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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 221

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 221

Morning Kiss

Early the next morning, Alora was wakened up by Anne. “Get up. From today onwards, I will teach you how to cook.”

“Why are you so energetic?” Alora yawned as she changed her clothes and got out of bed.

Last night, the two friends had been lying on the bed, chatting about life, ideals, and love as before.

Alora’s mind was still groggy and she had not woken up yet.

However, Anne seemed to be in high spirits, as if she could still go out and jog for two hours.

“Because money talks!”

“That’s a lot of money, Alora!” Anne’s eyes lit up.

“For the money, let’s go!”

After saying that, the woman directly pulled Alora and rushed downstairs.

Alora helplessly looked at the woman who was busy with her in the kitchen and sighed lightly.

“Alora, don’t just stand there. Come and help me beat the eggs!”

Anne frowned and ordered.

Alora nodded and searched around the fridge but could not find any eggs.

“I might have left them at the door and forgotten to bring them in.”

“Go to the entrance and look again,” Anne slapped her forehead.

Alora curled her lips, got up and went to the entrance, and really found the eggs on the cabinet at the entrance.

She carried the eggs and was just about to enter the kitchen when she saw Samir coming down from upstairs.

He was dressed in black, tall and straight, with a cold and proud profile, and his entire person looked handsome and elegant, with some detached indifference.

As he went downstairs, he lowered his head and buttoned up the cuffs of his sleeves Seemingly aware of her gaze, the man raised his head lightly. Their eyes met

Alora’s gaze was a little cramped, while the man’s gaze was filled with a smile. He strode in front of her, his chilly aura surrounding her. “You got up so early?” In the face of his deep voice and handsome face, Alora felt that her voice was a little sluggish for a moment.

She took a deep breath and nodded. “Yes, Anne asked me to get up and cook with her.”

“Very good.”

The man smiled and raised his hand, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, “Stay at home and cook with her.”

“What about you?”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Alora quickly grabbed his sleeve and asked softly, “You… aren’t going to have breakfast at home?”


“I need to go to the company now,” the man gently held her hand.

“I haven’t been here for more than five years. There are many things I need to deal with.”

“You and the children should stay at home.”

“I may be busy until very late. I can’t come back for lunch, and I may not be able to come back for dinner either,”

The temperature of the man’s palm was so hot that Alora’s entire face was flushed red. After a while, he let go of her hand and walked to the entrance. He picked up his coat and put it on before starting to change his shoes.

Alora stood where she was and watched his elegant movements. Her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

In the end, just as he was about to push open the door and leave, the woman rushed forward and held Samir’s hand again.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing her grab him again, Samir smiled softly and reached out to rub her head. “You can’t bear to part with


This question from the man made Alora’s face even redder. She took a deep breath and raised her head to stare at his bottomless eyes. “There… There’s something! haven’t done yet.”

“What?” Samir frowned at her.


The woman took a deep breath, stood on her tiptoes, and planted a shallow kiss on Samir’s lips.

After kissing him, she instinctively took a step back as if she had been electrocuted. Then she smiled and tilted her head to look at him. After that, she waved at him. “Drive carefully!”

The woman turned around, carried the eggs, and strode into the kitchen.

Samir stood in place, looking at her delicate back. He subconsciously reached out and touched his lips.

In the end, the man smiled faintly.

He was in a good mood all the way out of the villa. He felt more and more that Alora, after losing her memory, was much more gentle than before. “This must be your illusion.” Mathias summed up while driving, “Doctor Smith said that he had almost been strangled to death by Madam.” “Butler Shen has also been beaten by Madam.” “Before Madam saw you, after being tied up by us, she struggled very fiercely and scolded people very fiercely!”

“Do you call that gentle?” “It is your own feelings that are wrong!”

Samir chuckled and reached out to touch his chin. “Then do you think it’s possible…” “She’s only gentle to me?” Mathias trembled.

“It’s… it’s possible.”

“That’s pretty good too.”

Samir smiled, thinking of the morning kiss. “If she is only gentle to me…”

“Then what right does Leo have to be my love rival?”

“…” Mathias. It seemed that there was no way to refute this.


“Don’t rush Owen anymore.” The man was silent for a long time and ordered lightly.


After chatting with Alora, Samir picked up the materials and began to study the countermeasures. “We need some time for preparation.” Samir lowered his eyes and looked at the information in his hand coldly. “For so many years, Twin Stars Group has allowed the LY Group too much room for development.” “Now it is impossible to constrain their development space overnight.” “If it is too radical, we might alert the enemy; if it is too slow, the Chapman family can’t wait.” After that, he flipped through the information again and concluded indifferently, “Let’s set it at a week.” “A week later, I want LY Group to disappear from the world.”

Mathias shuddered.

If others said that LY Group would disappear from the world, Mathias would think that they were bragging. But if Samir said that…

He would only worry about LY Group. After a long silence, Mathias coughed lightly. “Sir, are you really going to do this?” “Joseph… is your second brother after all. Is it appropriate for you to do this?” “When he allowed Nancy to hurt my woman, did he feel inappropriate?” Samir glanced at Mathias coldly. “When he called me a bastard in front of Alexander, he should have thought about how to bear the consequences of angering me.” His words were cold without a trace of emotion. The air in the car suddenly dropped below freezing point. “Sorry sir, I said the wrong thing.” Mathias quickly shut his mouth. “Don’t do it again next time.” Samir glanced at him indifferently. Only then did Mathias heave a long sigh of relief. After a long while, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something. “Sir, what do you say…” “Joseph is in Banyan City, while the Chapman family is in Europe. They should mind their own business.” “Why is he… targeting the Chapman family like this?”

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