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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 218

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 218

 This Time, I Will Not Give Up

Leo narrowed his eyes. “Other than this birthmark, what else do you have that can prove your identity?” “Yes,” Aria smiled.

She took out a jade pendant from her bag.

“Look, is this the jade pendant worn by the eldest daughter of the Chapman family?”

Leo frowned and picked up the jade pendant to have a look.

After a long time, he found the message that the Chapman family had put on the search.

There was indeed such a jade pendant in the search.

Looking at the color and style, this jade pendant was exactly the same as the one in the photo.


The Ji family was in a jewelry business.

Therefore, as soon as Leo held the jade pendant in his hand, he knew it was real or fake.

This was a precious piece of jade.

Disregarding the carving skills of this jade pendant, just this raw material was worth a lot of money that many people would never be able to reach in their entire lives.

It was indeed something that the Chapman family would take out.

“Have you contacted the Chapman family?” The man smiled faintly.

“Yes, I have. Butler Shen will probably come to Banyan City tomorrow.” Aria nodded.

“Leo, I heard that…” Aria smiled and looked at Leo with her hands on her cheeks.

“The Ji family and the Chapman family are engaged, right?” “I am the eldest daughter of the Chapman family, then the eldest young master of the Ji family.” At the mention of this, Leo could not help but smile, “Don’t worry, the eldest young master of the ji family will not disappoint you.” In the past, when he did not know Samir’s true identity, every time people mentioned the engagement between the Ji family and the Chapman family, he felt very agitated.

But now…

When the marriage between the Chapman family and the Ji family was mentioned, he wanted to laugh!

When Samir returned to the Ji family to acknowledge his ancestors, he would definitely not have thought that the young master of the Ji family was engaged!

If Aria in front of him was the eldest daughter of the Chapman family…

He raised his hands and feet in favor of this marriage!

He even thought proudly that if Samir was forced to be with Aria by the Ji family…

Then wouldn’t he have no competitors?

At that time, Alora would be his.

Stella also had to call him father!

The more the man thought, the more excited he became.

He took a deep breath and looked at Aria seriously, “About the engagement with the Ji family, we will definitely fulfill it.”.

“What you need to do now is to welcome Butler Shen tomorrow and strive to let him bring you back to the Chapman family as soon as possible.”

After saying that, the man’s phone rang.

He smiled faintly at Aria, “I have something to do, so I have to go first.” “See you at Sacheng in Europe.” Then, he got up and left the coffee shop. Aria sat quietly in the coffee shop. As she slowly put away the jade pendant and photos on the table, she proudly looked at Leo’s back from the window. The smile on the woman’s face grew bigger and bigger.

It turned out that even if Leo was always cold to her, overall, he should still be satisfied with her.

Otherwise, why would he excitedly tell her that the Ji family would fulfill their engagement when he heard that she was the eldest daughter of the Chapman family?

Thinking of this, the woman could not help but narrow her eyes. Therefore, she must be the eldest daughter of the Chapman family. When necessary, she could even…

Get rid of Alora.

As long as she could marry Leo, there was nothing that she could not do. Nancy could even do that for Samir…

She could also take everything from Alora for Leo!

After coming out of the coffee shop, Leo got out of the car in a good mood.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, he picked up his phone and looked through the message that Stella had sent him.

He originally thought that it was a video that the little girl had sent her.

He was in a good mood and clicked on it.


eeze Red

The scene of Alora and Samir loving each other made him freeze. He bit his lips and played the video again. That was right

The woman who was with Samir was Alora who he had been looking for for many days!

The man gritted his teeth and sent a message to Stella, “When did you find her?”


“Uncle Leo, we are in S City in Europe. It’s your hometown.”

“When are you coming back?”

Leo bit his lips and hesitated for a while. “I will go back tomorrow.”

Samir had already found Alora!

So he could not wait!

The earlier he returned to S City, the sooner he would let Samir acknowledge his ancestors and then hold a wedding for him and Aria!

The man took a deep breath and said, “Help me keep an eye on your daddy. Don’t let him do anything too excessive to your mommy.” On the other side of the line, Stella was silent for a moment and then sent another photo over. “Is this considered too much?” Leo frowned and clicked on the photo.

This photo made him almost faint.

In the photo, Samir sat on a chair, and Alora sat next to him. She wrapped her hands around Samir’s neck and kissed him passionately! Leo only felt that the blood in his entire body was flowing backwards.

“When was this photo taken!”


He closed his eyes and tightly gripped the phone in his hand. He wished he could fly back to S City right now!

“Uncle Leo.”

On the other side of the line, Stella was silent for a long time. In the end, she still called him.

“Uncle Leo, I know that you are in a bad mood after seeing this.”

“But Uncle Leo, what I want to tell you is that people who are not fated should not force themselves.” As soon as the phone was connected, Stella’s sweet voice rang out.

“It was because I liked Mommy the first time I met her that I wanted her to be my mommy. That was why I encouraged you to chase her.” “But now I know that Mommy only likes Daddy. Daddy only likes Mommy…”

“Even if Mommy loses her memory, you can’t break them apart.” “So Uncle Leo, don’t be so persistent. It’s more important to find a girl who really likes you!”

The voice of the little girl on the other side of the line made Leo instantly have mixed feelings.

On one hand, the little girl was willing to call him to comfort him and persuade him, which proved that in her heart, he was still important.

On the other hand…

Even a little girl like Stella felt that there was no hope between him and Alora.

Was Samir really so charming?

Taking a deep breath, Leo held the steering wheel and looked into the distance. “I also wanted to give up before.” When he was filming in the village, he had a fight with Samir. That time, he wanted to test whether Samir could really protect Alora. The final result was that he could.

So he chose to quit. On the second day of the fight, he left the crew and returned to the Ji family.


When he returned to the Ji family, he found out that Alora was missing.

The woman that Samir said he would protect and do his best to treat disappeared under the protection of Samir.

That was why he made up his mind to go back to Banyan City. He wanted to find Alora and work hard again.

The man took a deep breath and looked into the distance. “This time, I won’t give up.”


The corners of Leo’s lips curled up.

He was looking forward to what Samir would do when faced with the pressure of a family marriage like him.

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