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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 220

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 220

What Did This Woman Mean?

At nine o’clock in the evening, the three little guys who accompanied Alora to watch the moon were all called back to their room by Samir.

Steve took the lead and left Alora’s room with his younger brother and sister.

Before leaving, the little guys stretched their little heads back from the door. “Daddy and Mommy.good night!”

After that, the three little ones closed the door.

The air in the room was a little ambiguous.

Alora stood on the balcony and silently glanced at the man standing at the balcony door. “Hubby… Hubby.”

Samir’s gaze froze slightly.

When Alora called him ‘hubby’, her voice was timid and her eyes flashed with a glint of dodging.

She looked like a flustered little rabbit.

He chuckled.

“Do I need to rest early too?”

She looked up, and her eyes sparkled like stars in the sky. “You do need to rest early.” Samir nodded.

“Tomorrow I’m going to get up early and make a trip to the branch in Europe to discuss the matter of the Chapman family.” The man frowned.

“What about me?” Alora pursed her lips.


“You should learn how to cook with Anne,” Samir said with a faint smile.


“When we are done, we will think about how to help you recover your memory.”

Alora nodded seriously.

“Then we…”

She glanced in the direction of the bed, and her face was red. “Are you going to sleep now?”


Samir nodded and looked down at the time. “It’s about time.”

Then, under the timid and shy gaze of Alora, the man turned around and opened the door to leave. Before he left, he gave her a faint look. “Goodnight.”

Alora froze on the spot.

Speaking of which…

Weren’t they husband and wife?

Shouldn’t they… sleep together? She glanced at the double bed in the bedroom again, and a sense of loss inexplicably appeared on her face. It turned out that he was not going to sleep in the same bed as her…

She was nervous for a long time.

Taking a deep breath, the woman stepped into the bedroom. Just as she took out her pajamas and was about to go to sleep, the bedroom door opened.

Anne walked in with her big suitcase.

Seeing that Alora had not changed into her pajamas, she smiled slyly. “I advise you to change into your

pajamas and take a bath quickly.” “Otherwise, when I pack my luggage, I will grab the bathtub with you!” Alora was stunned for a few seconds.


“The two of us live together?” “Of course.”

“Mr. Rowan said that you haven’t recovered your memory yet. He was afraid that he would force you to do something bad if he lived with you.” Anne squatted down and pulled open the suitcase.

“That’s why he respects you and sleeps separately from you.” “However, he is afraid that you only have those painful memories in your mind, and you will be afraid if you sleep alone at night, so he asked me to accompany you!”

After saying that, Anne took a deep breath and looked at Alora seriously. “Don’t worry.”

“I was there for you on many of the hard nights you used to have.”

“With me around, nothing will happen to you.” Looking at Anne’s serious face, Alora bit her lips, and her heart inexplicably warmed up. Anne was one of the few people she could remember, the one who made her feel happy. She and Anne had known each other since college. Anne, like her name, was always able to bring a lot of joy to her After becoming good friends, Anné became her pillar of support.

Whether it was Truett, Celia, or some things later on…

Every time she was sad, every time she had insomnia and helplessness, it was Anne who accompanied her. Thinking of these, the woman let out a long sigh of relief. She walked over and hugged Anne gently. “Thank you.” “Why are you being so polite to me?” Anne rolled her eyes. “Besides, it’s not free for me to sleep with you.”

“I charge money!”

Alora paused and looked at her with confusion.

“I’ll teach you how to cook, cook for you, and sleep with you.” Anne looked up proudly.

“The total is two million dollars!”

“Mr. Rowan is really rich.” She could not help but sigh.

“With this two million…”

She raised her head and stared at Alora’s face. “Then you can hire a better teacher to teach you how to draw from scratch, learn how to be a designer, and finally open a small jewelry studio!”

Alora bit her lips. “You earned Samir’s money…” “To help me.” “Of course.” Anne rolled her eyes. “You didn’t want to be a big star.”

“In the future, you will be the eldest daughter of the Chapman family and also the wife of Samir.”

“This double identity means that your future life will be a bloody mess. If you continue to be in the entertainment industry and expose your schedule, you will be assassinated sooner or later.” “So I think it is better for you to study hard and complete your original dream. What do you think?”

Alora bit her lips and turned to change into her pajamas without saying a word. While taking a shower, she kept thinking about what Anne had said just now. Anne also said that she should study design well and complete her previous dream.

Samir also said before…

Let her complete her first dream.

So… Samir also thought that she would face all kinds of bloodshed in the future, so he wanted to help her complete her dream and not become an actress, right? Thinking of this, she was inexplicably a little agitated. It was not because she did not want to change professions and give up being an actress, but because… She felt that she did not have the ability to do anything other than acting.

Just like tonight… She could not even make the potato pancakes. The more Alora thought about it, the more upset she became. After taking a shower, she turned back to her bed and picked up her phone to read the news. When she was kidnapped before, her phone was thrown into the sea. The current phone was given to her by Samir. The account and number were her previous numbers. After she flipped through the news about her previous filming, she felt a little sleepy. However, in the bathroom, Anne was still singing tirelessly. Alora yawned and started browsing her WeChat Moments out of boredom. She saw a woman called Aria sending a nude photo of her back. There was a small, heart-shaped birthmark on the woman’s waist. The heart shape was very beautiful and full as if it were painted. Alora thought of the not-so-good-looking purple birthmark on her waist. Why would others’ birthmarks look so good when they were both heart-shaped? She sighed and gave this photo a thumbs-up enviously. Then, she put down her phone and went to sleep. At this time, in Banyan City, Aria, who was on the other side of the ocean, instantly got nervous because of Alora’s thumb-up. She gritted her teeth and stared fiercely at the thumb-up Alora had given her. What did this woman mean?



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