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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 222

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 222

You Are My Girl

For the whole day, Alora was busy in the kitchen, trying to learn how to cook from Anne.

Although her progress was slow, she could already fry eggs of good color and shape.

After taking care of the three little guys, Alora rushed to the kitchen in a hurry.

“Didn’t Mr. Rowan say that he was not sure when he could come back tonight?” Anne was washing the dishes on the side and helplessly looked at her busy appearance.

“Why do you have to fry eggs for him?” “I want him to see me improve,” Alora said seriously as she flipped through the eggs in the pot. Samir had not eaten breakfast today and he had been busy all day for the Chapman family. As the eldest daughter of the Chapman family, she could do too little for him. Since he hoped that she could regain her previous cooking skills, she would show him the results of her daily studies!

Thinking of this, the woman took a deep breath and continued to struggle with the eggs in the pot.

Anne looked at her helplessly and shook her head silently.

“Sometimes, I really feel like you haven’t lost your memory.” “By right, you have lost your memory and have forgotten everything related to Samir. Then you should be like a stranger to him.”

“Why do I feel like… you like him more than before?”

Alora paused and scratched her head in embarrassment. “I…”

“I didn’t say that I like him…” Anne rolled her eyes at her. “You almost carved the words” I like Samir “on your forehead!”

“Although you didn’t say you like him, but we are all adults. Who can’t tell?”

After saying that, she seemed to think of something again and curled her lips helplessly. “Let alone adults, even the three children can see it.”

“Just now at dinner, James was still showing off to me. He said that even if you lost your memory, you still loved his daddy most.”

Alora’s hand that was frying eggs paused slightly, and her face turned red.

“Is… is that so?”

In fact, she did not know if she liked Samir or not.

But he said that she had fallen in love with him at first sight.

He was her husband.

So she should treat him like this, not letting him worry, letting him feel the gentleness of his wife… Although she hated him before, hated him for having left her in the fire.


She thought of the burn scars on his body and thought of how he had really returned to the fire to find her… Not only did she not hate him, but she also felt a little distressed.

The woman lowered her eyes and continued to struggle with the eggs in the pot.

Anne took a deep look at her and put the washed bowls and chopsticks in the sterilized cabinet. “Go back to your room and sleep after the eggs are done. Don’t wait for him.”

“Maybe he won’t come back tonight.”

Alora silently grunted and turned back to turn over the fried eggs in the pot.

After the eggs were done, Alora carefully found a heart-shaped plate and placed it on the table. Then she sat down and waited.

She held her phone and wanted to send a message to Samir countless times, but every time she finished editing the message, she sighed and deleted all the contents.

What if he was in a meeting?

What if he was busy?

Would it affect his work if she sent him a message at this time to urge him to come back?

Would he think that she was insensible?

The woman held her phone and hesitated for a long time, but she still did not send him the message.

At eleven o’clock in the evening.

When Steve went downstairs to pour some water, he immediately saw Alora, who was already asleep on the dining table, with the tempting fried eggs on the heart-shaped plate in front of her.

The little fellow’s heart skipped a beat.

He went to the kitchen to pour water. He placed the water on the dining table, got up, took the thin blanket from the sofa, and put it on Alora. Then, he carefully took a photo of her and sent it to Samir.

At this time, the conference room of the Twin Stars Group was overcrowded.

It had been five years.

Ever since Steve and James were born, Samir had never come to S City again.

It had been five years since the managers of the Twin Stars Group had seen the big boss.

The appearance of Samir this time had made everyone in the Twin Stars Group happy.

All the big bosses of the branch companies had gathered.

The meeting had been going on for nearly ten hours.

Samir sat on the main post and frowned as he listened to the reports from the branch companies:

The only sound in the conference room was the voice of the reporting person.

Suddenly, a text message rang.

Samir frowned and took a look at his phone.

It was a picture that Steve had sent him.

The man was a little surprised.

Steve actually sent a message to him, or a picture? One had to know that Steve was not James.

He was originally a little autistic.

After Alora appeared, his autistic symptoms had been relieved.

However, he still did not like to talk, and he did not like to use social media to contact others.

The man opened the photo out of curiosity.

In the photo, a thin woman wearing a thin blanket was lying quietly at the dining table.

Her black hair hung down, and she looked a little lonely in her beauty.

On the dining table in front of her, there was a heart-shaped plate, and inside the plate was a very beautifully fried egg. He frowned and sent a message to Steve, “Is she waiting for me?” “Other than you, will she be waiting for someone else?”

“Mr. Samir Rowan, I hope that you can care about the woman waiting for you at home while you are busy.”

His son’s words made Samir’s heart freeze.

A moment later, the man took a deep breath, turned off his phone, and stood up. “Everyone, it’s getting late.” “You all have a family. We should be responsible for the people who are waiting for us at home.”

“The meeting is over today. Let’s continue tomorrow!”

After saying that, the man stood up first and strode out of the conference room. Everyone looked at each other. Their iron boss had actually stopped everyone from working hard for the first time

When the man rushed home, the little woman was still sleeping on the dining table.

When she heard the sound of the door, she opened her eyes in a daze. When she saw the man in black, Alora directly jumped up from the chair. “Hubby!” The woman excitedly rushed into Samir’s arms: “You’re back?” The man helplessly hugged the little woman in his arms and rubbed her head. “Didn’t I tell you not to wait for me?” “But I still want to wait for you to come back…”

The woman raised her head, her eyes sparkling. “I want to wait for you.”

Her stubborn look made Samir smile. He held her in his arms and walked slowly to the dining table. “Did you prepare it for me?” “En!”

“Try it. Have I made any progress?” Alora nodded seriously. “I asked you to learn how to cook from Anne at home, and you did learn for a whole day?” Samir asked as he sat down at the dining table.

“En…” Alora bit her lips and looked up at him carefully. “I have to listen to my hubby.” Samir’s hand that was holding the chopsticks suddenly stopped. He looked at her face in surprise.

“You are my girl.”

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