I asked curiously . ” Patience , Amore Mio. We’re almost there . ” He stopped after a short while and scooped me up bridal style .

My heart thudded , and I wrapped my arms around his neck . I didn’t want this moment to end . Ever …

continued o He kissed my lips softly as he n his way . We were out of the lighted area and I frowned , sensing we were getting deeper into the trees . ” Alejandro … I’m curious .. ” ” Like I said , patience . ” He didn’t give away more , and soon I saw a glow up ahead .

I looked around curiously until we reached the small opening , and realised we were close to Mom and Dad’s house .

By the river , where I used to sit and read my favourite books . Under the very tree that I loved . A smile graced my face as I looked at the fairy lights that surrounded the tree , and o n the ground was a circle of lanterns and red petals .

Petals that reminded me of the rose he had given me on the night of our marking ceremony , the rose that I had placed between the pages of a heavy book t o preserve forever . ” What is this …. ” ” ” Just something … before shit goes down …

” He gave me that half – smile of his as he gently placed me on my feet in the middle of the circle of lights .

” You know , it looks like you’re going to … ” I trailed off , my heart pounding as he went down on one knee . I gasped , feeling a surge of emotions rush through me . I gazed into his dark glittering eyes as he looked at me with so much love that my heart was pounding .

” Not the best of fucking times … but … I want you to know … how much you mean t o me . We’ve fallen in love … We’ve mated and we’ve marked one another . But … No matter how much I fucking do , I don’t think I can ever show or express what you mean to me …

So I thought , why not do what humans do too … ? ” He took a deep breath and I could hear his racing heart , m y own feeling like it was going to burst . Will you marry me , Amore Mio … ? I know you’re young and there’s no rush … one day … when you

” Yes ! Goddess ! I’d marry you tonight if it was an option ! ” I whispered shakily , flinging my arms around his neck and knocking him to the ground . He let out a breathless chuckle , wrapping his arms around me as he caressed my back , kissing my neck and sending a shiver of pleasure through me . ” I love you …

” I looked down at him , meaning it from the bottom of my heart . ” Love you too , Amore Mio … ” He replied huskily , before we kissed passionately . Sparks ignited between us , and for a moment , everything was forgotten …

We broke apart and he flipped open the box , to reveal a gorgeous , sparkly diamond ring as we sat up slowly . ” I know it’s not the most ideal … but you can wear it around your neck if you want … ” I love it …

” I said softly , and I truly did . Many werewolves got married , but most didn’t exchange rings as we would destroy it when we shifted , but I loved it … My heart was roaring as he slipped it onto my finger , glittering beautifully under those fairy lights .

” Thank you … HE He looked into my eyes , smiling softly , and I felt my emotions surfacing once more , but this time those tears were a mix of happiness and sadness . ” Tomorrow morning … we’re going to feel better , once all this shits over .

” He said softly , brushing his nose against my cheek . I nodded , I believed that . I would believe that no matter what . A distant howl was heard , and we looked u p sharply , my heart racing . The signal … She was here . Endora had arrived .

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