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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 101 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 101 by desirenovel

A Memory

The moment those words left her lips , I couldn’t control myself . I pushed her back onto the bed and kissed her hard . Fuck , I needed this .

She moaned softly , as I climbed between her legs . No , I wasn’t going to break the promise I made to myself , but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little piece of heaven …

The feel of her soft lips fighting for dominance against mine , her sweet taste and her intoxicating scent were all fucking driving me nuts . I ran my hands down the curve of her breasts and waist , massaging her hips .

She moaned against my lips and I took the chance to plunge my tongue into her mouth , I could smell her arousal as she locked her legs around me . I was already fucking hard for her .

” Nh … ” She moaned , sucking on my tongue , before I broke away and began kissing her down her jaw . My hand squeezed her ass . Fuck , she was perfect in every fucking way . I kissed her neck , making my way to her breasts .

I pushed up her top and bra , taking one hardened bud in my mouth . The moan that left her mouth made me groan , Fuck , she was heaven in this fucking hell called life . I grabbed her other breast , squeezing it , Fuck , I could stay here forever ….

I pulled away , glancing up at her . Her eyes were blazing purple and she was breathing heavily . I licked and sucked the other nipple . My eyes locked with her when I bit down gently , making her cry out .

” Oh fuck baby … ” She whimpered , as I kissed her lower . She tugged me up . ” My turn … ” She whispered , pushing me onto my back onto the bed . I raised an eyebrow as she straddled me , claiming my lips once more .

I wasn’t one t o let women have their fucking way or touch me so freely … But Kiara … the nympho , was my fucking world . I watched her place sensual kisses down my neck . Fuck , did it feel good . She sat back , pulling my shirt off . I helped her , tossing it aside , her eyes glittering as she admired my torso .

A small smile crossed her lips as she began placing soft sensual kisses along my collar bones and over my chest , licking my nipple before she pulled at the piercing with her teeth . Sending a pleasant tinge of pleasure and pain through me . ” Fuck love .

” I muttered , tugging her back by the hair . She glared at me . ” Don’t stop me . ” She growled . Now that was fucking sexy … I smirked , tapping her ass before I put my arms behind my head and gave her a wink .

” Well , if you want to worship your king , go the fuck ahead . ” I said arrogantly . She rolled her eyes , before kissing my lips passionately .

Breaking away and went back to kissing me down my chest , licking and tugging at my nipple piercings . The pleasure was driving me insane , and my fucking hard – on wanted more than just her kisses . She went lower , her ass now pressing against my dick . ” Fuck … 11 ” Do you like that baby ? ” She whispered , running her tongue along my abs . Fuck .

” Stop . ” I said huskiny , sitting up slightly . ” I don’t want to …

” She said , licking her lips before placing kisses along the band o f my trousers . Her breasts were rubbing against my dick . My eyes flashed red , the urge to mark and fuck her was at breaking point .

I sat up , pulling her up into my lap and kissed her roughly . She gasped , unable to keep up with my brutal , rough kiss . It took all my fucking willpower to grip the back o f her head , pulling away from the bruising kiss .

I pressed my forehead to hers , taking a deep calming breath . ” I am not fucking you here . ” I said huskily . She was about to say something , her large eyes looking into mine curiously before she gave me a small smile and nodded .

Wrapping her arms around my neck instead . ” I love you . ” She whispered , kissing me just behind my ear , sending a shiver of pleasure through me . ” Love you fucking more . Now let’s get some rest . You’ll need it . ” I said .

She nodded , stretching . ” I cannot wait to get back home . ” [ ” ” Home ? As in our pack , right ? ” I asked , trying not to look at her sexy breasts as I lay down and pulled her down next to me .

” Yes … The Night Walkers Pack . My pack . ‘ She said , closing her eyes as she snuggled into me . I smirked slightly , kissing the top of her head .. ” 1 ” Fuck yeah . ‘ ” I’m glad you found your brother … ” She said quietly . I frowned slightly .

Was it something to be excited about ? I wasn’t sure , but I knew h e didn’t have the perfect life . If you looked at it , none of us – including Rafael – had it fucking easy … Raf had been nineteen and was forced become the Alpha of one of the strongest packs in the country .

Alphas typically took over at the age of twenty – one at the youngest , and even then , their fathers kept a fucking eye out for them . On top of that , I admit I made life fucking harder for him . Pushing him to the limit … Wanting him to break … To make him snap and to blame me for our parent’s deaths …

( FLASHBACK – SIX MONTHS AFTER ALEJANDRO THOUGHT HE KILLED BOTH HIS PARENTS ) ” Al ! Stop it ! ” Raf shouted , pulling me off the two eighteen – year – olds . Both who were barely recognisable now .

” Get the fuck off of me , you bastard ! ” I shouted , wrenching free as I turned and slammed him to the ground . ” Al , please listen to me ! ” Raf said , as he blocked my attacks . ” No ! Fight me like a fucking man , or let m e do whatever I want ! ” I growled . Punching him across the face , his eyes filled with sadness .

Simply blocking the worst of my attacks . ” Fight me , fucker ! ” ” I won’t hurt you . ” He said softly . I hated it ! I hated his fake sympathy ! I hated that shit fake love . I knew he was putting his Alpha training o n hold because of me … and until I slowed down , he would do just the basics .

Usually Alpha’s had to leave at the age of eighteen or nineteen , until they were twenty – one . They’d travel and train , it was the only thing they did with other Alpha’s , the only unity between us .

Apart from that , w e were all just solo packs . I just wanted him to leave , I know he was holding off because of me and I heard he would do a shorter – term as he was needed here . But still , he refused to leave me so soon . ” Just fucking leave ! I fucking hate you ! ” I spat , slamming his head against the tree behind him .

He gave me a small smile , ” But I’ll always love you , little brother . ” Fuck him ! I stepped back , hating his attitude . ” I’m a monster . The sooner you realise that , the better . ” I hissed . ” You’re just hurting . ” He said quietly .

I knew he had lied for me . Everyone thought our parents died in a rogue attack , he told me no one would know . That he’d always protect me … I didn’t need his protection , I just needed him to leave me alone . ” I’m not hurting ! I don’t care ! Dad deserved it … He did …. ” I trailed off , my energy fading away .

” ” You can talk to me , Alejandro , any time you need to . I will always be here for you . ” He said , grabbing his left shoulder as he pushed it back into place with a sickening crunch . I heard footsteps and the Beta approached .

He looked between us , and then directly at Rafael . Frowning after a moment . ” Your mind link is blocked , Alpha . ” He said curtly . ” Yes , because it is only my brother here . If you need to speak , speak openly .

” Rafael said . I shook my head . ” Whatever fuckers . Enjoy . ” I gave the Beta the finger , before walking off . When I was out of werewolf hearing distance , the Beta sighed deeply .

If only either of those fuckers knew how good my hearing was … Ever since I shifted when I turned thirteen … I was faster , stronger and had better sight in human form than many werewolves but I kept it a secret as Rafael had told me too .

I had told him that day I killed my parents what had happened in the room . I had been too disoriented to focus on anything . ” He is a problem , Alpha Rafael . If I were you , I’d make some decisions soon .

He needs to be broken into submission . ” I heard the menacing growl from Rafael a s the Beta was slammed into the wall . I simply shook my head , I was already fucking broken , just not in the way they wanted … ( END OF FLASHBACK ) This was the fucking reason that I think Rafael could use a brother and then would leave me the fuck alone … or at least he can have the family he deserves …

I just hope that fucker Marcel didn’t turn out to be a dipshit like me , because he sure as fuck acted like a fucking prick . ” What’s on your mind ? ” Kiara asked me softly , ” Just thinking back to the shit I put Raf through …

I think he could use a proper brother . ” I said , running my fingers through her silky locks , the perfect shade of caramel … She was my fucking chocolate heaven … She slapped me now , making me look at her , raising my eyebrow .

” What the fuck was that for ? ” I frowned . ” For being an ass , what do you mean proper brother ? What are you ? His sister ? ” She snapped . I smirked . ” Calm your hot ass down … I was stating a fact-

” ” No , you weren’t . You need to stop with that . Honestly , Rafael loves you . ” She said . ” Alright , fine , I’m not fucking arguing with you because you need to go the hell t o sleep .

” I replied , shaking my head . She looked up at me , her eyes sparkling with amusement . ” My sexy beast is getting tamed … ” She whispered , running her fingers down my chest . ” Your sexy beast , huh ? ” I said , cocking m y brow .

” Well … I think the name suits you rather well … ” She replied with a small pout , as she traced her finger in circles on my chest .

And let me tell you , that simple move was fucking my head up badly . ” If you say so , Amore Mio. ” I said with a small smirk . The name wasn’t bad … Yeah , I’ve never done this before , but it felt so fucking right ….

I kissed her nose , before pulling her against me tightly . Frowning when I remembered one thing she had just said . Tamed … I was not getting fucking tamed . How the fuck was I tamed ?

I looked down at her , about to say something when I saw her eyes were closed and she was drifting off into dreamland . Well fuck . I guess I’ll let it slide . If she thinks I’m tame , once I make her mine … I’ll show her how far from tame I fucking was when I devoured her entirely .

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