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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 111 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 111 by desirenovel

My World

” It’s not fucking too much ? ” I asked , looking at the suit that I had selected out earlier from the options that Kevin had bravely brought for me . I’m fucking surprised he had the cheek to choose a few .

I usually always wore black pants , a shirt and a jacket . Done . But today he had brought some waistcoats and shit too , and I had actually spent three fucking minutes to pick something out . Fuck , it was weird to even admit , but I was dressing up to impress a woman …

I now looked in the mirror , freshly groomed and looking good , I had to admit . Tonight , this was it … I was making her my Luna , my Queen and claiming her as my mate . ” Need help with the tie , Alpha ? ” Kevin asked .

I shot him a withering death glare . ” No. I can fucking manage . ” I growled . I didn’t wear ties … well , usually … This time I would … and I’d do it myself . I managed after a few minutes , trying to ignore those fuckers , Darien and Kevin , exchanging looks . Both were at least smart enough to know not to approach me .

I finished sleeking my hair back and turned to Darien , who was dressed smartly in a dark grey suit . ‘ Did you make sure my reservation and everything was complete ? ‘ He smirked cockily . ‘ Oh yeah , it’ll be perfect .

‘ He replied . I gave a curt nod and walked out of the room , I was at Darien’s place as Serena said it was better not to see Kiara until she was ready . I could tell how much happier my pack members were for Kiara becoming Luna .

There had been no excitement from them when I had chosen Jasmin , although many approved of her , she had not won them over the way my nympho had . Walking towards the training grounds , I smirked as music filled my ears , satisfied at how brightly it was lit. I didn’t want Kiara to be restricted in any way . The décor was in the lightest shade of pink and ivory .

So , my baby girl was wearing these colours . Overhead , fairy lights and flowers were hung across . There were garlands wrapped around the entire low wall that surrounded the area , with lanterns sitting amidst the flowers . The few trees around were completely covered in lights . The ground was strewn with petals in pinks , champagne and red .

A cream – coloured carpet was rolled out down the centre , lined with lanterns , and scattered with petals as well . There were a few barrels holding flower arrangements set around all over . On both sides were long tables holding lanterns and flowers . To the left was the buffet of food , and to the right was the drink bar .

Straight ahead , the largest tree was illuminated in lights and beneath it was a small table , with a few items on it , including a long thing box that contained something I specifically picked out myself . Under that tree , was where I would mark her …

There was an open space for dancing , or in the current case , for kids to run around . Wasn’t it way past their bedtime ? Upbeat music was playing on a moderate volume and the entire pack who were not o n patrol were here .

I wouldn’t admit it , but it felt better than the grand event planned for Jasmin and me . ” Do you like it ? Serena asked Kiara what she wanted . She only said that she’d like it if the entire pack could come , everyone . Darien said ,

” 1 I saw that the omegas were all here too , although they were all helping out . Kiara truly was a Queen . I gave a curt nod . ‘ How many Alphas or Betas have come ? ‘ I mind linked . ‘ As you advised them not to . Seven , plus five from the council members . ‘

Darien replied . ” Good . ” I said , spotting Kennan and Allen . Scanning the area , I saw Elijah was in a deep maroon suit as he talked to Rafael who was wearing navy , both holding a drink . Seems like none of our women were here .

I walked forward and everyone fell silent . Despite having my aura suppressed , everyone turned to look at m e , feeling my presence as the crowd parted . I walked through the centre and stopped at the front near the tree . ” You look admirable , my king .

” Kennan said . I simply gave him a blank cold look and he looked away nervously . ” We will proceed with the marking after some drinks and meeting and greeting ? ” Allen added . ” Yeah , whatever . ” I said , turning my back on them .

” My , my , my … is this our Alejandro ? Brother , you look amazing ! ” Raf the fucker said from behind me . I turned towards him , shoving my hands into my pockets . ” Shame I can’t say the same about you , what the fuck are you wearing ?

” I said , giving him a once over . Elijah smirked cockily . ” You do look a little different , seems like you actually put some effort in . ‘ ” I frowned , I was not fucking happy about those punches from earlier .

” What the fuck is this ? Some fucking dressing up contest that you’re all interested in what the fuck I’m wearing ? ” Where the fuck was that fucker , Kevin ? This was his fucking fault … I frowned , seeing the fucker making out with Adam i In the far corner . Dick . “

You know , brother , you really need to relax . Don’t stress out … You’re going to mark your mate today . That should de stress you . ” Rafael said with a wink . Darien snickered .

” Yeah , or there are other ways . ” He remarked . That made Elijah frown , and course , it made me smirk . Oh , now I have an idea . ” True . ” I said arrogantly , my eyes fixed o In the dickhead . ” So , want me to call you dad ? ” His eyes flashed , ” No thanks . ” “

Pops then ? Maybe ? ” I taunted . ” Al … ” Rafael said nervously as Elijah became increasingly and royally pissed off . I would have made a baby joke right now , but I had made it clear it was to remain a secret … shame …

” Well , he better get used to it , because like it or not , Kiara is … ” I trailed off , my heart thudding when her scent hit me , and I turned sharply towards the entrance .

Not caring that the three men gave me a curious look , moments later they realised what I had picked up . ” He’s totally in love … ” I heard Rafael in the distance , but I zoned them all out , my focus on the woman who was not yet in sight . The rhythm of her heart ,

I knew which one was hers … her shaky breath … her intoxicating chocolatey scent … Everyone fell silent as a soft song came on and all eyes turned to the women who stepped in . Scarlett was in the middle in red .

She definitely was Kiara’s mother with her confidence and curves , but she definitely couldn’t compare to her daughter . She was flanked by Raven and Serena ,

I could see a hint of ivory from behind , as they reached the entrance to the training grounds My heart was fucking pounding , as the three women exchanged looks and stepped aside to reveal my fucking queen . She looked …

There were no words to describe her … Her gown spread around her , accentuating her slender shoulders , perfect fucking breasts , her hands held against her narrow waist , slim rings on several of her fingers . Her chest rose and fell with each breath she took ,

her eyes fixed on me as I slowly looked into her beautiful face . It was like nothing else existed …. It was just her and I … An enchantress working her charm , one whose spell had already captured me completely .

With each step she took towards me , my heart seemed to be thudding as loud as hers . She looked me over ; her cheeks tinted a beautiful hue of pink , her hair tickling her cheek , her ears glittering with her earrings .

She was perfection , beauty and heaven combined . A package of such dangerous temptation that all I wanted was to worship every fucking inch of her body , again and again .

I moved forward , closing the gap between us , taking hold of her waist and pulling her against me . She gasped at my move , our eyes meeting . ” You look … out of this fucking world … ” I said huskily .

My nose brushed hers , and her breath hitched . Her scent clouded my senses . ” Beyond fucking beautiful . ” I raised one hand to her cheek , brushing it softly , as I looked down at her plump , pink coated lips .

” I have to say … You yourself look incredibly sexy … . ” She whispered , biting her lip as she ran her hands over my chest until she wrapped them around my shoulders . ” Good to know . ” I replied . Her body was moulded completely against me , and I was fucking feeling the heat rushing south as all I wanted was to kiss her senseless .

I cupped the back of her neck claiming her lips with mine . She gasped against my lips before kissing me back . The sweet taste of her mouth was like a fucking intoxicating drug , and it took my all not to fucking groan in pleasure . Our lips moved in sync , like a dance that we had perfected . She sighed softly and it only made me hold her tighter .

Her heart was racing and I didn’t give a fuck that all eyes were on us . She was mine and I was hers . And I wanted everyone to fucking know . She gasped for air , and I broke away , when I smelt the first hint of her arousal .

My eyes darkened as I looked into her vibrant purple ones . I smirked as I bent closer , my lips grazing her ear . ” As much as I want to carry on … Amore Mio … I’d rather I be the only one to be able to smell how intoxicating you are …

” I whispered into her ear , letting my tongue flick out . She gasped at my move , her blush only darkening . I smirked in amusement , my nose grazing her cheek . This was how I wanted my life , forever … with her by my side . Forever .

I was brought out of my thoughts as Rafael came over . ” You look beautiful , Kiara . ” He said , taking her hand and kissing it gently . He gave me an annoying grin and I knew he was trying to irritate me . Shame .

I knew h e thought of Kiara as a niece for far too long . He wiggled his brows at me and I raised an eyebrow . When he realised it wasn’t going to work , he dropped her hand gently . ” Thank you , you look good too . ” Kiara replied , ever the polite one . I held her close , kissing her bare shoulder softly . My eyes took in the shimmer that coated her body .

I couldn’t wait to undress her … Elijah and Scarlett approached us . Elijah let go of Scarlett and looked at Kiara . I couldn’t read the emotions that stormed his eyes , as he held his arms out to her . ” Not going to give your dad a hug ?

” He asked quietly . ” Dad … ” She whispered , pulling away from me and rushing into her dad’s arms . He hugged her tightly , as she wrapped her arms around his neck . ” You look beautiful , Angel .

” He whispered , kissing the side of her head . Scarlett watched them with a slightly sad expression on her face , and I realised this was it . For them , they weren’t only giving her away , but she would lose that pack link with them . That connection …

The thought fucking sucked , and I prayed the Moon Goddess never gave me a daughter because I now understood those emotions that I saw in Elijah’s eyes , and they didn’t seem like something I ever wanted to experience .

” I’ll always be here for you , even if you don’t need me anymore . Just remember you always have your dad on your side . ” H e whispered quietly to her . ” ” Don’t say that , I will always need you . ” She whispered , her voice breaking .

” Don’t make her cry , come on guys . ” Scarlett said , trying not to cry herself as she took a deep breath , fanning her face . I clenched my jaw as the father – daughter duo broke apart . Kiara looked at me , her eyes filled with unshed tears and her hand still on her father’s shoulder . Ok , I’m going to fucking say it .

Fuck it . For Kiara . I looked Elijah in the eye , before exhaling . ” You know I’m way fucking stronger than you ; you don’t need to worry about her . I’ll protect her with every fucking thing I have .

Probably isn’t believable coming from a fucker like me , but you should at least know that when I say I’m going to do something , I do it . I can’t fucking guarantee that I’ll never hurt her … but I will try my fucking hardest not to .

She’s become my world , my purpose to live , my everything … I do love her , even if that may be hard to believe . ” I said , looking away . Maybe I fucking shouldn’t have said it … I saw Scarlett’s smile , as she brushed away her tears .

Rafael’s shit – eating grin was annoying , but I made sure my face was as emotionless as ever as I looked at Elijah square in the eye … KIARA His words sent my heart into a frenzy , my eyes blurring .

He didn’t even realise how much he had changed from the first time I met him . I watched him hide his emotions and my heart ached to go to him . I looked at dad , wishing he understood my baby wasn’t heartless .

To my surprise , he had a small smile on his face . He took my hand that rested on his shoulders and kissed it gently .

” I don’t really doubt that … I’ve seen the change Kiara’s brought into your life … and you do deserve to live that life … you are … ” He took a deep breath as Alejandro looked at us , a flash of surprise in his eyes .

” I always knew my Angel deserved the best … And I suppose she was destined for greatness … born to be a queen . Your queen . I know she’ll be taken care of . So I’ll admit it … that I don’t think there is anyone more suited for her than you …

” Dad said , almost pouting as he said it . 11 Oh , goddess , these men … I smiled , thinking I actually loved their relationship . Dad looked at me and took m y hand , moving it towards Alejandro’s .

A frown crossed his handsome face as he glanced at Dad . I think he wasn’t expecting that from Dad … but it was he who had made that first move .

I was so proud of him . His eyes now met mine and he held his hand out , allowing Dad to place my hand in his . Sparks shot through us , as our hands touched . Sending my heart racing , he was perfect , perfect for me . Our eyes met and I smiled . Life felt perfect .

Other people began moving forward , greeting and congratulating us . Someone passed us glasses of champagne and I had to admit the evening was off to an amazing start .

We even video – called Damon and Liam . I took plenty of pictures and selfies , I even managed to force Alejandro to take a few pictures with me , although he was looking at me in every single one .

” Alpha Alejandro … Shall we ? ” Allen said , coming over to us . Alejandro looked at me , and I nodded . ” Let’s get this done … ” He said , placing his hand around my waist and leading me to the tree that stood in the centre , dazzling with hundreds of lights .

Allen cleared his throat and I remembered the words he had used last time , I frowned ever so slightly as he began . ” As requested , I will keep this short . Welcome everyone . Today our king will mark his true mate . ” He chuckled , and I felt relieved .

I didn’t want memories of that night to come back … or for this to go just like that day . Although the memory was no longer as painful , I still didn’t want to think of it . Alejandro kissed my lips softly , as he held me against himself .

I expected Alpha Allen to continue , but it was Alejandro who now turned to me .. ” Do you , Kiara Westwood , daughter of the Blood Moon Pack Alpha’s , agree to rule by my side as my Queen , my Luna and my true mate ?

To take the Night Walkers Pack as your home and your family ? ” He asked . My heart thundered in my chest as I looked at him and he took both my hands i n his , his thumbs caressing my knuckles a she searched my eyes , waiting for my answer .

” I do , I will do my best to do justice to my title and my responsibility as your Queen and Luna , and to accept The Night Walkers Pack as my own . ” I said softly , ‘ And above all … I accept you , Alejandro Rossi , King of Werewolves as my one and only mate .

The love of my life , the beat of my heart and the light of my day . ” A small half – smile lingered on his lips as several people cheered and hooted , and I knew Raven was one of them . ” Then let’s get this shit over with .

” He said softly , a sexy predatorial smirk crossing his lips as he yanked me against him , making me gasp . ” I’ve been wanting to do this for far too fucking long … ” ” No one’s stopping you …

” I replied seductively , gripping his upper arms as I tilted my head to the side , giving him full access to my neck . My stomach knotted as he licked his lips . His teeth elongated , his eyes glowed red , as he snaked one arm around my waist .

The other now going to the back of my head , loosely gripping my hair as he bent down . My heart was pounding with excitement , anticipation and need . His scent wrapped around me and I gasped when his canines pierced my skin .

A strong , sizzling current rushed through me , spreading through my entire body like thousands of electrical sparks . Each one erupted when i t reached the pit of my stomach . I clenched my thighs together , feeling the pleasure of it drowning me . A sigh of pure ecstasy escaped me , but I didn’t care , nor could I stop it …

My eyelids fluttered shut as his lips touched my neck , kissing me softly before he extracted his teeth . Licking up the blood , as he breathed heavily against my neck . I clung to him weakly . If he was not holding me , I would have collapsed .

There was silence around us , only the soft music played and the beat of a hundred hearts . ” My turn …. ” ” I whispered , feeling light headed , I could feel the bond strengthening already . ” Can’t wait …

” He murmured as my shaking fingers undid his tie and buttons . Goddess , did he choose so many things for me to deal with on purpose ? But I had t o admit , he looked so good that I had wanted to jump him the moment I saw him .

He was mine , all mine . Finally , I had his buttons open . My fingers played with the necklaces he always wore . I don’t think my mark was going to show up on his neck with all those tattoos . I smiled softly , but it didn’t matter .

He tugged my head upwards , looking into my eyes . I saw the flash of guilt in his eyes , before he kissed me deeply . I kissed him back , hoping he could feel my emotions , feel that I was ok with it … I pulled away , before I held his shirt back ,

kissing him softly benore I bit into his neck , my canines piercing his skin . I moaned softly as I felt him throb against my stomach . The completion of the bond caused a storm of emotions to rush through me . Emotions that were not all mine .

A very quiet groan escaped him and he held me tightly , I moved back , licking the wound before I kissed it , pouring my healing into it . I looked at his neck , smiling proudly as 1 saw the mark ; a white – grey wolf , set with purple eyes .

I was wrong … It stood out …. perfectly … ‘ How does it look ? ‘ He asked in my head , and I smiled . ‘ Perfect . ‘ I replied . I could feel his emotions and I knew he could feel mine ; the happiness , the need , the love , the desire …

He forced his gaze away and reached for the knife that stood on the small table behind him . He took my hand , I smiled gently as he frowned deeply before making a small cut on my palm . He sliced his own a lot deeper before we joined our hands . I felt the strong current of the pack pack link snapping completely into place , and the link opened to a hundred more .

At the same time , I felt my old one break . It was a special and sad moment all at once . But one , that I wouldn’t trade for anything . Not now , not ever … Everyone clapped and cheered before Alejandro stepped back .

His arm wrapped around me as he turned to the crowd , pulling me against his chest , my back to him . ” I present to you , your Queen and Luna , Kiara ! ” He said before kissing my neck , sending strong sparks coursing through me .

I looked up at the night sky , smiling up at the bright glowing moon , nestled in the middle of the blanket of darkness . I smiled softly , it felt like Selene herself was gazing down upon us …

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