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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 82

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 82

A pitiful

person must have a hateful side. Because she had missed her shooting the day before, Alora arrived at the set early in the morning the next day.

She thought her arrival was early, but when she arrived, she realised that someone had arrived earlier than her. It was Truett.

The morning sky was still gray, and Truett curled up in a chair in the corner of the set, as if he was hoping to get ignored.

Alora frowned and felt that he was a little pitiful, but she did not want to sympathize with him.

A pitiful person must have a hateful side.

If he had not betrayed her in the past, and if he had not been with Celia in the past, he could have gotten what he had expected, being the best actor, getting the best resources and becoming a hit in the entertainment industry. But there was no “if” in this world.

Alora frowned and turned around to leave the set.


Truett quickly stood up from the chair and called her.

In fact, he had seen her since Alora entered the set.

He deliberately sat in the corner and curled up his body, pretending to be very pitiful.

He thought that the five-year relationship between him and Alora could make her kindly come over to chat with him.

But he did not expect that Alora was really merciless and even did not bother to look at him!

“What’s the matter?”

The woman frowned slightly and looked back at him. “I…”

Truett hesitated for a moment and slowly raised his head. “Alora, can you forgive me?

“I was perplexed by Celia. “She told me that you were dirty and that she was cleaner than you. “She also said that you didn’t give me your virginity, but she gave it to me, so I have to take good care of her for the rest of my life…” The man’s words made Alora’s lips rise coldly. In the past, when Truett had the accident, she was so anxious that she took Celia’s advice to be a surrogate mother. It was also because of Celia’s bewitchment that she entered the room. And as a result…

“It’s all Celia’s fault!”

Seeing that Alora’s eyes gradually changed, Truett’s eyes lit up and he quickly continued to explain, “I actually still love you… “Alora, can we start over again?” “Truett, have you forgotten that I’m already married?” Alora narrowed her eyes slightly. “I don’t care!”

Truett rushed over and wanted to hold Alora’s hand, but she dodged quickly.

The man’s hand reached out in vain.

“I don’t care if you’re married or not,’ Truett said awkwardly.

“You can divorce even if you are married!”

“Besides, you have already had an affair with that man, right? I can be your second lover.

“Alora, I only care about you. As long as you still like me…”

“I stopped loving you from a long time ago.”

Alora frowned and took a step back, keeping a safe distance from Truett. Stop dreaming.”

“Since the day you were together with Celia amid my car accident five years ago, there was no possibility or future between you and me. “It took me five years to realize that I was stupid. I was stupid, but I would never forgive you.”

After that, she turned around and left.

Truett stood where he was and watched Alora leave. His heart seemed to have been crushed by something

Alora didn’t want him anymore Alora loved him the most, didn’t she?

Celia betrayed him and didn’t want him anymore.

Even Alora didn’t want him anymore?


The anger in the man’s eyes grew stronger and stronger, becoming more and more twisted. In the end, he strode forward and grabbed Alora’s shoulder. “Why do you abandon me?” Today, she had no other choice but to accept him! Alora had never expected that Truett would actually want to take a tough stance on her.

She frowned and looked around the empty surroundings, a sneer coming from her lips. Indeed, she usually had a good temper and would never fight with other people.

But it did not mean that Truett could take advantage of this!

“Let me go,” the woman said coldly.

This was the last warning she gave him.

How would the twisted Truett let her go?

“Alora, give me a chance!” He grabbed Alora’s shoulder tightly.

“Why didn’t you give me a chance!”

“You loved me the most in the past, didn’t you?”

“Alora, ow -!”

Before Truett could finish his sentence, he was thrown to the ground.

Alora knelt one knee on his wrist. With a sound of “ka”, the man’s wrist was dislocated.

Truett rolled on the ground in pain.

“You are not qualified to touch me.” The woman stood up and looked down at him.

“I want to sue you!”

Truett gritted his teeth.

“You want to sue me? It seems that you don’t really like me while you want to make up with me.

“Truett, you are just angry that Celia betrayed you aren’t you?” Alora said coldly. “You are so conceited that you think you are excellent and every girl must love you.”

“So after you were betrayed by Celia, you immediately thought of me. You were eager to seek your weak confidence from me.” Every word she said was like a sharp needle, stabbing into Truett’s heart. He looked at her with his own face being livid, unable to say a word. “You may have forgotten that before you met me, you were just a loser who couldn’t even get admitted by film schools. It was me who helped you improve your acting skills bit by bit. It was also me who raised money five years ago to help you get through that dilemma, helping you achieve what you have achieved today.” Alora looked at him with cold eyes. “I was too stupid. My selfless sacrifice made you conceited. You even began to despise me. “But you probably didn’t expect that it is I who made yesterday’s scandal happen.” Truett opened his eyes wide, unable to believe his ears. After saying this, Alora took a deep breath, “What I want to tell you is, Truett, I could help you climb up high to your current position, and I could also make you fall from that height. “Oh right, do you remember the dress I wore last night? It was very beautiful.

“It was bought with the 1.2 million RMB you paid to the internet water army company.”

After saying that, the woman raised her head, loftily turned around and left.

Truett lay on the ground, as if he had lost his soul.

Looking at Alora’s back, he suddenly understood what he had lost. Five years ago, the woman who only cared about him had really left him…

After leaving Truett behind, Alora planned to go to a breakfast restaurant nearby to drink something and wait for the other crew members to come.

Unexpectedly, just as she walked out of the set, she bumped into Leo who was standing at the door.

There was a cigarette between the man’s right index and middle fingers, and there were two cigarette butts at his feet.

It seemed that he had been here for a long time.

Alora panicked.

From where he was, he should be able to hear everything between her and Truett just now.

“The way you threw Truett to the ground was not bad.” “Who did you learn it from? It looks a bit familiar.” Leo smiled evilly, with a cigarette in his mouth.

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