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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 87

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 87

I Am Not That Idle

Alora looked at Samir in a daze and was a little surprised.

“I’m going back to work.’

The man took a deep breath and smiled at her. Then, he closed the door and turned to leave.

Alora stared blankly at the closed door and only came back to her senses after a long time.

After a while, she pulled the quilt over her head. Her face was burning hot, but her heart felt so sweet that she could laugh out loud. She really had a good night.

The next morning, Alora woke up early.

When she woke up, Samir was lying beside her, sleeping soundly.

She did not know when he had slept. Afraid of disturbing his rest, she quietly left the door. When she went downstairs to make breakfast, she saw that Mathias was sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

The sky was still bright, and the servants in the villa had not gone to work.

Alora frowned and hesitated for a moment. In the end, she walked over quietly and picked up the blanket to cover him.

Mathias was Samir’s personal assistant. As long as Samir worked, Mathias would accompany him for as long as possible.

He must have been very busy last night, so he didn’t even go home. “Madam.”

Probably because he heard the noise around him, Mathias opened his eyes vigilantly.

When he saw Alora, the man’s face relaxed for a moment.

He looked down at the time. It was only 6:30 in the morning.

“You woke up so early?” Mathias yawned.

“What time did you guys finish last night?”

“Three o’clock.” Mathias sat up and casually went to the bathroom to wash his face. “Are you not going to sleep more?” “No. Sir still has a meeting at around eight. I have to keep watch and wake him up.” “You… Have you guys always been so busy?” Alora was a little distressed. “Yes.”

“We’re used to it.” Mathias smiled faintly.

However, such a schedule was still harmful to the body. Alora pursed her lips and wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything. She took a deep breath and turned to enter the kitchen. “I don’t know anything and can’t help you. I’ll cook something delicious for you.”

The woman put on the apron and began to work in the kitchen.

Half an hour later, a sumptuous breakfast was served on the table.

“These are for you,” she said, placing a small plate in front of Mathias.

“Is this appropriate…” Mathias was flattered.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” “I can see that you are loyal to Samir.” Alora looked at his face seriously. “If not for your care, he would have collapsed long ago.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s time for me to go to work,” she said as she took off the apron.

There was a scene today that needed to be filmed during sunrise.

“Tell Samir not to stay up so late in the future. It’s not good for the body.”

After that, she walked to the entrance, put on her shoes, picked up her coat and left.

Mathias sat on the chair and looked at her back as she left, a little absent-minded.

“Uncle Mathias.”

Suddenly, a clear child’s voice sounded in his ear.

Mathias quickly turned around.

Behind him stood James, who was wearing yellow pajamas.

… It should be James, right?

In fact, Mathias had never been able to distinguish between James and Steve.

However, the child behind him had an innocent smile on his face. It should be Young Master James.

Because Young Master Steve had a reserved and steady personality, he would never smile like this.

Thus, he coughed lightly and raised his hand to greet him, “Young Master James.”


The little fellow smiled and looked at Mathias. “You have to convey what Mommy just said to Daddy.”

“I will.” Mathias nodded.

“Uncle Mathias.”

“As you know, Daddy has always wanted Mommy to give birth to a sister for us.” The little fellow winked at him.

“If you tell him what Mommy just said in the way Daddy likes, he will definitely be happier.”

Mathias was stunned. After a moment, he hurriedly nodded. “Understood!”

“Then, do your best!”

At eight o’clock, Samir was called up by Mathias for a meeting.

The meeting lasted for about half an hour.

After the meeting, Mathias stood respectfully behind the man. “Sir, Madam made breakfast for you early in the morning.”

“Before she left, she asked me to tell you…”

When the words were about to come out of his mouth, Mathias remembered the warning from “James”.

So he took a deep breath and said, “Madam said that for your daughter, she hopes that you will pay attention to your daily routine and have a healthy body in the future. Only then will she be willing to give birth to your daughter.”

When he said this, he could not help but glance at the direction upstairs from the corner of his eye.

The face of a little fellow was revealed at the railing of the stairs.

He gave Mathias a thumbs-up and turned back to his room.

Therefore, Mathias did not see that after the little fellow turned around, the smile on his face instantly

disappeared and turned into his usual calm face.

He returned to the children’s room and looked at James who was still sleeping soundly. His lips curled into a smile.

“Brother, you’re not the only one who could pretend to be me.”

After that, he changed into his pajamas and sat quietly on a small chair, continuing to read.

After a whole day of filming, Alora was tired. After work in the evening, she stood at the entrance of the set and waited for the car.

A few actresses on the side kept gossiping.

“Tell me, who did Leo offend? Why are there so many rumors?”

“Yesterday, I thought that he met with that Alora for some mischief. I didn’t expect so many more pictures would be released today!” “Poor Leo. Every actress want to use him…”

Hearing their words, Alora frowned and opened Weibo to take a look. Oh no.

Almost the entire entertainment section was occupied by Leo.

And it was all gossip.

“Leo and Jane together.”

“Leo accompanied Hannah to have dinner.”

“The relationship between Leo and Sherry.”

“How many girlfriends does Leo have?”

The whole page was full of gossip about Leo and various female stars.

Compared to this, the photo of Alora and Leo was nothing.

Alora wanted to laugh

She thought of the fans who surrounded her yesterday.

They must have gone mad already by now, right?

At this time, the black Maserati stopped in front of her.

The window rolled down, revealing Samir’s handsome face. “Get in.”

Alora hurriedly opened the door and went in. Sitting in the car, she continued to flip through the news on her phone. The more she looked at it, the more amused she felt.

There were also reporters who interviewed Leo today. Leo had a helpless expression on his face. Seeing that she was smiling and looking at her phone, Samir frowned lightly. “The phone looks better than me?”

Alora paused for a moment before putting away her phone. “I’m watching Leo’s gossip.”

As she spoke, she suddenly thought of something.

“You said yesterday that… you wanted to deal with Leo.”

“You didn’t come up with all this, did you?”

“It wasn’t me.”

Παμισι σιιπιιτυι ιιιι

“I’m not that idle,” Samir said as he looked out of the window.

It was of course the work of Steve and James.

The man’s answer made Alora feel a little awkward. She coughed lightly and silently changed the topic. “Why did you come to pick me up today?”

“Gary contacted me today.”

“He wanted me to go to Van family. He specifically told me not to take you there.” “But other than you, I have nothing to talk to him about, so I still plan to take you with me.”

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