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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 113 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 113 by desirenovel


It had been two days and nights yet still , she managed to escape us . I was one of the best trackers in The Black Storm Pack . Despite being an Alpha , I had the ability to blend in well .

I was fast , sharp and nothing got past me . Well , not until now .

This little witch was impressive despite the fact her powers were sealed , but I was beginning to doubt that , especially with how well she was hiding her tracks . That was until now , when we finally rounded in on her . The difference ? I hadn’t slept and we hadn’t stopped –

I’m sure the witch needed sleep more than us wolves . We were now on some rocky terrain , dense with forestry . She was smart to stick to paths near water , but that also meant there would be plenty of trees around . We had been searching high and low , I had a feeling she was retracing her steps too .

The sun would soon set and I needed to find her . The other problem was that there were some Manangal in these woods . We had come across three already . Uncle had said there was a high chance for some to still be out there , and it seemed like it was true .

” Alpha . ” Lola said quietly as she landed next to me , passing me a pair of pants as w e shifted back . Lola was the daughter of the current Beta , and she would be my Beta when the time came . She was two years older than me , strong and one of my closest friends .

” What is it ? ” ” Shall we proceed , or do you plan to go alone ? ” She asked , pulling on the oversize shirt . I flashed her a smirk , ” We need answers , I think going alone would work out better . I’ll mind link you i f things go wrong . Just be on the lookout , i f she tries to get away , knock her out .

” Got it . ” She said , cracking her knuckles . ” Really Lola , she’s as weak as a newborn pup . Go easy on her . ” I said as I walked closer to the faint scent , looking down at the river thirty feet below the cliff edge . ” Oh ? Then she shouldn’t get past you , should she ? “

” Well … I have to be a gentleman . I can’t g o hitting women . ” I said lightly , as I gave her a small nod , glancing at the few men who were with us . They knew their job and each one nodded before I jumped off the jagged edge and landed on my feet upon the ground below .

Now to find the witch … I scanned the area , smirking as I looked at the rushing river , the upended tree , some hedges … Where are you hiding , witchy ? I looked back at the upturned tree roots … She is only sixteen and is said to be very small .

I sniffed the area , getting closer to the tree , a smirk of victory crossing my lips . Oh , this little mouse has nowhere to run t o now … I saw the piles of nettles and thorns that were piled together and my smile vanished . A sliver of guilt rushed through me as I moved the prickly bushes , tossing them aside .

There she lay i n the fetal position , her knees tucked into her chest , her pure white hair , which was patchy with dirt , covered her face . Her heartbeat was very faint , I wondered how I didn’t pick it up , but I guess with the rushing river … and it seemed she was so exhausted that she didn’t even hear me approach .

She was tiny … If I didn’t know she was sixteen , I would have assumed she was about twelve . Bruises , runes and wounds covered her bare arms and legs . A fresh rash thanks to the nettles added to her already battered body and I stepped back , feeling stabbing guilt rush through me .

Did we push her to resort to this ? She knew she was being followed … Her scent of orchids and ylang – ylang drifted into my nose and I crouched down , reaching out , but before I could even touch her , she jolted up .

Her startling blue eyes were wide with fear , a fear that soon turned to anger and hatred . ” Stay away ! ” She shouted hoarsely . Her voice was soft , but it held strength . Everything I had planned went out the window .

I was not going to manhandle a girl who had been through hell from the looks of it … even if she was a witch . What Kiara said now made sense . ” Alright … I won’t approach . We just have some questions . ” I said softly , raising my hands in surrender .

She glanced at me , then looked away , shaking her head bitterly . She didn’t believe me . ” We just want to know , what day Endora will attack . ” I asked quietly . ” First … Let me go . ” ” Now I can’t do that , can I … I need an answer first , then you’re free to go .

” I said softly . ” She’ll find me and kill me if I answer that , but then again , you dogs wouldn’t care if I die , right ? ” She spat . For someone so young , she held a lot of hatred .

I ignored the insult and ran my hand through my hair . ” If you tell us , I can take you to wherever you’re going . To safety . ” I suggested . Our eyes met and I took a moment to look at her properly . She was a pretty thing behind the bruises and cuts .

Severely malnourished but with about fifteen or twenty kg weight gain , she’d look pretty good . ” And why should I trust the kind who has abused me ? ” She asked quietly . I saw the darkness and pain in her eyes . I wonder , what has she been through ?

” I’m not asking you to believe me , I just want an answer … If Endora attacks , many innocent people will die . ” ” You mean werewolves . What’s wrong with that ? You are all monsters anyway . ” I could smell the fear from her , yet at the same time , she was still saying whatever she wanted .

” Not all of us , I would remind you that the witches have done a lot of harm to us as well … but that won’t get us anywhere . Look , I won’t pretend that I like your kind or pretend that we are going to get on . But we really need to know and what do you think ? Once Endora’s done with us , she will let you go ?

” I didn’t like the fact I was using that line o n her , but we were running out of time . ” She’ll come for you and whatever power you possess … ” I looked her over , I could faintly smell that she was a witch , but there was nothing that showed she was strong or full of darkness .

Perhaps it was the runes , I had heard about witches many do you want to stay her ? ” be asked eetly ” Because many innocent people will die , family , friends , loved ones the won’t stop until she gets what she wants , and that is to de She looked at her hands and I saw the number of cuts that covered them .

She seriously needed to see a doctor …. ” Endora will attack in nine days … On All Hallows Eve . The night when ” When darkness is at its strongest Halloween . ” I said , how could we have not seen that ….. ” But that’s not what she needed …

She is looking for the moment the barrier to the underworld is at its weakest ar She gasped and I looked at her sharply , seeing the runes beginning to glow a deep orange . ” What’s happening , are you- ” ” Don’t touch me ! ” She recoiled from my touch as she began trembling . Her eyes were filled with tears .

” 2.39 am . That is the moment she will try to resurrect the dark witches of the past . You need to make sure she doesn’t socceed .

That is the moment she will also be at her weakest . She will She whimpered as tears of pain filled her ” Ok , look , stop . ” ” I said . I knew a spell when I saw one . She was hurting herself , to tell the truth . ” It’s fine , I understand- ” ” No ! She will not attack the pack of the Lycan king .

” She broke into hacking coughs , whimpering in pain . I wanted to do something , but there was nothing …

Her words hit me and I wondered what she meant . ” She will start her attack where the first witch is buried , the ground near the … ” We heard a loud hiss and she looked up sharply . A Manangal , shit ! The rotting putrid smell hit me and I stood up .

‘ Ray there are too many ! ‘ Lola’s voice came through the link .

‘ Don’t worry about ime , protect yourselves . I’ll manage ! ‘ Just then , I saw two of the creatures come rushing towards us . I turned to the girl who was staring at them , bending down and scooping her up . My heart skipped a beat when her eyes met mine , pure shock clear in them .

But we didn’t have time to stop , I broke into a run . She was as light a s a feather . She didn’t touch me . Her arms were wrapped around herself . ” How the hell did they get here ?! ” I growled , glancing back at them . ” 1 ” To make sure I never speak .

” Then why- Fuck ! ” I hit the ground when a Manangal lunged at us , slashing through my back , its disgusting scent filling my nose . Delsanra went tumbling and I looked at the large cliff ahead . Panic filled me , but she stopped rolling a few feet from the edge .

We had nowhere to go . There was the river far below , but that would do us n o good … I stood up , lunging at the first of the Manangals . It lurched towards me , its claws raised .

I glanced back at her seeing another two rushing towards her shifted , ripping it apart before I growled , leaping through the air and knocking them away from her . One fell over the edge and I tore the other one to bits . The taste of their blood in my mouth , I looked at the last one as it rushed towards her .

I jumped forward and bit down on its neck , ripping it apart . Blood splattered everywhere and I shifted back . ” Where will they attack ? ” I asked . ” Only tell me , if you’re able to … ” ” 1 She looked up at me , her eyes filled with confusion and curiosity . ” The Pack of the Deimos Prince .

” She mumbled , gripping her hair , as she screamed in agony . The runes on her body were now turning a burning red .

” The Blood Moon Pack … ” I looked at her sharply , reaching to help her up . ” Look , I know someone who can help . ” She recoiled from my touch and crawled t o the edge of the cliff . Her eyes filled with fear as she looked at me . ” I gave you the answers you wanted …

” She staggered to her feet as she neared the edge . ” Delsanra … If you jump , you will die . ” ” And if I stay here … I die . ” She countered . I saw the trickle of blood from her nose and realised she was dying anyway .

With the state she was in , there was no guarantee I’d get her back to Kiara in time . I looked at her . Her dirty white hair was blowing in the sharp wind , the setting sun made her hair glow . Mixed with the blood and dirt were fresh tears .

Her plump lips quivered as she looked over the cliff . She was scared … but she felt it was the best option . That hurt . Why did it hurt ? ” Why did you help if you knew it would kill you ? ” I asked softly , watching her chest rise and fall as she looked down below .

I moved closer , wanting to pull her away from the edge . ” Because you have those you love … I have no one . ” She said , looking at me through her tear – filled eyes . I swallowed , feeling her pain myself .

I didn’t get it , but something about this farewell was messing with my head . I had to stop her , surely there was somewhere she could go . ” The daughters of Hecate always ask for something in return for helping .

I know ….. I am darkness … but even then , may I ask for a favour ? ” She whispered , her soft voice carried on the wind . I nodded , thinking no , she was not darkness . The setting sun burned behind her and at that moment she looked … as if she didn’t belong to this world …

” Don’t stop me . ” My eyes widened as her words sunk in , just as she jumped . ” No ! ” I shouted , rushing to the end as I looked over the deep ravine . All I could see below were clusters of trees and the narrow river filled with rocks far below .

I scanned the area but could see her nowhere .

There was no way she could have survived that fall … My heart was thudding and although I knew she was a witch … she had been innocent , another victim . I stood up , my heart pounding and knew I’d never forget that tear – stained face .

I closed my eyes , not knowing why this felt so painful . Pull yourself together , Rayhan . I shifted and ran back the way I had come . I needed to tell everyone what I had learned …

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