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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 107 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 107 by desirenovel

A Possessive She-Wolf

Shopping. I don’t even get why the fuck it’s called that.. It should be called fucking torture from hell. I mean, yeah, I wanted to treat her to a new fucking wardrobe, but having to play the guard? N o fucking thanks. Kevin the fucker loved t o shop, and he was in there shopping along with them.

It was one of the reasons I invited him. At least he’d be there in close proximity if there was an attack. Whilst his mate Adam, Tia and I mainly hung outside getting fucking stares. The only shopI was tempted to go into was the lingerie one.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind picking out a few crotch-less pieces for her. Maybe next time… Just the image o f her in one of those fucking messed with my head. Not to mention her morning antics were still clear in my mind. After five fucking hours, we were done, but I was more concerned about her ankle than my own fucking boredom.

I could see the limp in her walk when she came out, and I fucking wished I didn’t suggest this trip. Her eyes met mine and they lit up, I didn’t bother smiling back as I walked over to her , scooping her up into my arms .

” Alejandro … I’m fine … ” She said . I simply shook my head . ” I didn’t even think . ” I said quietly . Feeling the stab of guilt rush through me . ” Hey … I’m fine . ” She said , wrapping her arms around my neck .

” You can put me down , people are staring . ” ” I don’t fucking care . ” I growled , as Tia giggled watching us . ” I know my sexy beast doesn’t … ” She replied , amused . She sighed and simply rested her head on my shoulder .

” I’ll just pretend I can’t see the stares . ” I didn’t miss the stares , so I knew what she fucking meant . We got plenty as we walked by , not that I fucking cared . We got to the car while Kevin and Adam loaded the bags .

They put a few bags in m y car , while I placed Kiara in the passenger seat . Once I got in , I reversed out of the parking lot and looked over at her . ” Got what you needed ? ”

” More than what I needed , thanks to you tempting me with that card . How rich are you ? ” She asked me . I smirked . ” Rich enough to pamper my woman . ” I replied . ” Thank you , I did feel bad to start with …

Then I kind of just got excited and carried away , Kevin … that guy was not a good idea to bring along . Anything I looked at he insisted I bought it . ” She said with a small smile .

I smirked , yeah I knew Kevin would do that . ” Well , at least he fucking got you to shop . Did you find the dresses ? ” ” I did , but they needed some adjustments , so Kevin will collect them tomorrow for m e . ” She replied . ” Perfect .

” Our eyes met and she leaned over to kiss m y lips softly , leaving me fucking lost for a second . I still couldn’t believe this was real … The way she kissed me … those tender smiles … those sexy looks … But I’d just have to get used to it , because Kiara was mine to keep for fucking ever .

I smirked arrogantly , thinking in the end , she really was all mine .

” Why are you feeling so satisfied for ? ” She asked . Oh yeah , I forget her fucking abilities . ” Just how you’re all mine . ” I said . She nodded , 11 ” Alejandro … ” ” Yeah ? ” ” Mind if I ask you how many women you’ve been with ? ” She asked hesitantly .

Ok , fuck . I did not want to have this conversation … I glanced at her . ” I’ve been with three people , including you . ” She said quickly . Yeah , that didn’t make me feel any fucking better . The mood in the car suddenly felt tense as I ran my hand through my hair .

” I’m thirty – four going on thirty – five …. I’ve been sleeping around since before you could walk . ” I said , my words fucking stabbing me as I watched her .

No matter how emotionless she behaved , I didn’t miss the pain in her eyes . Yeah , I know we shouldn’t have secrets … But if she wanted to know , did I hide it ? I couldn’t . ” So countless women , including one from our pack when you visited .

” She said , now turning her head to look out the window . How the fuck did she know about that one … ? I parked up suddenly and she looked at me in surprise . ” Kiara …

” I’m fine , I was expecting as much . Or more . I was just curious if you have a number or not … or any actual relationships … ” She asked , brushing her hair behind her ears .. ” Hey …

” ‘ Alpha is everything ok . Why have we stopped ? ‘ Adam’s voice came through the fucking link . ‘ Fuck off , I wanted to stop . Stay the fuck put and do not mind link me . ‘ I shot back with irritation . ” I’m fine , let’s go home . ” She said .

No. Not like this . I took her hands and kissed them softly . ” You are the only woman I’ve actually had feelings for … Yes , pain or pleasure were the two things that made me feel alive . ” I said quietly .

Not missing the flicker of pain as I said those words . ” But after a taste of you … I feel like I’ve been cheated my whole fucking life . You’re the only woman I’ve pleasured , the only woman who I’ve tasted and wanted to …

” I ran my hand up her thigh , feeling her tense under my touch . I fucking didn’t care about what effect she was having on me or I on her , I needed to tell her that she is all I fucking want . ” After kissing you , when Jasmin kissed me , it was like fucking sandpaper .

You made every other woman lose their appeal . Like I said , I’ve not fucked any other woman since you , even when I tried to … I couldn’t , because all I could think of , was you .I said it and I wasn’t lying .

Her heart was racing , and her eyes glistened with unshed tears . She sprang at me , knocking me back against the window , her arms around my neck as she hugged me tightly .

Her delicious body pressed against me as her lips crashed against mine . I wrapped my arms around her , running m y hands over her back and ass as I kissed her back , I didn’t fucking care that we were in a tight , fucking car in the middle o f fucking nowhere .

All I could focus on was her , my fucking queen who was sending pleasure through me . I felt myself throb against her , making her moan . Our eyes met and I saw the storm of emotions in hers . She kissed me sensually as she began grinding against me .

Fuck . I gripped her hips , but this time I wasn’t going to pull away . I didn’t want to . I could feel her possessiveness in her touch and caress . Our tongues fought for dominance . A moan escaped her as I won , sucking on her tongue as I kissed her roughly .

I rubbed against her , making her whimper and I really wished we didn’t have these fucking clothes between us . ” Oh , Alejandro … ” She moaned . I sat up , sitting back in my seat as I pulled her into my lap , sliding my seat as back as far as it could go .

I couldn’t , not anymore , I needed to do something . To show her that she was all I fucking wanted . I couldn’t fight it … Her heart thudded as she looked into my eyes before her lips crashed against mine once more .

Pleasure fucking consumed me as I kissed her with passion and desire . Fuelling all my emotions into that kiss as she ground herself against me . I didn’t let go , one hand tangled into her hair as I kissed her harder , drawing blood .

The slight taste of blood mixed pleasantly with her sweetness . I pulled back , letting her breathe as I sucked on her neck , making her cry out in pleasure . My eyes flashed as she grinded against me , getting faster . ” Fuck that’s it . ” I muttered , pulling her top down and exposing her breasts that were clad in a strapless pale – yellow bra .

” Alejandro … ” She whimpered when I grabbed her breasts . ” Kiara … ” I murmured as I kissed her lips once again . I unclasped her bra , tossing it aside as I grabbed her breast , taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking hard . She gasped , tangling her hand into my hair .

rubbed herself against me faster . si stared into her lust filled eyes . Neither of us cared about anything but each other as we grinded against one and other I caught the other nipple in my mouth , sucking and licking as she bounced on my lap .

Her arms were wrapped around my neck , her breasts were up against my face and they sure felt good . The car smelt of her arousal and I knew she was near , and I was gad because so was 1 . ” Oh baby , this feels so good .

” She whimpered . She sure wasn’t wrong , I felt myself nearing , and I gripped her hips , guiding her speed as we fucking , humped against each other . She cried out a sher orgasm rushed through her , I held her tightly as I chased my own fucking release . She was breathing heavily as she rolled her hips against me . She bit down slightly on my neck , licking the area teasingly , and it was all I fucking needed for pleasure to fucking , overtake me .

My orgasm ripped through me and I bit back a groan at the sizzling fire that rushed through me . Unable to stop it completely . Fuck that had been fucking good … ” You’re mine . ” She stated , her eyes flashing a vibrant purple as she looked at me , her chest rising and falling . I smirked as I looked at her . I sure fucking was hers … She was clearly staking her claim .

My feisty nympho was sexy as fuck when she got possessive . ” I’ve been yours from day one , baby girl . ” I murmured , tugging her close and kissing her neck as I inhaled her scent hungrily . She didn’t reply , wrapping her arms around me tighter .

I throbbed against her and I smirked as her eyes widened and she moved back to stare at m e . ” I won’t ever get enough of you and that was not enough …. ” I murmured . ” Your rule , remember ? ” She teased , as she climbed off me . I could see the patch on my pants where I had fucking cum . Well , it had been fucking worth it … I watched her pick up her bra , noticing I had left a few bruises on and around her nipples .

” You look gorgeous when you’re lost in pleasure … ” She remarked as she clasped her bra back on , I raised an eyebrow , ” Not fucking sure about that , but you looked fucking divine … ” I murmured , ‘ Al there’s an emergency , come home .

” Darien’s voice came . I frowned . ” What is it ? ” Kiara asked about my sudden mood change . I asked Darien the same question . ‘ It’s a lot to take in . Come home , you’ll find out . Make it quick . Endora’s on the move , ‘ It was all I had to hear for me to rev the engine and zoom ahead .

” What is it , Alejandro ? ” She asked as she finished fixing her shirt . ” Darien said something about Endora . ” She nodded , as I quickly mind linked Adám , telling him I was going ahead .

We were back home in record time and we both headed upstairs , I needed to change before anything else . The moment the door was closed , I pulled her close , kissing her deeply . She kissed me back , slipping her hands into the back pockets o f my pants .

” If you want to rest , you should , I’m going to head to my office to meet with Darien and see whatever the fuck is 31 wrong . ” I want to come with you . ” She said . I looked into her eyes . She sure didn’t seem tired … I gave a curt nod . ” Fine . I’m going to go change .

” She smiled and nodded . We both moved fast , she pulled on some fresh panties and jeans and I won’t fucking lie by saying that I didn’t check her out , as I did . Although her annoying cardigan hid most of my view though . Ten minutes later we reached my office , after I told Clara and Claire to take the bags from my car . The moment I entered the building , a familiar scent hit me , Jasmin .

What the fuck was she doing here … ? As we neared Kiara’s heart began to race and I realised she had probably picked up the scent as well . I opened the door to my office , placing my hand possessively on Kiara’s waist . I did not want her to feel insecure in any way .

The sight before me was not one I was expecting . Jasmin was covered in blood , bruises and injuries . She wore an oversized shirt and she looked a mess . Callum was checking her over . ” What the fuck happened ? ” I asked . ” My pack . Endora destroyed them all .

” She broke into wracking sobs as I looked a t Kiara for confirmation . I couldn’t believe her just like that . I couldn’t forget what Marcel and Jake had discussed about a certain ‘ she ‘ . Speaking off … Maybe I should ask him who the fuck they were on about . Kiara looked at Jasmin and I sensed a faint aura from here , before she looked at me and gave a small nod . So Jasmin was telling the truth .

Endora really was planning on wiping out packs … That bitch . I wouldn’t let her get away with this shit . ” Alpha … help me . ” Jasmin sobbed . I frowned , looking at Darien .

” Set her up in one of the apartments , ” ‘ And keep an eye on her every action … I don’t fully trust her . ‘ ” Ok Alpha . ” Darien said . ” How did you escape ? ” I asked her . She looked at me , looking ashamed .

” I ran … ” She said , ” I left everyone and I ran . There was no other way and I think she wanted at least one person to live to pass the message on . Otherwise , I think she would have killed me too …

” @ ” Hmm . Fine , I’ll see what we can do , I’ll send some men to assess the situation and see if there are any survivors . As the only Alpha heir to that pack … It was your duty to protect and stand by your pack . Not abandon them .

” I said coldly . ” That’s hypocritical of you Alpha … If it was Kiara in my place , would you tell her to Anger rushed through me and I growled menacingly . ” Watch what you fucking say . Remember , you’re talking to your King and Queen .

” I said murderously . My aura rolled off me in fucking waves and I didn’t care that it was affecting everyone in the room apart from my nympho . How dare she even imagine Kiara in that position !

I wrapped my arms around Kiara possessively , pulling her against my chest . No one would hurt her , I wouldn’t allow it … ever . ” Get her the fuck out of my sight and ask her whatever you deem relevant . ” 1 spat . I needed to talk to Marcel . As soon as possible.

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