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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 75

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 75

She Felt Insulted 

After putting on makeup, Alora entered the set, as usual, preparing to do a scene with Truett.

“Alora, we meet again.” “Do you know what day it is today?” Truett stood in front of Alora with a proud smile on his face.

“I know, Golden Ox Award.” The woman glanced at him indifferently.

It’s also the day you’re officially a cuckold!

“It’s good that you know.”

Truett proudly stuffed an invitation into Alora’s hand. “According to the rules, a newcomer like you who just entered the industry would not have the opportunity to participate in such a grand event without an invitation from the crew.”

“Celia managed to get this for you.”

“By the way, you still don’t know, right? Tonight, Celia will participate as well.”

“This year, she will definitely get the best newcomer actress award.”

As he spoke, he sighed and moved closer to Alora, lowering his voice. “You spent so much effort to snatch away Celia’s part. And yet?”

“After she gets the award tonight, she will have a lot of movies in the future. There will definitely be more and more directors that want her to act in their movies.”

Alora took a step back and looked at Truett with a fake smile. “It’s too early to say this now.”

“Until the last moment, no one knows who the award tonight belongs to. Isn’t that right?”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely attend the award ceremony tonight.” She stuffed the invitation back into Truett’s hands.

“I don’t need the invitation.” After that, she turned around and left.

Truett looked at her back and snorted.

He knew that Alora must be jealous! Of course, he did not expect her to bless him and Celia. As long as Alora was still in this circle, he would have a chance to embarrass Alora!

Thinking of this, he turned to look at the staff behind him coldly. “When will the shoot begin?”

“I’m in a hurry. I need to get some sleep in the afternoon to prepare for the evening award ceremony!”

The staff quickly smiled. “Right away!”

The crew had been arranging things very tightly in the morning.

Even though there was no stopping at all, Alora and Truett only finished at 1:30 p.m.

After ending the work, Alora stood at the entrance of the set and waited for the car.

A red BMW stopped beside her.

Alora recognized that this car… It was Elena’s car.

She frowned. Why did Elena come?

Just as she was filled with doubts, the car window rolled down. Celia, who was wearing sunglasses and a mask, waved in the direction of Truett. Truett quickly gave his assistant a few instructions before walking up to the car. He opened the car door and got in.

Alora suspected that she was seeing things.

After the car left, she carefully thought about it.

That red BMW was indeed Elena’s.

When did Elena become so familiar with Celia?

She lent her the car?

Just when Alora was puzzled, a black Maserati stopped beside her.

The window of the back seat of the car lowered, revealing James’ smiling face. “Mommy, get in the car!”

Alora opened the car door and got in.

To her surprise, not only was James in the car, but Steve, who usually did not like to go out, was also in the car.

At this moment, Steve was sitting in the front passenger seat like a little adult, reading a book seriously.

Sitting next to Alora, James put his head on Alora’s thigh like a spoiled child, and looked at her with a pair of big bright eyes. “Mommy, my brother and I will take you to eat. After dinner, we will buy a dress!” “A dress?” Alora frowned.


“Mommy, aren’t you going to attend Golden Ox Award tonight?” the little boy nodded seriously.

“I checked your wardrobe. There are no formal dresses.”

“That’s why Brother took out that one million and two hundred thousand to buy clothes for you.”

“One million and two hundred thousand?” Alora was stunned. . It was just to buy a dress, there was no need to take so much money, right? “This money is not clean.” Steve, who was reading a book in the front row, raised his head lightly. “Just spend it all.”

This 1.2 million was the money that Celia had spent last time to hype things up.

It was almost all of Truett’s savings.

Alora still felt that it was a little inappropriate.

“Oh, Mommy.”

“This is the money of that scumbag.” James rolled his eyes.

“The scumbag’s money?” Alora was even more confused.

“The money of Truett!”

James took a deep breath and explained the origin of the money to Alora.

Alora, “… “So, that company… was controlled by the two of you?” “No, the boss of that company knew Brother Alexander.”

“Later, my brother wrote some useful programs for that company. They owed my brother a favor, so they helped us.”

Alora swallowed her saliva in shock.

It was her son! That day, Steve had asked her to buy fruits for him. She had no idea that the people behind the scenes that day, besides Samir, also included these two little guys!

And it was actually these two little fellows who were in charge.

She looked at them, “Are you…geniuses?”

Steve looked at her like he was looking at a fool and did not say anything. “Guess,” James chuckled.

Alora, “…”

She felt that she was insulted.

Fortunately, these two little guys were not her biological children. If she could give birth to such two babies, she would definitely faint from happiness!

However, although she was excited, the money of the scumbag Truett still had to be squandered. After the three of them went to the restaurant for a simple meal, they began to stroll around the shopping mall for high-end dresses.

In order to make Alora stunning tonight, Steve and James chose a dress worth 200,000 yuan for her. In addition to bags, shoes, accessories, they spent more than half of the money.

After buying these, James glanced at the balance and complained, “Mommy, you are too nice. There’s still so much left.”

He wanted Alora to wear an outfit worth 1.2 million yuan while standing in front of Truett and Celia.

“There’s no need to waste money.” Alora smiled.helplessly.

“Here you go.” “This money was originally meant to be given to you.” Steve snatched the bank card and stuffed it into Alora’s hands.

“You can do whatever you want with it.”

Alora hesitated for a while and accepted it.

After coming out of the mall, Alora was stuffed into a styling salon by the two little guys to do makeup and styling. Sitting in the chair, Alora was being fixed by the makeup artist while sending a message to Justin.

“Dad, have you gotten off the plane? Have you arrived?”

“Be careful over there.”

“I sent you 50,000. You have to eat on time. You have to stay healthy.”

At the airport on the other side of the earth, Justin looked at the messages on his phone and closed his eyes.

“Let’s go.” “What are you dilly-dallying for? Don’t think that you came here to enjoy yourself!” the man at the side shouted coldly.

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