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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 69

Why Does It Seem Like a Date? 

Steve held back his laughter and began to guide Samir seriously.

In the end, Samir was a business genius. He didn’t know emojis before because he never tried to know them. Steve guided him a few times, and then he got the hang of it. Downstairs, Alora sat on the sofa and frowned at the emojis that Teacher Rowan sent her.

She took back what she said before that Teacher Rowan didn’t understand emojis!

Not only did this Teacher Rowan understand emojis, he could also use them flexibly. He had many emojis that she had never seen before!

For some reason, the Teacher Rowan who was not good at talking before seemed to have become a different person today.

During the meal, Samir sat opposite Alora, eating while casually asking, “Have you made an appointment to meet with your Teacher Rowan?”


“I won’t be having dinner at home tonight. Teacher Rowan and I made an appointment to go out for dinner tonight.” Alora nodded.

“Eat more.” She smiled and picked up a piece of vegetable for Steve.

The man sitting opposite her frowned slightly. He had talked to her for so long, but she only mentioned so little right now?

“What else did you talk to him about?” the man continued to pick up the dishes casually.

“Nothing. It’s just about the filming and cooperation in the future.”


“Why are you so concerned about Teacher Rowan?” Alora asked. The woman thought about it. Did Samir think that she and Teacher Rowan were… “I thought that Teacher Rowan couldn’t use emojis, but I found that he used them quite well,” she said.

Her words made Samir smile.

He looked at Steve proudly.

Steve shook his head helplessly and lowered his head to continue eating.

But what Alora said next almost made the two kids on the table laugh out loud.

“It seems that although Teacher Rowan is very old, his soul is very young.” She said seriously.

“I really hope that when I reach Teacher Rowan’s age, I will still have such a young mentality.” The two brothers looked at each other and picked up their bowls, blocking their laughter with rice.

Samir’s face was ashen. “Eat slowly, don’t choke.” Alora looked at Steve and James who were desperately eating. “Oh, we’re fine.”

“Daddy, I tried my best.” James put down the bowl and chewed on the rice while looking at Samir’s face, “I really tried my best.”

Samir looked at Alora coldly. He held back his temper and looked at Alora with a fake smile. “I also hope that when you reach Teacher Rowan’s age,” he said. “You could be as calm and good-tempered as he is.”

After he finished speaking, the man put down his chopsticks and left.

Alora looked blankly at the man’s back as he left.

Did she say something she shouldn’t have said? Why did he look like he was angry again? “He encountered a problem,”

Steve said lightly.

“Is it business?” Alora frowned.

“Yeah, like that.” “But don’t worry, Mommy,” Steve comforted her. “Daddy’s problem will be solved tonight.” “Didn’t Mommy say that she’s going to meet Teacher Rowan tonight?” he asked.

“Don’t forget to help Mommy choose clothes.”


“Leave it to me!” James grinned.

4:30 in the afternoon.

Alora looked at herself in the mirror and frowned slightly. “James, I’m going to see an elder. Is this appropriate?”

In the mirror, she was wearing a pink dress. Her waist was slender and her long legs were fair.

Most importantly, it was a low-cut dress…

Alora was not used to exposing her collarbone, and she felt a little awkward.

This small dress, coupled with crystal high heels, long hair, silk satin earrings, and decoration… She did not think that this dress was suitable for meeting an elder but more suitable for dating. “Come on, listen to me!”


James smiled and took out a ribbon ornament and wrapped it around Alora’s wrist. “As you said, Teacher Rowan is from a film company. His aesthetic requirements must be very high.” “Mommy, you have to show your sweetest side so that you can leave a deep impression on Teacher Rowan!”

Alora frowned. She felt that what James said was wrong, but she did not know how to refute it. She could only wear the clothes that James had chosen for her and go out the door.

Alora held the gift box in her hand and stood at the door of the restaurant. Her heart was inexplicably nervous.

Not only because this Teacher Rowan was an elder, but also because Teacher Rowan was Thunder Film’s big boss and held a lot of film and television resources.

“Elena is President Van’s daughter. Of course, she’s excellent!”

Suddenly, she heard a flattering voice.

Alora frowned and looked towards the direction of the voice.

She saw that Elena was being escorted by a few women towards the restaurant.

“We got the deal. I’m so happy. I’ll treat you tonight!”

Elena laughed. She had only taken a few steps when she saw Alora standing at the entrance of the restaurant.

She was dressed like a porcelain doll.

And she looked fabulous.


“She’s so beautiful…” a female employee exclaimed in shock.

“She’s just a cheap person from the slums. She’s wearing branded clothes, but it can’t hide her poor nature!” Elena snorted. When she said this, the two female employees who praised Alora looked at each other and quickly agreed. “She’s plain and unsophisticated!” When they said this, Elena’s eyebrows finally relaxed. She snorted coldly and strode to Alora. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.” “Alora, you’re standing here dressed like this… Are you trying to attract customers?”

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 69

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