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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 10 by desirenovel

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 10 by desirenovel


” Why ? ” Scarlett asked , frowning . ” My guess . You . ” I said , it was the only logical suggestion . Scarlett had abilities a normal wolf didn’t . The couple exchanged looks and Elijah pulled Scarlett into his arms . Kissing her neck , he inhaled deeply . I could sense the possessiveness and concern rolling off him as his mate tried t o calm him , stroking his arms . ” I’ll be fine . ” She said softly . ” Mm . That would obviously insinuate that someone was sending them and that they are working with a goal . ” I said , frowning as I remembered how the Wendigo hadn’t attacked Kiara either . Did it hesitate because she perhaps had Scarlett’s scent ? Or did she have an ability too ? ” So , someone from the shadows ? ” Elijah asked , his arms still wrapped around his mate . ” There’s definitely somewhere these things are coming from . Whoever they are , they’re smart . I’m still bringing up a fucking blank and I’ve looked . So that’s why I’m here .

I will have some warriors sent to help of course … but I want to let the next one come . Find its target . If it goes for Scarlett- ” ” We are not using my woman as fucking bait . ” Elijah growled . ” Calm down handsome . Its an idea , and if we can get answers … ” Scarlett said . I’m beginning to think I should have had her o n the council rather than her dickhead of a mate . The guy got so fucking protective when it came to his family . ” I get that but I’m not using you as a fucking beacon . I know I can protect the pack and the pups , but I’m not risking you . ‘ Elijah said , frowning . I furrowed my brows , looking at the map . 11 ” Your kids . No special abilities , right ? ” ” Liam’s pretty strong but nothing out of the ordinary . Kiara … No. ” Elijah said . I didn’t miss the concern that flooded his face at the mention of his daughter . ” Her getting her wolf didn’t help her sight . ” I stated it rather than asked .

Scarlett nodded . ” No , it didn’t . She’s normal too . ” She said with a nod . ” Hmm yeah , there’s nothing special about her , but maybe your scent was on her . The wendigo bit her to injure , not to kill . She would have been in a much worse state if it had gone for the kill . ” >> I felt their worry grow palpable , blanketing the room heavily . I didn’t have time to care about their worries , I had a goal in mind and I aim to achieve it . ” We’ll work on a plan , set some traps around the territory and I’ll work with you to see how we can strengthen security if needs be . ” I said . Elijah nodded . No matter how much ego we both fucking had , when it came to his pack , he wasn’t going to let it get in the way . ” Sounds good . Have something . ” Scarlett said , motioning to the tray . I glanced at the tray , Tiramisu and Brownies … My gaze lingered on the brownies . They had been really good … Probably my favourite thing at the entire fucking dinner . I picked up a piece without bothering with a plate . The smell of chocolate making me remember the woman upstairs . I frowned at the thought . ” Kiara made the brownies . ” Scarlett added , smiling as Elijah took one too . Great fucking shit . What was she ? The fucking queen of chocolate ? 11 ” She takes after you with her baking .

Elijah replied with a smirk , kissing her . I didn’t say anything , trying to push the thoughts away . It was kind of hard to swallow after that and I picked up one of the coffee mugs , downing it in one . I was not going to eat anything she cooks . It annoyed me that she made those stupid brownies . I put my mug down and left the room without another word . I headed upstairs , pausing when the sounds of moans caught my ears . They were faint and I knew the normal werewolf ears wouldn’t be able to hear them . I felt a burning rage of anger consume me when I recognised her voice . I clenched my jaw , my eyes flashing red . 2 Walking to my room , I stepped inside and slammed the door . Trying to calm the storm that had filled me . Why the fuck did I have an issue anyway ? Stupid Bitch .

I picked up my phone and wireless ear pods , turning some music on loud . I lit another cigarette and walked over to the window . Opening it wide , I just stood there , smoking . About 20 minutes later , I saw a man silently drop down from the window next door . He cast a furtive glance around before he walked off . Fucker . I moved back just as he turned to scan the house . I was right , she was just a fucking slut . I didn’t care if he was her boyfriend or whatever shit . I couldn’t fucking stand her . I pulled my shirt off and dropped onto the white bed sheets , staring at the ceiling . I had no idea why it fucking irked me but it did . A thought came to me and I smirked coldly , now I was looking forward to tomorrow … The next day I was up before dawn . After going for a run , I showered and left the mansion before the rest were even up . Well apart from Elijah and Scarlett , seems like they still fucked every chance they got . Was it a mate thing ? I wasn’t sure , I doubt one woman alone would ever be able to satisfy me . I was just walking through the pack grounds when I heard footsteps from behind me . ” Alpha Alejandro . ” Liam’s voice came . I knew from the scent who the second person was . I didn’t bother turning around as they caught up with me .

The smell of hazelnut chocolate filled my nose . I looked at Liam instead . ” I’m assuming you’re off to train your warriors ? ” ” I am the head warrior alongside another , but dad’s still Alpha for another 10 years o r so he says . So , I just make use of my time to train the warriors where I can . Liam shrugged . ” 1 ” Better than wasting your time . With the way things are going , the tougher the training the better . ” I said quietly . I could see her out of the corner of my eyes . Her hair was pulled up in a high pony and she was dressed in a black sports bra and pants . The tattoo I had seen under her breasts that night was now on view and although I was tempted to look , I was not going to fucking give her that satisfaction . ” Yeah , those creatures are getting more and more common huh ? ” Liam said sighing . ” I heard you were working on some special bullets to attack those things . Any luck ? ” ” The ones I have managed to capture , tend to die fast when not fed .

So I don’t really get to experiment to see if the bullets work . ” I said frowning . ” Ouch . So , you torture them ? ” Her voice just seemed to resonate within me . I now turned to her , glaring coldly . ” Do you want me to let them run free and fucking tear you and everyone else apart ? ” ” Kiara … ” Liam said , moving her behind his back defensively . ” She didn’t mean it like that . ” ” Seems she’s lived way too fucking sheltered . ” I replied harshly , not giving a fuck . I felt the young Alpha’s aura . It was strong but it was nothing compared to mine . Our eyes met and he looked away in submission , his jaw clenching . That fucking satisfied me . I was about to look away when my eyes met those green and blue ones . She frowned at me , not turning away . I glared at her but I won’t lie , it did intrigue me . She didn’t have anything special about her . Even her father , the strongest Alpha around , couldn’t defy my aura . How was she doing it ? z She refused to look away until my eyes flashed red and then she was forced to look away . It still irked me though . We reached the training ground and I scanned the crowd . I smirked and cracked my knuckles seeing the pup from last night . Now , this was going to be fucking fun..

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