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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 100 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 100 by desirenovel


Despite his threat to his brother , his words send a rush of emotions through m e . My heart was pounding as he pulled me into his arms possessively . I simply closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his waist .

” I only wanted her for her power , as Mom wanted … It’s nothing personal . Now that I know she was lying … I can guarantee I don’t want your mate …

She seems to be young enough to be my daughter . ” Marcel shot back . Alejandro growled and I pulled away , trying to calm him down . I was glad that a few rogues had brought in some extra lanterns so I could see a lot better . ” It’s fine … Come on , we need to think of a plan of action .

” I said , kissing Alejandro’s chest as he glared at his brother . ” You should rest , my wolves will keep watch . ” Marcel said quietly . ” Like I would trust you that much . ” Alejandro shot back . ” We should head back first … “

He frowned deeply , looking at me , and I knew he was worried about me . ” I think I’d like to stay . Once I’m rested , i n the morning I can help heal the Wendigo’s .

” I added thoughtfully . Alejandro’s frown deepened , he seemed lost in thought and I could feel his hesitation before he nodded . ” Fine . ” ” Thanks .

” Marcel said . ” I will have someone show you a room , and give you clothes . After that , let’s eat . It is late . ” ” I said before Alejandro ” Thank you . ” could even speak . ” We’d like that . ” ” At least one of you is sane . ” Marcel muttered.

” Yeah well , at least I’m not a fucking loser like you . ” Alejandro shot back . Both brothers glared at each other and I sighed . It seems like it was in their blood t o have such big egos .

Once we were shown to a room and given clothes , we were left alone . The moment the door shut , Alejandro was in front of me , removing the necklace from around my neck . He crouched down , resting his head against my stomach .

My heart thundered at his move . He must have been worried … ” We are fine . ” I whispered , I knew for a fact our bodies could take more than that , and I hadn’t felt any pain or cramping .

I ran my fingers through his hair as his lips fleetingly brushed my stomach . Even though the fabric of my top , I felt the pleasant tingle rush through me . ” I know .

” He said , clenching his jaw as he stood up , not able to look me directly in the eye . I knew it was because he didn’t want to show his concern . ” You were worried about our pup ? ” I whispered . ” Not really …

” He denied , still not looking me in the eye . I raised an eyebrow , smiling slightly . I felt all warm and happy with his concern . ” Really ? So , the moment we are alone , you rush to hear the heartbeat … simply because you wanted to and not because you cared ?

” I teased as he slipped the necklace back around my neck . ” Maybe a little . Don’t fucking annoy me , Sweetheart . ” He said , pulling me close . I smirked . ” I kind of can if I want , and you wouldn’t b e able to stop me . ” I taunted .

” Oh , I wouldn’t be so fucking sure . ” He said , with a small cold smirk . Ok , I do not trust him at all … ” Well , let’s get changed . ” I said , looking around the cavern room . It was more of an actual room than just a dingy cave . Although it was barely furnished , I could see that it was well kept .

There was a large double bed to one side , with three lanterns hanging around the room . It seemed they didn’t have much access to actual technology . There were two more lights on the far corner , ones that were created by magic . There were two small drawers and a chair standing to the side .

I picked up the clothes that were left on the bed for us and began stripping out of what I was wearing . I felt his gaze on me and my neart pounded , knowing I was tempting him … I wanted him … out … I turned towards him just in time to see he had turned away , his jaw clenched as he began getting dressed , tossing aside his torn pants .

I pulled on the long – sleeved black shirt and denim pants that were rather loose on my waist , but they would do the job . We had barely finished when there was a knock on the door . Alejandro growled as I walked over , about to open it when he got there first , moving me protectively behind him .

I sighed . Did he really not trust Marcel ? At the door was a young wolf . He barely looked much older than fifteen . Despite how slim he was , I could see the muscles under his worn – out shirt . ” Dinner is ready .

” He said , looking down under Alejandro’s intense glare . ” Lead the fucking way . ” Alejandro said coldly . I took his hand in mine , hoping he and Marcel didn’t start attacking each other . ” What’s your name ? ” I asked the boy . ” Mine ? ” He asked , sounding surprised as he let us through the dark hails .

Only Alejandro’s lead was guiding me . ” Yeah , who the fuck else ? ” Alejandro added . ” Eric . ” He said . ” Nice name . ” I said . I could feel the tension and anger rolling off Alejandro , I knew playing nice wasn’t in him .

I knew this was not his style . Alejandro was the type to work alone and not trust anyone or rely on anyone for help . But I knew to defeat Endora we needed a united team .

I knew he had listened to me because I wanted to stay and help the Wendigos . ” Thank you … ” Eric said quietly . Soon I saw light ahead and the smell of freshly cooked soup , with plenty of vegetables , filled my nose .

I inhaled deeply and heard my stomach grumble , making me blush . I was starved ! We stepped inside and all eyes turned to u s . There was a mix of men and women . One thing they had in common were their lean bodies , each littered with many scars . The women all had hair down to their shoulders or shorter .

There was not one item of jewellery on any of them and I wondered just how hard their life had been . ” Come . ” Marcel said , sitting at one of the long tables . Alejandro and I walked hand in hand .

His power rolled off him , making every wolf w e passed lower their heads in submission t o their rightful king . ” It’s a simple meal , but it should be filling . We don’t really have many options . ” Marcel said . ” Thank you .

” I said sitting down . Once the food was served I picked up my spoon , looking forward to the meal , but before I could eat anything Alejandro had sniffed my bowl and had a taste , finally placing it down in front of me . .I shook m y head .

Did he really still not trust Marcel ? I guess , unlike me , he found it harder . ” So , how long did you know that Kiara could help with the Wendigos ? ” Alejandro asked coldly . ” For years . She said we needed to get her … or we would all lose our loved ones … “

Marcel said , now slowly swirling his soup in his bowl . The look of anguish that flitted through his eyes was enough to capture my curiosity . He looked down , taking a deep breath .

” We lost countless people …. I travelled far and wide trying to get rogues to join me o n this cause … but even then , I refused to just attack packs when all we wanted was help . That was until I became desperate … My mate …

She was from a pack down near London … but she ran away from her pack for me … ” Marcel said . My eyes stung with tears , feeling his pain . He had lost her . I knew it before he even spoke .

” She was perfect … but yeah , she became one of those things … and right to the end , I just wanted a way to fix it . I even left here myself to beg the Alpha of The Blood Moon pack for help .

But … I wasn’t even allowed past pack borders … She died right here in a cell and I couldn’t do shit . ” 11 The pain he felt for his mate was palpable and I felt an ache inside . Just imagining losing your loved one … Going through that terrified me …

” That should have been your first fucking alarm signal . ” Alejandro said coldly . ” The fact they let you live and not your men . If any pack let you just go back , didn’t you find that strange ?

” ” I was beaten … But no … it never crossed m y mind … Just the pain I felt and the cold treatment we received . ” ” I know enough about witchcraft to know that she probably put some spells on you o r made you see something that didn’t happen .

Do you know how these fucking Wendigos are made ? ” Alejandro asked coldly . Marcel didn’t reply . ” By being fed other rogues … cannibalism a tits fucking finest .

She probably staged certain wolves ‘ deaths , but really , she was feeding it to selected wolves right within these fucking walls . Your mate’s dead , because of that bitch Endora . ” Alejandro’s voice was cold and emotionless .

Yet I knew every wolf here who was listening felt the anger and power that emanated with every word . I knew they didn’t like us . After all , all their lives they had been told we were the enemy . As silence fell , I saw Marcel look sick . Snapping his spoon as he tossed it onto the table in anger , his eyes blazing gold . ” That bitch . ” He growled . ” Dad … ” Our eyes snapped to a boy with blue eyes and dark brown hair . He was barely ten years old , but I could see the slight similarity to his dad . ” Leo … why the fuck are you here ? ” Marcel said coldly . ” I just … I have news … ” He said quietly . ” So , you have a kid … ? ” Alejandro said , with his head tilted . The boy looked back at him defiantly , before looking down . ” What is it ? ” Marcel snapped . ” She’s gone … I don’t know if it was grandma … or … ” Leo said . I saw Marcel’s eyes widen , a frown on his face . ” Fuck … ” He growled .

I exchanged looks with Alejandro , who looked as confused as I felt . ” Who escaped ? ” He asked Marcel . ” It’s not important … Let’s just say she’s trouble . Maybe it is for the best …. Leave it For all we know , she may just have been another of Endora’s victims . ” He said frowning Leo nodded as he walked out again .

” You have a ten – year – old carrying orders ? ” Alejandro asked , raising an eyebrow . ” He’s nine actually , and yes … He needs to pull his weight . ” Marcel said . For once , Alejandro didn’t say much , simply nodding and shrugging .

Then again , maybe I was wrong . ” He should be in school . ” He said moodily . Marcel sat back . ” Care to share how we could have attained that when we are killed on sight ? ” He asked coldly . ” Made to fucking think that . ” Alejandro growled . ” I’ve never fucking put that rule down . “

” Fine ! I get it . ” Marcel snapped back . I ignored them . It seemed they were planning to be at each other’s throats often enough , so I will leave them to it … o this soup was really good … I was feeling much more energised .

” Tomorrow we clear out this place . Her magic lingers and it isn’t safe . You all can set up camp close to my pack grounds . If Endora plans to make a move , I have a feeling it will be a big attack .

We need to b e ready . ” Alejandro said , now placing his arm around my shoulders and kissing my forehead before he finished his soup by drinking it down in one go . ” Understood . ” Marcel said . ” Oh … and I’m sure Rafael would love to meet you . ” Alejandro said mockingly . ” Rafael … ” He replied , frowning . ” Your twin . ” I said . He nodded . ” I doubt he’d want to meet me , and I don’t really care for family reunions . ” Marcel said curtly .

But I knew he was just unsure . ” Oh yeah ? Well , Rafael will probably fucking love it . ” Alejandro said .

” If he’s anything like you ” He isn’t … Rafael is really sweet and kind . ” I interrupted with a smile . Alejandro raised an eyebrow as he looked down at me . ” Oh yeah ? ” ” Yes , and you know it . ” I said , with a pointed look .

” Well let’s call it a night … ” Alejandro said quietly as he stood up , I didn’t miss his gaze lingering on me . Marcel nodded as Alejandro placed his arm around my waist , glaring at a few male wolves who had glanced towards m e . His menacing growl had them all lowering their heads in submission .

I resisted a smile , leaning against him as he led me out of the hall . The second we were in the dark , he scooped me up bridal style , making me gasp . ” Alejandro ! ” I exclaimed startled .

His reply was a soft kiss to my neck before he inhaled my scent . ” This is fucking hard . ” He muttered . I knew what he meant but I said nothing , simply wrapping my arms around him tightly .

We reached the room and he locked the door behind us , easily carrying me with one arm before he walked over to the bed and placed me down . ” Best get some rest … ” He said , his eyes meeting mine .

My heart pounded as I held on to him tightly , slowly pulling him on top of me . His eyes flashed red and I could feel his struggle . ” Just … kiss me … ” I whispered , looking into his blazing red eyes , He didn’t say anything as he pushed me back onto the bed , gripping my wrists as his lips crashed against mine … Moonlight Muse Author.

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