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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 219

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 219

All the Painful Memories… I Remember

Night fell quietly.

In the villa on the outskirts of S City, the three little guys waited until it was past eight before they had dinner.

Dinner was made by Anne.

“Have you ever thought about cooking before you came?”

Anne frowned and asked helplessly as she put the food on the table.

This was the suburbs of S City. The transportation was not convenient and the delivery could not be delivered Mathias found a vegetable market nearby and bought vegetables, but the people of this large family…

None of them could cook?

There was no need to mention the three children. Samir was a rich man who was in charge of man companies. It was understandable that he could not cook.

And then…

Justin could not cook.

Mathias could not cook.

The group of bodyguards who followed them were all tall and sturdy. When she asked them about cooking, they all subconsciously shrank back.

Anne was really impressed by this group of people.

“I thought about it.”

As Steve ate with his chopsticks, he sighed lightly, “But what we thought at that time was…”

James replied, “Mommy’s cooking is so delicious, so we won’t bring any maids.” “Anyway, Mommy always says at home that if she is not busy, she can cook for all of us.”

Anne sighed and turned to look at Alora, who was huddled in the corner like a quail. “You… you better remember quickly.”

Anne knew how delicious Alora’s cooking was.

But now, the person who cooked the most delicious food had actually forgotten how to cook!

Tonight, Anne had to cook by herself. She was really exhausted.

“I don’t want to forget either.” Alora pursed her lips and lowered her head like a child who had done something wrong. “It’s fine.”

Looking at her timid look, Samir reached out his hand to rub her head and put food into her bowl. “You will remember it slowly.” “It’s not your fault to lose your memory. You don’t have to feel sorry.” The man’s voice was unbelievably gentle.

Anne felt goosebumps all over her body.

In the past, she only knew that Samir loved Alora very much.

Now, she felt it in front of everyone…

She suddenly felt that she should find a boyfriend.

“Yes.” Alora lowered her head and said softly, “I know…”

“But I still feel that…” “If you still feel uncomfortable…”

“Just learn how to cook from Anne and get back your cooking skills, okay?” Samir interrupted her with a chuckle.

After a moment of silence, Alora nodded.

Her gentle and charming appearance made Mathias and Justin look at each other from afar.


How could they remember that after Alora lost her memory, her temper was hot and violent?


Why was it that in front of Samir, not only was she not hot-tempered, she was even gentler than before she lost her memories?

Could it be…

Was this power of love? Justin touched his chin and looked at Alora. The more he looked at her, the more amused he felt. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise.

Sitting next to him, Mathias frowned and glanced at him, “Mr. Chapman, what are you laughing at?” “I am laughing at Alora.” “Just like her mother.”

“Her mother was also like this when she was young. She was only gentle in front of the person she loved.”

Mathias was stunned for a moment, then smiled slyly, “So Mr. Chapman, you agree with master to be with madam in the future, right?”

Justin rolled his eyes at him. “Even if I don’t agree…” “Can I control Samir?”


It seemed like… he couldn’t.

He lowered his head and began to eat seriously. However, he had to say. Although Miss Gostick’s cooking was not as good as Madam’s cooking, the taste was good. “I didn’t promise to teach her how to cook in the future.” Anne was abused by the dialogue between these two people, so she curled her lips in dissatisfaction, “She made a potato pancake this afternoon and ruined a pot.”

“For the sake of my life, I don’t want to teach her to cook.” “One million.” Samir said a number as he ate.


Anne’s eyes lit up instantly. “Teach her how to cook, one million.”

“During this period of time, you will be responsible for the food of our whole family, plus five hundred thousand.”


“I am Alora’s best friend. Her business is my business.” Anne waved her hand.

“She forgot how to cook. How can I stand by and watch?”



“Don’t worry, Mr. Rowan. I’m not afraid of pain, fatigue, or death. I will teach her everything I’ve learned in my life!”

“…” Alora.

Why did she make it sound like teaching her how to cook was like undergoing the most severe trials?

The woman lowered her head gloomily. After eating a few mouthfuls of rice, she put down the bowl and went upstairs with mixed feelings.

Samir frowned and wanted to chase after her, but he was stopped by Steve.

The little fellow put down the bowl and chopsticks and took a deep breath. “I’ll go.”

The man frowned and nodded. “It’s getting late. You all have to sleep early.”

The implication was to not let Steve chat too late with her.

“I know,” the little fellow nodded.

With that, he strode up the stairs elegantly. “I’ll go take a look too.”

James also put down the bowl of rice and went upstairs.

Seeing that her two brothers had gone to comfort her mother, Stella could only sigh. “I’m going too.”

Sitting in the dining room and watching the three little guys follow Alora up the stairs, Anne was slightly moved.

In the past, she did not feel that Alora was happy.

But now…

She rested her chin on her hands and looked at the backs of the three children. “I suddenly know what the fun of your marriage is.”

“You really know?” Samir gracefully put down the bowl and chopsticks and looked at her sideways.”

Anne nodded.

“You can’t imagine the fun of marriage,” the man sneered.

“Alora has already gone upstairs, and you are the only one left. Do you still want to show off in front of me?” Anne pouted. “Let me tell you, I won’t appreciate it!”

Samir curled his lips and laughed softly.

After a long time, when the servant put away the leftovers, Anne took a deep breath and frowned at Samir. “Why is it so strange that Alora lost her memory?”

“She actually only forgot about everything related to you and the matter of cooking?”

Samir nodded. In the evening, he had also talked to Owen in detail.

Owen deduced that what Alora had forgotten should be related to her happiness.

Lover, cook. Perhaps, to the previous Alora, these two things were the key to her true happiness.

On the balcony upstairs. Alora and the three little guys sat in a row on the balcony chairs, quietly looking at the bright moon in the sky.


“Apart from daddy and cooking, what else can you not remember?” Stella turned to look at her face.

The woman was silent for a moment and shook her head.

“No more.”

“All the painful memories… I remember them all.”

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