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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 11 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 11 by desirenovel


The moment he had that sadistic smirk on his face and cracked his knuckles when he scanned our warriors , I knew he was going to be ruthless . Was it even fair for him to join ? 11 ” Alright , everyone ! We have the honour o f having The Alpha King himself here … ‘ Liam said . I didn’t say anything . Anyone would know who he was , the power that rolled off him was not one that could be ignored . Despite the fact his sexy appearance distracted me from his power , it was ever – present like a darkness around him . The training grounds were separated into sections for different levels and sessions , as well as different training activities . There was target practice for shooting , with a large wall behind it so we didn’t end up hitting anyone .

Then there were the tracks and the training in wolf form area . We also had weapons practice as well as hand – to – hand . I was the only one who used a staff in human form for both weapon and hand – to -hand training . For hand – to – hand practice , I only used it as a support . Mum had hired the best martial arts werewolf trainer in the country for me and I have forever been grateful to her . When I was little she herself got training from him long before I did , so she could train me as I got older . Then , when I was 1 4 , she hired him to come back to teach me . He spent twenty – eight months here . Grilling me day and night in the arts of Krav Maga . My style was different from the rest of our pack , who did mix martial arts , but it helped make up for my ankle . I was brought back to the present when Raven walked over to me , her eyes clearly running over Alejandro . ” Damn … ” She whispered . Dressed in dark purple pants and a sports bra , she looked a s good as ever . I simply gave her a look with my eyes , telling her I kind of agreed . I mean , I don’t know if I should tell her what happened last night but I had to admit he was sex on legs . The thought made me smile , wasn’t that term mainly used for females ? I giggled to myself .

” It’s nice to meet you Alpha . I’m Damon , the future Beta . ” Damon said , holding his hand out . Alejandro simply ignored it and looked him over . ” Let’s see how strong the future Beta of this pack is . ” He remarked . Damon looked surprised and I frowned . What was his problem ? ” Sure , that would actually be an honour . I’ve heard about your impressive abilities , ” Damon said , pulling his shirt off . Raven admired him appreciatively and I simply smiled . Damon was perfectly toned , with chiselled abs and a defined V … But when Alejandro pulled his shirt off , it distracted me completely . I now noticed the huge tattoo of a skeletal hooded grim reaper , reaping the soul of a wolf spread across his entire back . It had plenty of smaller details that incorporated and linked to the tribal designs around his arms and neck . It was perfect art , not just crude , random tattoos thrown together . I wasn’t able to take in each minuscule detail when he turned and tossed his shirt to the ground .

His dark eyes met mine and my heart skipped a beat . I looked away , not wanting to hold his piercing glare . ” Alright everyone , pair up ! ” Liam said . ” Kiara , you’re with me . ‘ 11 I raised an eyebrow , I never sparred with Liam during official training . I simply nodded , not questioning him as Raven shot him a dirty look for not letting us pair up . I walked over to the bench and picked up the staff and blindfold . That was another thing I learned , to fight whilst my eyes were closed . So , when I was in the dark , I was able to rely on my other senses . ” Ready ? ” He asked me as everyone began warming up and those who already had warmed up , began spreading out to spar . Although many were glancing towards Damon and Alejandro , who were about to start up . After doing a few stretches , my eyes focused on Alejandro and Damon . I stood u p . Alejandro was going easy on him , that much was obvious , but at the same time h e wasn’t dealing light hits . I could already smell blood in the air and I winced as Damon staggered back .

” Kia , come on . ” Liam said sympathetically , knowing Raven and I were getting a little worried about seeing Damon getting hurt . Although he was an excellent fighter , it was clear he was barely blocking Alejandro’s brutal attacks . I frowned and covered my eyes with my blindfold . ” Alright , let’s go . ” Liam’s voice said . I took a deep breath . With my eyes no longer in use , the rest of my senses were heightened . I heard a change in Liam’s breathing before he lunged at me . Using my simple 5 – foot staff , I spun around kicking him . He blocked it and I lipped back , crouching down .

I began using my stick to block as I spun around , aiming a front kick by bringing my knee u P. I heard a grunt and knew I had connected with his side but it didn’t last for long when he grabbed my knee and tossed me aside . I lost my balance but hit the floor , using my hands to brace myself and rolled over . I blocked with my staff and aimed another kick . I couldn’t hear him now and I knew I needed to calm my own heart so I could hear him better . I was about to get up when I threw myself to the side just as I felt a heavy punch hit the ground . A breathless chuckle left Liam’s lips . ” Smart move Kia . ” He said . I smiled . ” Oh , I have plenty of them brother dear . ” I teased . I stepped back , my nose telling me where he was . OK , this one was a bit of a hit and miss . It was something I was working on but with my ankle , I knew it may not have the pivoting force I needed . Clearing the space before me , I ran towards him . At the last minute , I used m y staff to give me leverage and I flipped over in the air , raising my fist to punch Liam . He moved to the left and I let myself fall to the ground . My ankle sent a jarring spasm of pain through me and I fell to my knees but I didn’t let it slow me down as I punched out , praying I connected with Liam . a I smiled when my fist connected , however my smile vanished when I realised I had just punched him straight in the balls . He groaned , staggering back and I heard a few snickers and gasps .

I pulled the blindfold off , my eyes wide as I saw my brother clutching his front , in clear pain . I clasped my hand to my mouth but I was not able to hold back the giggle that escaped my lips . ” Oopsie . “

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