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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 108 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 108 by desirenovel

Her Identity

I don’t know what had overcome me in the car , but the thought of other women having a taste of my mate had made me feel jealousy like I have never felt before . I would make sure he made love to me enough to make up for the last eighteen years of his life ! I didn’t expect Jasmin to come back into our life …

She was , after all , one of his past women … One he had been willing to marry The memory stung and although I had moved on from it , the memory of her was brought back . I just wanted her gone . It was horrible of me , but I didn’t like her around .

I didn’t sense any lies from her … but I also didn’t miss the jealousy from her at the sight of us together . We left the office and Alejandro looked pretty pissed . ” Of all packs , why would she target The Quick Fang ? ” I asked . ” Maybe because it’s fucking close . I don’t really know , but I need to alert all the packs .

They need to make sure their people are sale . I should deploy some warriors … but at the same time , I know that might be her aim … ” He murmured , I realised how hard the decision must be for him , I placed a hand on his arm .

” You’ll figure it out . I know you will . Ask the council what they think too . I’m sure you will come up with the best course of action . ” I said softly . ” Hmm , I’m going to go ask Marcel a few questions . You should take it easy .

” He said , running his fingers through my hair . Sending a soothing tingle through me . ” I will , I wanted to go to the hospital to see if I could be of any help . ” I said . He nodded and pulled me close , kissing m e softly before he looked into my eyes .

” I’m going to say something that’s going t o probably piss you off … But as long as she’s here , and with the current situation , I’m going to appoint guards to follow you around , ok ? ” I smiled softly . Nobody ever asked me if I was okay with it … they just did it . I nodded .

Just that small act made such a difference , even if I didn’t have an option , being asked like that meant a lot I really did love him . ” I love you . ” I said . Tiptoeing I pulled him down slightly , claiming his lips in a passionate kiss that sent sizzling sparks through me .

” Same , Amore Mio. ” He replied . ” I’ll drop you to the hospital first . ‘ I nodded , as he took my hand and led the way out . ALEJANDRO I had dropped Kiara off after making sure she had four of my men watching her .

I made sure the fuckers were mated before I chose them . I had made it clear enough that she was mine , also she was soon to b e their Luna and Queen . But still , men were fucking dickheads .

I passed the rogue patrol , noticing they were tense but none moved to stop me as I made my way to where Marcel had just finished training a group of his men . He turned when he saw me approach . ” I’m going to cut to it …

When we came to your pack , you were talking to that fucker Jake about some woman . About a pack being destroyed … Who was she … ? ” I said . Marcel looked at me and sighed deeply . ” Yes , Jake was ordered to attack a pack with some help from Endora . She said it was all for the greater good . As for the woman , I’m on about Zidane’s bastard daughter .

” I froze at that and looked at him sharply . ” Daughter …. ? ” Fuck Scarlett and Indigo had a sister ? Who was possibly working against us ? What the fuck was this shit … ” Yes , she was born to an omega but was incredibly strong .

Apparently , Endora always wanted me to marry her , although now I wonder if it was you she wanted her for instead … She always said that someone from that bloodline and someone from ours would create a powerful beast . ” Marcel said in his deep voice . I frowned . My mind was spinning with unanswered questions . Knowing Endora who had been pulling the strings … she would have sent this woman to me …

the only woman I could pinpoint as that option … Jasmin … No fucking way . This shit was messed up , but there was also a chance I may be on to something . ” Do you know what pack she was from ? ” I asked .

” No , Endora didn’t really share everything with me … ” He said . ” Right . ” I said . I guess I needed to question Jasmin personally ….. I needed to know when her pack was killed and everything she had done for the last few days …. Suddenly , something Jasmin said back in the room made my eyes flash .

‘ Endora destroyed them all … ‘ How did she know Endora’s name ? Alarm bells were fucking going off in my head .. ” What day did Jake kill that pack ? ” I asked quietly . ” The day you killed him , he had just finished with his job and came to see me . ” Hmm … Jasmin’s wounds were fresh …. My heart was fucking racing and I felt my anger growing .

Got it . ” I said , turning and breaking into a run . Running back towards my pack as fast as I could ….. I sniffed her out and found she was in one of the apartments , Darien and Serena were just stepping out , they stopped when they saw me ,

” I need to speak to her . ” ” She’s bathing . ” Serena said . ” We’ll wait . Serena , you can go . ” I said coldly , She nodded hesitantly and Darien looked a t me . ‘ What is it ? ‘ He asked through the pack link . ‘ Something isn’t right … I know Kiara didn’t feel she was lying but that doesn’t mean she might not be hiding stuff , I intend to use my Alpha command . ‘ He looked at me sharply , but simply nodded .

I dropped onto the sofa and took out a cigarette , lighting it up and taking a long drag as I waited for her . With each passing second , my anger was only growing .

She came out , in nothing but a tiny towel . I knew she could smell me here and also knew she would pull some shit like this . ” Alpha ! I knew you’d come … ” She said , her eyes sparkling as she saw me .

I didn’t miss her looking around to notice Kiara wasn’t with me . Her smile faded slightly when she saw Darien was here as well . ” I have some questions and I want answers . ” I said quietly . ” Sure , what is it ? ” She said , she looked a little uncomfortable . ” Was Bill your biological dad ? ” I asked , cutting straight to the fucking chase . She froze , her heart thumping as she looked up at me .

Oh , fuck no . I was right … She knew I had my answer . It would be wise of her to not lie … ” No … he adopted me , I was abandoned . ” She said . Another fucking lie , I saw how her eyes flitted away . ” Ok , let’s do this again . ” I said . My eyes blazed red and I glared at her , letting my Alpha aura roll off me .

” Who are you and what is the truth ? ” I growled . She began trembling as she fell to her knees under my pure power . I didn’t often roll it out fully but I didn’t have patience for her fucking lies right now . ” J – Jasmin . I’m just Jasmin …

” She whimpered . ” Were you abandoned ? ” I growled . ” I was placed near the Quick Fang Pack’s border . ” ” Placed ? ” ” To be taken in … ” ” By who ?! ” I growled . ” I don’t know … ” She cried . ” Who is your biological father ? ” I asked coldly .

She cowered as she tried to fight my command . That in itself was enough proof ” Let me answer that fucking question for you . ” I growled murderously . ” Zidane Malone . Correct ? ”

She flinched and began crying . I got the answer … Fuck , this was not what I was expecting . ” I don’t choose who my parents are ! I have been raised by the Alpha of the Quick Fang . He saw I was strong and adopted me !

Why has my past got anything to do with anything ? ” She asked . ” Endora sent you to me , didn’t she ? ” I asked quietly . She tensed and looked at me , her face paling further .

” No ! No , I love you Alejandro ! ” ” That’s Alpha to you ! ” I growled back . I stood up , my anger pulsing through every vein in my body . ” You are working with her ! Did you think I’d never fucking find out ?!

” I thundered . ” No , I wasn’t working with her ! She saved my life ! I was only … All she wanted was for you to have a strong mate ! ” She shouted . I growled murderously , I was in front of her in a flash , when Darien stopped me .

‘ Let’s see what she knows . ” ‘ He said through the link . ” You are not my fucking mate or even worthy of it . You knew Kiara was my mate but you still didn’t fucking back away … She may be your fucking blood !

” Fuck . This was Kiara’s aunt in some messed up way … I wanted to kill her … but *** . maybe I should withhold my decision until I got every ounce of information from her . ” Start talking or you die .

” I said quietly . ” I don’t know anything else ! She only wanted me to get close to you , but I actually fell in love with you … Please … no matter how badly you treated me … I choose you … ” Well , I don’t . You’re a fucking liar … I know she sent you here , so you can drop the act , because I sure as fuck ain’t buying it . ” I growled .

” She … no … I came because … ” Did she send you here now ! ” I thundered , kicking the table that was in the middle of the room .

She screamed as it hit the wall , inches away from Darien , before it fell on the floor , splintering . ” No ! ” She screamed . I frowned . Had my assumption been wrong ? She was quivering on the ground , her head lowered .

” Put her under house arrest . She is not to leave this apartment and I fucking mean i t . ” ” Alejandro , please ! For our sake ! For what we had ! Please don’t do this , believe me ! ” She begged . I didn’t bother turning back to her .

” We had nothing . I will not take any chances . ” I said coldly . ” Please ! ” She screamed , but I didn’t fucking care . ‘ Get Callum to get her blood and run it along with Kiara’s . I need to confirm they’re related . If she is , then … I guess I would have to ask Scarlett what the fuck she thinks of it … ‘ ‘ Got it … ‘ Darien said .

I kept the link open as I ordered two men t o stand outside her apartment and keep a n eye on her constantly , including one she -wolf to stay inside with her . I was not letting her out of my sight . Especially with Kiara here , I was not going to risk shit .

‘ Was she carrying anything when she came to the pack ? Trace her steps and search the ground . I wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped something somewhere . I’ve been around for far too fucking long to take any risks . I sent the order out , frowning as I made m y way outside . There was nothing I could d o until Callum had some answers …


I made my rounds , healing even the smallest of injuries and soon the hospital was entirely empty apart from the rogues who were still dealing with the trauma , although I don’t think the hospital was the best place for them .

They needed a therapist , but sadly this pack didn’t seem to have a specialist in that department . Perhaps that was something we needed to apply and reach out to other packs for . It wasn’t odd for people to join this pack as it was a more military – style pack .

Callum had been called away and I was sitting with Jo asking her about her childhood and what she enjoyed doing . ” Are the rumours true ? ” Jo asked as I sliced an apple for us . ” Which rumours ? ” I asked , giving her a small smile as I placed it in the bowl .

” That you’re the king’s true mate ? ” I am . ” Then why hasn’t he marked you ? ” She asked , suddenly looking a little scared . I’m sorry if I’m overstepping … ” ” 1 ” Not at all . As he is the king , we need to have a formal marking in front of other Alphas .

” I replied , taking an apple slice . ” You will make a good queen . ” She said with a small smile , before wrapping her arms around her once again , nibbling on some apple . I glanced at the four guards who were set to watch me .

There was Dustin , Julio , Bryan and another one I had never seen before called Samuel . I found them a bit much , but I understood Alejandro couldn’t take risks , ” You remind me of her … Even when I was left in my cell when I was becoming that monster , she told me to stay strong …

I don’t care if they say she’s a witch …. to me she was the only one who tried to help m e from her cell , even though she was *** beaten and bloody … ” She said , looking sad . I knew they were sending Rayhan after her I just hoped they treated her well …. ” I believe you . Don’t worry .

I’m sure wherever she is , she’s safe . ” I said with a small smile . ” I hope so too … ” She said , her gaze becoming fearful and dull once more . I wondered what exactly was going through her head . She talked for a while and then she would shut us all out .

I knew it was going to take time , so I didn’t push her . After staying for a short while , I decided I’d call Rayhan . I knew it wasn’t my place but I didn’t want them to treat her like a monster or just a witch … Jo genuinely cared for her . I knew the four men might report back to their boss , my mate … I looked at them as they trooped out after me .

” I need to make a call and I don’t need anyone to eavesdrop . ” I stated . ” We won’t repeat the conversation Luna , nor report it back to the Alpha , if that’s what you fear . ” Julio said with an annoying smirk . ” I have nothing to hide . ” I glared back . ” Well fear not , Alpha gave no command t o spy on you . Just to make sure you are please make your phone call .

” Samuel said . Hmm , I liked him a little bit at least … Stupid Julio … I gave him a dirty look as I took my phone out and dialled Rayhan , hoping he’d pick up . ” Hey , Kia . ” He answered after a few rings . ” Hey , listen , I’m assuming you’re out tracking ? ” ” Yep , the snow witch . ” He said .

” Any luck ? ” I asked . ” Not yet , but the smell of magnolia’s and Ylang Ylang is giving me a headache . ” He replied jokingly . I smiled . ” Well , for someone who’s supposed to be a dark witch , she sure doesn’t smell like one . ” ” No … not really .

” He said sighing , ” It’s been hard to find her . I was told her powers are restricted , so she can’t really use magic currently , but she’s still evading us . ” ” Well , I called about something regarding Delsanra … ” @ ” Delsanra ? ” ” Her name , the witch . ” I said , frowning slightly .

” Ah ok , Dad and Uncle just said the witch . 11 I frowned , ” She is a person , not just a witch , one who helped other captives stay strong and morally supported them . I don’t believe she is bad . So , when you find her , treat her as you would someone who is innocent .

” Kia … She’s a witch . ” ” A witch who has done nothing wrong . Innocent until proven guilty . ” I replied firmly . He sighed , ” Fine , I’ll try not to …. be harsh .

I didn’t know if Rayhan could be harsh … But then again , I had only ever seen his fun side . It didn’t mean I was blind to the fact he was an Alpha wolf . ” She was held captive by a witch and the rogues … She will hate werewolves . Don’t prove her fear correct . Please .

” I pleaded quietly . ” Kiara , you’re too kind – hearted for your own good . Witches are dangerous things . They never do anything without expecting something in return . Trusting one is stupid .

I’m with Dad and Uncle on this one . I didn’t say anything , even Rafael ? ” ” Then … I’ll leave it to you … You can make your own judgement when you meet her . I said , feeling down .

” Kia … Why are you so concerned about a witch ? ” ” Because she was a victim in this entire mess …. Endora tortured her … used her … she’s only sixteen …

” Ok , I get it . I can’t promise anything but I’ll treat her … humanely .

” He said , with a sigh . ” Thank you … ” ” Anytime . ” I hung up and sighed , I just hoped she was able to provide some answers . Because we needed all the help we could get …

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