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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 217

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 217

Are You Really from the Chapman family?

The dining room was so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard clearly.

Alora’s kiss came too suddenly.

Not only Anne, but even Samir was surprised.

The man paused for a moment and understood what she wanted to do.

Thus, he clenched his teeth and tried to pull her away However, one of his hands was injured and only the other hand could move.

As for Alora, both of her arms were wrapped around his neck and she continued to kiss him deeply.

The taste of her sweetness made him almost unable to resist.

In the end, Alora tasted the taste in his mouth, which was similar to the taste of fried salt. It was very salty, accompanied by the bitter taste of burnt.

She widened her eyes. The moment she tasted the taste, her instinct made her quickly let go of him.

“Cough, cough!” The bitter and salty taste rushed into her mouth, making her whole head explode in an instant. She clutched her throat, feeling like she had died once. It was too, too awful!

“Drink water.”

The man beside her clumsily poured her a glass of water with his left hand and handed it to her.

Without even thinking, Alora picked up the glass of water and gulped it down.

After the taste of plain water washed out of her mouth, she finally seemed to come to life.

“Hu…” She let out a long sigh of relief and gulped down another mouthful of water. Logically speaking, cooking would not change according to her memory, right? The potato pancakes she made were so unpalatable, so why did the three little fellows insist on eating what she made?

And Samir… When she thought of Samir, the woman quickly raised her head.

The man was sitting indifferently at the dining table, looking at her with a bit of affection in his eyes.

Seeing her turn to look at him, he chuckled and said, “Are you still uncomfortable?”

“No… I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore.” Alora instinctively shook her head.

“Mr. Rowan…”

On the side, Anne silently gave Samir a thumbs up.

Even Alora herself had to drink an entire cup of water to save her life after tasting such a disgusting thing.

And Samir ate it without batting an eyelid?

Did he have no sense of taste or was he crazy? “You really… impressed me.” Alora pursed her lips and glanced back at the man beside her.

There was a faint smile on his face.

“Hubby… this potato pancake is so disgusting. Are you… unable to taste it?” Anne sucked in a breath of cold air from Alora’s way of thinking.

“How can he be unable to taste it?” she rolled her eyes at Alora helplessly.

“He likes you, so no matter how bad the food you make is, he will endure it!”

“You kissed him and just tasted it, yet you drank so much water…”

“If I remember correctly, Mr. Rowan hasn’t drunk a single mouthful of water!”

“If he continues like this, he will die from dehydration!”

Alora was stunned for a few seconds. A few seconds later, she rushed directly to the water dispenser in the kitchen and began to pour Samir water.

Looking at the little woman’s anxious back, Samir glanced at Anne indifferently. “Why are you scaring her?” “Don’t think that I can’t tell how hard you have endured.” Anne curled her lips. “Let alone the current Alora, even the previous Alora who was much more careful than now, I think she won’t notice your change.”

“So as her good friend, I have to remind her.”

After that, Anne stretched lazily and went upstairs. “You two just stay here. I won’t be the third wheel!”

When Alora came out of the kitchen after pouring the water, only Samir was left in the dining room.

“Where is Anne?” she frowned in surprise. “She doesn’t want to be the third wheel and leaves.”

The man smiled and looked down at the thermos cup in her hand.

In the thermos cup…

There was a full liter of water.

The veins on Samir’s forehead jumped.

Did Alora go to pour water, or did she carry the bucket from the water fountain over?

Why was there so much water…

“Hubby, I did the math for you.”

Alora seriously took a thermos and poured water for him.”I just licked your mouth and drank a bottle of water.”

“You ate two pieces of potato pancakes… At least you have to drink so much water so that you will be fine.” After saying that, the woman held her cheeks with both hands and gracefully pushed the warm water in front of him. “Honey, drink some water to detoxify the poison.”.

Samir frowned, took the cup of water from her hand and drank it gently. After a cup, the man smiled faintly and looked at her nervous face. “Are you afraid that I will die from dehydration like what Anne said?” Alora bit her lips and was silent for a while before she sighed lightly. “I don’t know if what she said was true or if she was lying to me.”

“But I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

The woman’s words warmed Samir’s heart.

He took a deep breath and continued to drink the water she handed over. “I will live well just for you.”

After drinking a few cups of water, the bitter and salty taste in the man’s mouth had almost faded away. “Thank you,” the man gently held Alora’s hand.

“I should be the one thanking you…”

Alora’s face was red like a burning cloud in the sky.

At the railing of the second floor, Stella looked at the two people in the restaurant who were looking at each other affectionately.

The sour smell of love.

Taking a deep breath, she took a picture of them eating together and sent it to Leo. “Uncle Leo, look at how good they are!” At this moment, Leo was sitting in a private room of a five-star hotel in Banyan City.

The man crossed his legs and glanced coldly at Aria. “You said that you are the eldest daughter of the Chapman family?”

“Yes.” “Look, there is evidence of my life in Banyan City.” Aria put the photo of the necklace in front of Leo. “And the birthmark on my waist…”

There was a difference between the information she handed over and the information handed over by the Chapman family. i For example, in the photo given by the Chapman family, the birthmark was a complete heart-shape. As for the birthmark on Ariayou’s waist, it was not very regular.

For example, she seemed to have expected that he would not believe her today, so when she came, she came with a large bag of documents.


Aria’s eyes. The look in her eyes was a bit different from the eyes of the people from the Chapman family he had seen before.

“Let me ask you again. Are you really a member of the Chapman family?” “Absolutely.” “Mr. Leo, I don’t need to lie to you.” Aria chuckled. “Moreover, for a family like the Chapman family, even if I lied to them, they would be able to see through me quickly, wouldn’t they?”

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