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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 79

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 79

Throw Them Out 


“How did you know.” Alora looked at the R-rated scenes hesitantly. She had planned to expose the relationship between Celia and Director Lee at the awards ceremony tonight. Only Anne knew about that. How did Samir know? “I know very well what you are planning.”

“You suddenly wanted the female lead of Purple City, and then you suddenly wanted to attend tonight’s awards ceremony,” the man crossed his legs.

Alora was slightly stunned.

‘Samir, he…’

From her two actions, he could guess what she was going to do tonight.

He even provided more evidence for her…

Her heart trembled with excitement, but when she opened her mouth, she could only spit out the words “thank you”.

“Why are you thanking me?”

Samir raised his hand and placed it on the back of Alora’s seat. From a distance, it looked like he was hugging Alora.

In the distance, Mark, who was arranging for people to look for spies, coldly rolled his eyes.

‘This damn tsundere really sits on where Leo has sat!

Seeing the video on the big screen, Truett was stunned for a minute as if he had been struck by thunder.

A minute later, he realised something and rushed towards the screen like a lunatic, shouting like a mad man,

“Stop, stop playing!”

“Stop -!”

He rushed up angrily and stretched out his arm, trying to cover Celia’s naked body on the big screen, but the screen was too large to be covered.

“Stop looking!”

“It’s all fake, it’s all fake!”

“Celia has been with me for five years. For her, I even have disappointed Alora who loved me the most. How could she betray me!”

“The photos are edited, the videos are edited, and the sound is also edited!”

“Truett, what did you say about your relationship with Alora?”

Only then did Truett realize that he had said something wrong. “I have nothing to do with her!” He glared at the reporter with a pale face. At this moment, the big screen became dark and the video was over.

Truett let out a long breath of relief, thinking that this torture would end here.

Unexpectedly, after two seconds, another video started playing.

It was still Celia.

But this time, the person on her bed had changed.

It was another director who had worked with Celia before.

Celia collapsed on the ground, not even having the strength to stand up.

How could…

How could someone take these things down…

She had clearly done it very discreetly!

“Miss Celia…”

“Miss Wade!”

The reporters were fans of such chaos. A group of people surrounded Celia, and another group of people surrounded Truett.

The two people, who once had the personas of being exquisite and noble, were now like two pariahs.

Celia’s eyelashes fell off, her hair was messy, and the tail of her gauze dress was covered with footprints by reporters.

Truett was not much better. His face was red, like an angry lion.

With the footage of her and Director Lee alone, he could fool himself that it was edited, it might be an accident, and it was Director Lee who forced Celia to do so.

But now, there was one more!

He even didn’t know how many surprises were waiting for him!


For the past five years, he had neglected and alienated Alora because of Celia. Even though he knew that Alora had done everything for him, he was still attracted to Celia. Because he thought Alora was dirty while Celia was pure! But now, her cheating made him the biggest joke!

He abandoned Alora who was wholeheartedly devoted to him, and he thought he could live with Celia for a lifetime. And what did he get?

Surrounded by reporters, he walked over and stood in front of Celia.


The makeup on Celia’s face was smudged. She looked at Truett with tears in her eyes and fell into his arms. “Truett, I’m so scared. I…”


With a loud sound, Celia fell to the ground and even rolled on the ground twice.


“You betrayed me!” Truett glared at her with eyes that could spit fire.

“You told me that Alora was not clean and that you were purer than her!”

“Is this your f*cking purity?”

“You’re so f*cking pure!?”

One of Celia’s teeth had been knocked out, and she lay on the ground, vomiting blood. “Truett, listen to


“I don’t want your explanation!”

“For you, I lost the woman who loved me the most, I also lost all my money!” Truett rushed up and grabbed her collar.

“I’ll kill you!”

As he said this, he grabbed Celia’s neck crazily.

The reporters were at first standing there to watch the show. Seeing that violent scene, they rushed to pull Truett away.


“Call the police and send them to the hospital.” Leo, who had been silent the whole time, stood up and stopped the farce.

“Our awards ceremony still has to continue.”

Sherry frowned and unhappily asked someone to turn off the big screen.

Obviously, this farce was not enough for her.

Ten minutes later. Celia was taken away by the ambulance. Truett was taken away by the police.


When he was escorted to the door by the police, Truett suddenly turned around and smiled at her. “I know that you still love me.”

“Remember to bail me out soon. I will treat you well in the future!

“I thought you were dirty, but Celia is dirtier than you. Give me a chance, and I will treat you well…”

Before he could finish his words, Samir gave him a glare, and Truett’s words were stuck in his throat.

It was him again!

He was the one who changed the script for Alora last time!

“Pretty boy, don’t try to seduce someone else’s girlfriend just because you think you’re younger than me or you are handsome!

“I will take Alora back sooner or later.”

Truett shouted while being escorted away by the police.

Alora, “…”

‘Truett, you may not know, but it is me who wanted to send you in prison.’ ‘I won’t bail you out!

“Let’s go.”

Samir frowned and said in a low voice.

“Where are we going?” Alora was stunned.

“Truett is very smart.”

“What he said just now was not to you, but to them.” The man pointed at the reporters who were swarming in from afar.

Alora pursed her lips. Only then did she realise that Truett still wanted to make her a target, even at this moment!

He had deliberately said things like he disliked her for being dirty a few times, with an aim to arouse everyone’s curiosity.

He wanted to make her past public, he wanted to destroy her!

Thinking of this, Alora’s face turned pale.

Samir directly grabbed her hand and took her upstairs with strides.

The security guards blocked the way of the reporters at the stairs.

“Miss Van, was what Truett said just now true?”

“What was the relationship between you and Truett?”

“Truett said that he used to dislike you for being dirty. Is it because you are the same as Celia?”

The words from the reporters behind her were getting more and more aggressive.

Samir paused slightly and glanced back at the general manager. “Throw them out.” The general manager ordered some people to deal with those reporters and still followed Samir. “Mr. Rowan, my men didn’t find the Miss Alora you mentioned…” These words made Alora slightly stunned. She turned her head. Was this guy the one who looked for someone in the parking lot?

SO… The woman frowned slightly. “You said before that you wanted to find a tacky and ordinary double…”

“Are you talking about me?”

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