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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 109 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 109 by desirenovel

Breaking The News

It was the following day . Alejandro seemed a bit restless throughout the night , I could feel his turmoiled emotions as he slept and I wondered what was bothering him . I didn’t ask , hoping he’d tell me himself .

Mom and Dad were going to get here by noon and I was a nervous wreck . We were going to tell them about the pregnancy before the mating ceremony and I had no idea what Dad would think . He’d surely realise we had slept together before we knew we were mates …

I pulled on a deep purple peplum top and paired it with some wet – look leggings . I slipped on some low – heeled boots , just a s Alejandro entered , a deep frown on his face . He had left to see Callum in a hurry before . ” Are you ok ? ” I asked , looking at him in his fitted black T – shirt and dark grey jeans . Admiring his muscles that rippled a s he ran his fingers through his hair that was slicked back like usual .

He looked at me , his eyes running over me appreciatively . His eyes darkened before they met mine and he closed the gap between us . Cupping my face and leaning down , he kissed me . I gasped at the sudden move . His tongue slipped into my mouth as he pulled me against him hard , deepening the kiss .

I moaned against his lips , my core throbbing . Oh , goddess … He moved us to the bed and sat down , pulling me onto his lap , our lips never leaving each other . I could sense him calming down , or rather getting excited in another way …

I pushed him back on the bed and looked into his eyes , breathing hard . ” What is it ? ” I asked softly . He stroked my ass and thighs , his cold dark eyes staring into mine . ” Jasmin . ” I tensed hearing those words , he sighed , sitting up . ” She’s … ” A thousand thoughts went through me .

Was she the reason he was so restless ? Did he feel something ? No , I couldn’t believe that . He kissed my neck , inhaling my scent deeply . ” Callum confirmed it , against your blood . She’s Zidane’s daughter , Kiara . ” He said quietly .

I froze , my heart thumping . That was why Callum asked for a blood sample …. ” So , what are you saying … She’s my aunty ? ” I asked , disgusted . Alejandro slept with my apparent aunt … and I slept with his nephew … Wow , we were crazy .

Although he had no idea at the time , it was still crazy . ” So why are you so restless about that ? ” I asked , pushing the random thought away . ” She’s working with Endora . She slipped u p yesterday by mentioning her name in m y office , I went and asked Marcel who they were discussing back in the caverns … He said Zidane’s daughter . Endora fucking planted her to begin with …

She wanted me to take her as a mate , so I’d have a child with someone from the Asheton bloodline … His rough voice was ice cold . My heart was racing as it all hit me hard . How long had Endora been playing this game ? How could she use her own children as pawns ?

My anger towards Jasmin only grew as well . ” So why are you worried ? ” I asked . ” Because … I want to fucking rip her to shreds . ” He said , the look in his eyes so cold that I felt my stomach twist , my heart pounding at the pure rage and anger I saw within them .

” But then a part of me i s saying to let your mother have the final verdict . I don’t trust her , and I fucking want to torture her until I extract every fucking piece of information from her . ” ” I nodded , cupping his face as I pressed my forehead to him .

I knew he was using all his self – control right now . ” Question her … If you want to let Darien o r someone else handle it then do . When Mom comes , if you want her to make the final decision , that’s your choice … It’s not your fault you never saw past her … ” I said quietly .

Realising that he must be beating himself up over the fact that he had fallen into Endora’s trap . Our eyes met and he simply frowned . ” How the fuck do you do that ? ” He asked , his eyes dipping to my neck , and I saw them flash red .

” Know what you’re feeling or what’s troubling you ? ” I asked , trying not to get lost in his scent . My wolf purred as he throbbed against me . She sure had been happier since we had gotten together . ” Both . ” He said . ” I’d like to say because I’m made for you ?

But in all honesty , it’s partially my ability to sense one’s emotion . ” I said , running m y fingers through his hair , playing with the longer section on top . ” Once we mark each other … We’re going t To be connected even more … Which means you’d get into my fucking head …

” ” Have something to hide , Alpha ? ” I purred , brushing his hair back , before kissing him . Pleasure rushed through me a s he kissed me back . ” Nothing to hide , but I’d rather you not see my dark side … ” ” I can handle everything about you … ” I whispered . “

You sure fucking can . ” He replied huskily . He flipped me onto the bed . His necklaces brushed my chest as he claimed my lips in a rough kiss whilst he straddled me . His hands pinning my wrists to the bed sent rivets of sparks through me .

I moaned against him just as I heard footsteps . Alejandro growled , getting off me as he had left the door open . A smiling Rafael appeared at the door as I sat up blushing . ” You should at least shut the door …. ” He said , smirking when he glanced at his brother

. I glanced sideways , blushing when I saw -his hardened shaft in his pants . Kill me now … Rafael burst out laughing . ” This is a first brother … ” He snickered . ” What’s a fucking first ? ” ” Well for one being so smitten …

I like it . Well , I would say carry on … but Elijah and Scarlett are on their way . They will be here within the hour for sure . ” He grinned . ” A fucking hour ? And you came all the fucking way up here to tell us that ? ” Alejandro growled .

” Yep . ” Rafael said with a cheeky grin . ” Dad and Mom … ” I said . I guess it was time we told them … Fifteen minutes after Mom , Dad and Raven had arrived , and I had finished gushing with Raven , we had finally all taken a seat . It was just the six of us .

” I’m glad you two have worked things out . ” Mom said , watching as Alejandro ran his fingers through my hair . Dad watched us sharply , ” Still hard to believe . ” He remarked . But I could tell he was happy for me . Alejandro smirked , now looking at me , ” I’m sure there’s a lot that you’d find way fucking more unbelievable .

” He said , wrapping his arm around my neck , before kissing me full on . I gasped , kissing him back , feeling my cheeks burn . I could sense Dad’s anger , but I felt too lightheaded to care . I heard Rafael chuckle . ” Easy there , Elijah …. ” He said lightly .

” Oh my goddess ! ” Raven said , and I saw her camera flash go off . I pushed Alejandro back . He smirked mockingly , clearly almused by Dad’s irritation . ” There’s a few things we need to discuss , s o tell me , want to hear the good or the bad first ?

” Alejandro said , looking at Dad . ” I would say let’s get the bad over with . ” Dad replied with a frown . ” I want to know the good , ” Raven said . ” But you two are marking each other tonight . In front of everyone . That’s going to be so hot …

So what more good news can there be ? ” ” Bad news first . ” Dad said , giving Raven a look . ” Ok Uncle El , breath , bad news first . ” She said , with a small smirk .

Mom looked amused and I turned to Alejandro , wondering if he meant the truth about Jasmin . ” It’s about Jasmin . ” He said seriously . Mom and Dad instantly frowned at the mention of her . I placed a hand on Alejandro’s thigh , doing my best not to squeeze it .

I looked into his handsome face , silently asking if I could do this . He gave a curt nod and I looked at Mom . ” Her pack was destroyed , she came here and said Endora destroyed it . Funny thing though , she knew her name . Alejandro picked up on that so questioned her ,

and the rogue king , who is … ” I looked at Rafael , realising there was a lot to tell … ” Ok … let’s start at the fucking beginning . ” Alejandro said , taking out a cigarette and lighter … ” …. and she’s Zidane’s daughter , your half -sister , Mom … We did a blood test , it matched mine .

” I ended . It had taken twenty minutes to fill them i n on everything , Mom looked shocked as she turned to Dad sharply , her heart pounding . Dad pulled her into his lap .

I could sense her confusion , guilt , irritation www . but I didn’t understand what exactly was going through her . ” I wanted to rip her to shreds for her fucking lies … but I thought perhaps you might want to decide her fucking fate …..

Before you start feeling sorry for her … remember she was working with Endora … ” Alejandro said coldly . Mom sighed , ” So , her even coming here might be a part of their plan ? ” She asked quietly . Alejandro tilted his head ,

” She hasn’t brought anything on to pack grounds . But we’re still checking … Either way , she was sent here for a reason , but she doesn’t know why … I’m sure there’s way fucking more to it . ” -Mom nodded as Dad frowned deeply . ” Wow … So like … You were in a relationship with Kiara’s aunt … ” Raven remarked , her different coloured eyes widening .

I looked at her , trust Raven to think of that . Alejandro simply gave her a death glare . ” Karma …. ” ” Raven whispered . This time I frowned at her . Dad brows furrowed and I knew he clicked on to what she was hinting . I froze , realising that Rafael was right there , but luckily , he seemed lost in thought .

” Ok , what’s the good news ? I hope it’s good because I sure need some . ” Mom said . Dad smirked , I saw Mom give him a look and I knew he had mind linked her something I didn’t need to know ! ” The good news . ” Alejandro smirked as m y heart began thumping wildly .

Rafael smiled and I leaned into Alejandro , fearing Dad’s reaction . ” Relax … Amore Mio. ” He said now looking down at me , taking my chin in his fingers before he kissed me again . I closed my eyes .

There was something different about this kiss , it was deep , sensual , yet slow , but the sparks … goddess I felt my core throb and sighed softly against his lips . He moved away after a moment and looked at Mom and Dad .

” Fuck . Let’s just say … congratulations , you’re going to be grandparents . ” He said , placing his free hand on my stomach , making my heart pound . It was the first time he allowed himself to let his hand linger there .

” What ?! ” Mom shrieked , sounding the girliest I’ve ever heard her sound . Raven gasped , her mouth dropped open , but Dad just sat there stunned . Mom was in front o f me in a flash hugging me , forcing Alejandro to let go of me as she rocked me .

” Oh , baby girl , What … how ? How do you know so soon ? Wait , is this from … ? ” ” Yeah … ” I whispered , blushing lightly . ” Are you happy ? ” Mom asked , her excitement calming down as she looked at me worriedly . I nodded and she cupped my face , kissing my forehead . –

” Then I’m happy . The baby wasn’t the reason you two worked things out , was it ? ” She asked , slight worry filling her . I shook my head firmly . No , it definitely was not . ” Perfect … ” Mom said .

She turned to Alejandro , about to reach for his face , when he simply raised an eyebrow , and Mom quickly let her hands drop before smiling at both of us . I almost laughed at their exchange . Although he was my mate , he was closer t o Mom in age .

Raven let out a whistle as Mom turned to Dad , who was sitting there , shocked . ” Oh , my goddess … mother of the moon … Lycan seedlings work without being marked ! Oh wow , Kia’s been pregnant all this time ! ” Raven mumbled before she sprang up and rushed over to hug me , ” M y baby nephew or niece is here . You are going to look so cute with a pregnant belly ! Oh my god , I can’t wait to go shopping for the baby !

” ” I know … ” I said , smiling at her , glad she was here for when we broke the news to Mom and Dad . I rested my cheek against -hers , I truly missed not having her around . ” Elijah … ” ” Rafael said as all eyes now turned to Dad , whose dark cobalt eyes were burning straight into Alejandro’s . ” I want to speak to him alone . ” He growled murderously .

” Dad … ” ” Not . Now . ” He said . ” Elijah …. ” ” Scarlett . I said , not now . I was about to speak when Alejandro ran his hand up my thigh . ” I can handle him , go . ” He said with a cold smirk on his face . I frowned , looking between them .

” No. I’m not going anywhere . ” I growled . ” Dad , whatever you want to say , you can say it in front of me . ” ” Fine . I sent you here , thinking you’d be safe , not for him to have taken advantage of you . ” Dad growled . ” Umm … Uncle , not wanting to butt in , but the attraction was a two – way thing …

You ” can’t pin it on Alpha Al only … ” Raven added defensively . ” So , you knew ? ” His eyes flashed , as he glared at her . She looked away but frowned . ” I’m an adult and if I was attracted to my mate … that’s not a problem . Even if he wasn’t my mate … Dau , please for me . Just please …

” Kiara … go . I can handle your dad . ‘ Alejandro said , taking hold of my chin as h e rubbed his thumb over my lips . The urge to take it in my mouth tempted me , but I refrained from doing so . I stood up and Mom put her arm around me . ” I’ll stay . ” Rafael stated . Dad glared at him ,

but he refused to move . ” Why do women get kicked out ? ” Raven muttered unhappily .

” Mom shrugged.Ⓡ ” Men are sexist pigs . ” I sighed , as I closed the door behind me . M y heart was pounding , I knew what Dad meant , but he had to realise that we both wanted each other that night .

Heck I wanted him since the first day I saw him . He consumed me … I also knew Alejandro wouldn’t take shit from anyone … in a way , I was glad that Rafael was there to stop them from tearing each other to pieces .

I wrapped my arms around myself , Mom placed her arm around me once again . ” Don’t worry they’ll be she was cut off when a deep, menacing growl shook the entire foundation of the mansion.

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