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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 99

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 99

Mr. Samir, I Advise You to Calm Down

Early in the morning, the sunlight lazily shone through the window into the Rowan family’s villa.

In the kitchen, James was dressed in armor, one hand holding an iron mask, the other hand holding a shovel, standing on a small stool and looking at the fried egg in the pot with fear.

The fried egg made a crackling sound, and James could not help but cry out, “Old brother, this won’t explode, right?”

“Heavens, this is too scary! I won’t set our kitchen on fire, right?”

“When will this fried egg be cooked? It has already been 30 seconds!”

“Noisy.” At the other end of the kitchen, Steve was contentedly arranging the cut vegetables and fruits in a very pleasing style.


James’ voice was still harsh.

The young boy finally frowned impatiently and looked up at him. “First of all, natural gas is very safe to use. As long as it is not leaked, it will not explode easily.” “Second, I set it on low heat. Our kitchen is not so fragile.”

“Third, you have to be patient.”

After saying that, he glanced at the armor on Steve with disgust in his eyes. “I remember that this set is 100,000 yuan, right?”

James paused and nodded. “It seems so.”

This set of armor was what he had taken a fancy to when his grandfather brought him to an exhibition. His grandfather doted on him, so he bought it for a high price for him. Steve rolled his eyes at him and pulled him down from the small stool. “Do you have to be so exaggerated for a fried egg?” As he spoke, the little fellow raised his leg and stood on the small stool. He held a shovel in his hand and bravely and stiffly turned the fried egg over.

However, he did not know what went wrong. The originally complete fried egg was actually shattered from the position of the egg yolk.

So he carefully shoveled another egg.

It shattered again.

“Brother! You broke my eggs!” James pouted in dissatisfaction. These were the eggs he prepared for his mother!

It was broken by his brother’s shovel!

“Isn’t it just an egg? I’ll fry another one for you.” Steve frowned.

“I don’t want another. I want this egg!”

“Brother, you have to compensate me for my eggs!” James shouted in the kitchen.

“What right do you have to break my eggs?”


As soon as Alora got dressed and went downstairs, she heard James’ loud voice downstairs.

She paused.

“I only have two eggs. Brother, you broke both of them!”

“I’m injured!”

“Brother, compensate me for my eggs!”

Alora, “…” What was going on? “What’s wrong?”

Seeing that Alora stopped on the stairs, the man behind her frowned slightly and walked over gracefully.

He also heard the angry voice of James downstairs.

Samir, “…”

The man frowned, walked around Alora, and strode downstairs. “What’s going on?”

Hearing his daddy’s voice, James seemed to have found a savior in an instant. “Daddy, brother broke my eggs!” He ran into Samir’s arms with a wronged expression. “He hurt me and laughed it off. If he doesn’t apologize to me, he will have to compensate me for my loss!”

Samir’s eyes turned cold.

He directly picked up James and strode outside.

James, who was still wearing armor, panicked. What was his father doing?

“Prepare the car and go to the hospital.”

The man ordered in a low voice.

James was confused.

Steve frowned and instantly understood what his father had misunderstood. (T/N: In Chinse, Testicles or Balls have the same pronunciation as Eggs.) “Daddy, James is fine. You don’t have to go to the hospital.” The young boy laughed so hard that he couldn’t stand straight.

“The eggs he was talking about are his fried eggs.”

“…” Samir

Taking advantage of the man’s stiff body, James quickly jumped down from his arms and carefully hid behind Steve. “Daddy, do I need to see a doctor if I can’t make a fried egg?” Standing on the stairs, Alora finally understood.

She leaned against the railing and laughed out of breath, “James, next time you talk, you have to say the full name. Otherwise, it will really be misunderstood!”

“Why don’t I know what you are talking about…”

“You don’t have to know.”

Steve shrugged lightly and pulled him into the kitchen. “Bring the breakfast up.” “… Oh.”

James put the breakfast on the table and was still puzzled.

What were his Mommy and brother laughing at?

Why was Daddy’s face so stinky…

Not long after, the two babies served all the breakfast on the table.

The breakfast was actually very simple.

The vegetable and fruit platter was made by Steve. The messy fried eggs were made by James.

There was also the toast made with the toaster and the milk heated with a microwave.

It was not a sumptuous meal.

“I heard from Daddy that Mommy was in the rain last night and stayed in the hospital.”

Sitting at the dining table, Steve looked like a little adult and solemnly said, “So my brother and I got up early in the morning and wanted to prepare breakfast for Mommy to express our concern.”


James, who had taken off his armor, smiled and pushed the fried egg to Alora’s hand. “Mommy, I risked my life to make you these fried eggs!”

Alora looked at the fried eggs on the plate and her heart inexplicably warmed.

Although she did not know what kind of people Steve and James’ mother was, she must be a kind person to have given birth to two sensible and obedient children.

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and looked at the two babies sincerely. “Thank you.”

“Mommy has received your concern.”

“So Mommy can’t run away from home anymore!”

James pursed his lips and reminded her in a low voice.

“You can’t be sad without telling the three of us anything.”

“You have to trust us. No matter what others say, my brother and I are sure that you are our mommy,” Steve added silently

“Yes, he is right,” Samir said indifferently as he picked up food for Alora.

James glanced at Steve, and the two brothers exchanged looks.

“Daddy, what are you talking about?”

“This meal is our treat to Mommy.”

“If you want to confess to Mommy, why don’t you cook a meal yourself?”

“Or find another way!”

Samir, “…” He glanced coldly at the two little guys opposite the table, “It seems that you two are very free today.”

“Why don’t you play chess with grandfather and you accompany Second Uncle to practice boxing?”

Steve, “…”

James, “…”

The two little guys turned pale and turned to look at Alora. “Mommy, you take control of your husband!”

Alora paused in the middle of eating. “About that…”

She pursed her lips. Just as she was about to say something, her phone rang.

It was a call from the head director.

“Um, I should go to work.” The woman hung up the phone.

She quickly finished her breakfast and left with her backpack.

The father and sons were left in the dining room staring at each other.

“Steve will play chess with grandpa. James will accompany Second Uncle to practice boxing.” “We won’t go!”

“We didn’t do anything wrong!” James said.

“Mr. Samir Rowan, I advise you to calm down,” Steve said calmly.

“If you punish us physically…”

“We will make you unable to sleep with your wife every night,” the little fellow said, raising his head and looking at Samir fearlessly.

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