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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 77

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 77


Looking at Celia’s proud face, Alora smiled helplessly. “It’s a good thing to be confident.”


“You haven’t won the award yet. Isn’t it a little too early to start planning your future?”

“Is it?”

“In less than an hour, I will get the award that I deserve.” Truett sneered.

“Are you sure that nothing will happen within this hour?”

“Alora, after saying so much, you still can’t stand the blow of me and Truett getting the award, right?” Celia rolled her eyes.

There was no suspense at all for tonight’s award.

Not only did Director Lee spend money for her, but Elena also helped her.

Before coming here, Celia even opened the envelope and saw the winner’s name already.

Tonight, the best actor was Truett, and the best newcomer actress was her. There was no doubt at all!


Alora yawned, “However, since you are sure that you can get the award, why don’t you come back and show off to me after you get it?”

“You two only make me want to laugh right now.”


“Alora, just you wait.” Celia glared at her fiercely before smiling.

“Don’t leave after tonight’s ceremony ends!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave,” the woman said with a faint smile.

After saying that, Alora didn’t bother to look at them anymore and closed her eyes to rest.

In fact, she did not know who the best actor was tonight. Maybe it was Truett, or maybe it was someone else.

But what she knew was that the best newcomer actress for tonight would definitely not be Celia.

It was not because she knew some insider news, but because…

Among the judges for the best newcomer actress, there was Director Lee, and his decision had a higher influence than others.

Soon, the people in the venue came one after another. Because Alora was a little newcomer in the entertainment circle, she was not part of the red carpet or the small talk. She was also happy to have nothing to do. She watched the show while taking videos and sending them to Anne. Until Leo appeared on her camera.

“Why are you here?” Alora was startled.

If she remembered correctly, Leo had publicly announced that he would not participate in this year’s ceremony.

After all, he had won almost all the awards in the past few years.

In order to give the others a chance to win the award, he took the initiative to quit.

“I changed my mind.”

Leo sat down next to Alora. He looked ahead and said calmly, “I saw the actors this year.”

*None of them are really qualified.”

“The only one who is Ok is the actor called Truett.” He turned to look at Alora. “But his performance is not very stable.” “Although he did not make any mistakes in his acting before, in the past month, he has been doing very well.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t work as hard. I think he must have changed his acting instructor.” “After all, I’ve already won Golden Ox Award several times. I don’t want the credibility of this award to drop. So, I told the judges that I would participate.”

“Are you surprised?” he asked as he glanced at Alora.

“Very surprised.” Alora nodded.

She was pretty sure now Truett would not get the award!

“We had a little misunderstanding before.”

Leo changed to a comfortable position and sat on the chair next to Alora. “After returning that day, Stella also explained everything to me in detail.”

“I apologize to you and your husband for my attitude that day.”

“In the future, you and I have to work together. I don’t want there to be too much of a gap between you and me.”

Alora was stunned.

She did not expect that someone of Leo’s status would come to her side to apologize to her in public. “Actually, I have long forgotten.” The woman smiled awkwardly. “You forgot, but I didn’t forget.” “The fact that I’m sitting next to you is enough for you to make the headlines tonight.” Leo smiled as he looked at the reporters who were shooting at them from afar.

“Take it as an apology from me.”

“…” Alora.

She didn’t realize that there were so many reporters taking photos of her and Leo!

No wonder she felt a chill behind her back.

She took a deep breath and continued to chat with Leo. In a private room on the second floor of the venue, a man in black was holding a red wine goblet in his hand. He looked coldly at the woman in a blue dress.

“Samir, what are you doing?”

Seeing that he had been leaning there without moving, Mark frowned and walked over.

At a glance, he saw that Alora was chatting and laughing with Leo downstairs.

“No wonder you’re frozen.”

Mark patted Samir on the shoulder and teased, “It seems that they are just talking about work. Are they

going to act together in a movie?”

“It was you who helped Alora get the opportunity.”

“There’s no need to be jealous.”

“Who said I was jealous?” Samir narrowed his eyes and looked up at him.

“Then why are you standing here and not moving?”

“Don’t forget, we are not here to watch the show tonight.” Mark pouted. The man turned to look at him. “Then what are we here for?”

“…” Mark. The reason they came to this awards ceremony tonight was obviously to investigate a commercial spy. Previously, they had received news that the commercial spy would be exchanging information with someone at this awards ceremony, so they had come. Unexpectedly, after coming here, Samir had no intention of investigating the spy at all. In his eyes, there was only Alora! “Don’t look anymore.” “She is your wife. Haven’t you looked enough at home?” Mark raised his hand to block his line of sight. Samir narrowed his eyes and slapped his hand away. He continued to look in the direction of Alora and Leo with a burning gaze.


Mark rolled his eyes. “Then do you still want to investigate your spy?”

“You’re here.”

Samir glanced at him indifferently. “You can do it.” Mark, “…”

Was the Rowan Group Samir’s company or his? Why did he have to investigate?


Mark sighed. In fact, losing millions was not worth mentioning to Samir. Mark was actually quite surprised that he took the initiative to bring up the matter. He did not expect that Mr. Rowan, who was usually very busy, would actually take the initiative to investigate an insignificant spy. Perhaps, from the beginning, Samir’s goal was just to see Alora…

Thinking of this, Mark raised his leg and was about to leave when he heard Samir’s low voice.

“Tell me, how about I enter the entertainment industry?” Mark almost fell to the ground. “Why?” he asked weakly. “I feel uncomfortable watching her chat with him.” The man looked at Alora seriously. “…” Mark But you say you’re not jealous?

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