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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 89

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 89

The World of Adults is Very Complicated

Just as the two brothers were in a dilemma, Elena sent another message.

“Why haven’t you unlocked the computer for me? Do you think I haven’t given you enough money?” “I can give you another 100,000. Unlock my computer immediately. I am in a hurry!” Looking at the message she sent, James frowned and called Alora.

“Mommy, are you off work?”


Sitting in the back seat of the car, Alora looked at Van family’s mansion outside the window and sighed. “But Mommy has something to do with Daddy today. I may go back very late.” “If you are hungry, let the servant cook something for you.”

“Be obedient at home.”

The woman’s voice was very gentle.

In the past, when he listened to Alora’s concerned tone, James would feel warm in his heart. But today, when he listened to her words, he felt a little distressed.

Mommy lost her own child.

Yet she was so kind that she loved them like they were her own children.


James took a deep breath and called her in a low voice.

“What’s wrong?”

Alora’s heart was preoccupied, so she did not notice the depression in James’ voice.

“It’s nothing.”

James frowned and looked up at Steve.

Coincidentally, Steve was also looking at him.

The two brothers looked at each other.

Finally, James squeezed out a bitter smile from his lips. “Mommy, thank you for being my mother and brother’s mommy.”

“No matter what kind of storm comes in the future, brother and I will accompany you through it.”

“Even if…”

He bit his lips and tried his best to say the words in his heart, “Even if Daddy has something against you in the future.”

“My brother and I will always stand by your side.”

“We asked you to come to Daddy. We will be responsible for you to the end.”

After that, the little fellow hung up the phone directly.

Alora, “…” Why would James suddenly say this? She looked up at Samir blankly.

“What did the little bastard say?” The man frowned lightly.

Alora pursed his lips and repeated James’ words. “Nonsense.” “Why would he suddenly tell you this?” Samir raised his hand and pulled Alora into his embrace.

“It’s because…”

“Is it because you are worried that I would dislike you and not want you?” he asked, staring at her face. Alora blushed and shook her head. “I am not!” Why would she think about such a thing?


He was certain that James had said those words because she was worried that he would not want her. So he lightly curved his lips and held her tightly in his arms. “Be at ease.” “There won’t be such a day.”

The man’s unique aura made Alora’s heart palpitate for a moment.

Her breathing paused for a moment, and then she obediently leaned her head into his embrace.

Although she was not worried that he did not want her, at this moment, her heart was filled with frustration because she was going back to the Van family, and she really needed his embrace.

Feeling the warmth of the man, Alora pursed her lips and said in a muffled voice, “Will you keep your word?”

“I never lie.” Samir’s voice came from above her head with a hint of a smile.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly. She reached out and wrapped her arms around his strong waist.

In Rowan family’s villa.

The moment James hung up the phone with Alora, Steve had already unlocked Elena’s computer.

The two brothers sat in front of the computer and looked at the photos of Alora.

“If only Mommy was pregnant with the two of us at that time.”

James hugged the pillow and sighed sadly.

Steve changed to a comfortable position and leaned against the small chair. “There are not so many ifs in the world.”

Their mother was dead.

His father said that he personally saw his mother’s body, which had been burned into charcoal in the fire, be transported out. Every year, on their mother’s death anniversary, they would also go to pay respects to their mother. After Alora married in, it was also Steve who suggested to James to call her mommy, but not mother.

Because they had their own mother.

“I was just saying it casually…”

James curled his lips. Of course, he knew that it was impossible.

After that, he turned around and looked at Steve’s face seriously. “Brother, do you think Daddy will really dislike Mommy?”

“I don’t know.” Steve frowned.

But what he knew was that instead of waiting for his daddy to really fall in love with his mommy and then let him know, it was better to let him know now. This kind of thing should not be exposed later.

If he really loved her, he shouldn’t mind so much.

“I think Daddy will not mind.”

James picked up the yogurt and drank it while comforting himself. “Daddy has us too. Why should he dislike Mommy having a baby?”

…” Steve. “The world of adults is very complicated.” “But you are right. If Daddy dares to dislike Mommy, we will just use this against him!”

The Van family house.

The black Maserati stopped at the door.

“Mr. Rowan!”

Gary came out of the villa with a smile on his face.

Although he was mentally prepared, when Samir got out of the car, Gary still stopped in a daze. The man in front of him was tall and straight. His facial features were exquisite, and his whole body was full of nobility and arrogance. He was completely different from the old, bald, and disfigured Mr. Rowan in the rumors!

If he had known that Mr. Rowan’s true appearance was like this, he would never have let Alora replace Elena to marry him!

This was simply letting that Alora off easy! Thinking of this, he smiled in embarrassment. “Are you Mr. Rowan?” “Yes.” Samir nodded lightly. “So Mr. Rowan is so young and promising…” “I really regret it.” Gary sighed. Samir raised his eyebrows and leaned his tall body against the car door. He deliberately blocked Alora who was about to get out of the car behind him. “What are you regretting?” “I regret that I believed the lies made up by those people. I missed such a good son-in-law like Mr. Rowan…” “Mr. Van, what you said is wrong.” “I can also be considered half a son-in-law now, right?” The man lightly curved his lips and said in a low and cold voice.

“Back then, when you told my father that you wanted Alora to marry me, you vowed that although Alora was not your biological daughter, you had always been closer to her than to your biological daughter.”

His two sentences caused Gary to choke back the rest of his words. Indeed, when he arranged for Alora to marry over, he indeed said a lot of nonsense in front of Rowan family…

“Of course, in my heart, Alora is similar to my biological daughter…” He coughed lightly and turned his face away.

“Is that so?” As soon as the man finished speaking, a thin figure walked out from behind Samir. “Mr. Van, this is the first time I know that I’m just like your biological daughter.” “Since you think of me as your biological daughter, why did you ignore me for more than a month and ask my husband to come over and not to take me?”

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