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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 200

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 200

I Am the Boss of Our Family!

“Little thing, you hurt me!”

Alora grabbed James by the neck and pressed him against the wall. “Who are you?”

The coldness in her eyes stunned James for a few seconds. A few seconds later, the little fellow began to struggle. “I am… your son.” “Mommy, 1 am… testing whether you are my biological mother or not.” Alora frowned.

Looking at the little fellow’s big black eyes, she was silent for a moment and loosened her grip. But her face was still cold and she stared at him coldly. “Speak clearly!” “It’s like this…” “Have you ever heard that old saying?” James asked, holding her finger. “A tiger doesn’t eat its own children.” “Even if you don’t remember us now, as long as you admit that we are your children, you will not hurt us.” Alora narrowed her eyes. “A tiger would never eat its own child if it were forpoisonous. The premise was that the tiger’s son would not hurt her!” After saying that, she glanced at James’ little face. “If the needle you just used was a poisonous needle would I still be alive now?”

“Of course I do.”

“Aren’t you still alive and well?” James blinked her big eyes at him.

Alora frowned, and the coldness in his eyes increased. “What I said is, if that was a poison needle just now, I am now…” Before she finished speaking, she suddenly felt her body go soft, her legs went limp, and her entire body was floating…

All the strength in her body seemed to have been taken away.

At the same time, she loosened her grip on James.

The little guy grabbed her hand and tried his best to support her soft body. “Mommy, the one I just pricked you with is a poison needle.”

Alora’s eyes became colder and more hateful, “Who the hell are you…”

The little guy said something in her ear again. She was already unconscious and could not hear anything clearly

“You are still watching the show. Come and help!”

When Alora completely fainted, James frowned and struggled to support her body while shouting into the headphones.

“We’ll be there soon!”

“Second Brother, you really know how to lie!” Stella’s smiling voice came from the headphones. “Stop talking nonsense, I’ll be discovered by the Jian Family later!” James rolled his eyes. “No, I won’t.”

“Everyone in the Jian Family is in my surveillance range. Butler Shen has been pinned down by Daddy. Don’t worry.”

“Don’t be so fierce to Stella,” Steve said again after a pause. “She is my sister.”

James curled his lips.

He was just too anxious and his tone was a little heavy. How could he be so fierce to Stella?

It had only been a few days since his sister came back, but his big brother seemed to no longer love him!

Just as he was thinking this, Han Yun’s low voice came from behind him. “Little James, I’m here.”

“Come help.” James supported Alora and let Han Yun carry her. Under the cover of several bodyguards, they left through the gap behind the garden. After Han Yun carried the car, James did not forget to tell the bodyguards, “Seal this gap and do not let the Jian family see it.”

After making the arrangements, James took a deep breath and got into the car.

It was a limousine.

Han Yun put Alora down on the bed in the middle of the RV and then tied her up with a belt.

“Mommy, are you really so scary now?” Stella asked as she rested her chin on her hands and looked at the woman who was still tied up.

“Yes!” Han Yun quickly nodded.

With Alora’s current strength, if he did not use this kind of coaxing and deception method, there was no way for her to obediently follow them!

This woman’s temper was very explosive right now!

“That’s for you,” Steve said as she lowered her head and tapped on her computer.

“Maybe Mommy won’t treat us.” “When she was chatting with James just now, her attitude was very good.” “Maybe losing her memories will cause a person’s temperament to change greatly, but her attitude towards her family will not change.”

Stella sat at the side and silently read Steve’s words.


She finally had relatives…

Subconsciously, the little girl reached out and held Alora’s finger.

“Mommy, you have to get better soon.”

She still wanted to go to the beach with the gentle Alora from before and do a lot of things she dreamed of but never did.

The little girl’s words made the air in the car suddenly silent.

James sighed, walked over and gently hugged Stella’s shoulder. “She will get better. Trust me.” Steve frowned slightly and did not say anything. The car started to drive.

However, their car was forced to stop after two intersections from the Jian family.

“Someone is blocking the way.”

“Young masters, what should we do?” the driver asked.

James frowned and subconsciously looked at the front of the car.

They saw a pure black car parked in front of their RV.

A middle-aged man in black and black pants opened the door and stood in front of the car indifferently. He looked up at them.

Han Yun looked up and his pupils suddenly enlarged. “The clothes on his body… are from the Jian Family!”

“Didn’t you say that everything went smoothly? Didn’t Samir hold back Housekeeper Shen…”

Why is this man in front of me…

Steve looked up indifferently..

Then, the little guy lowered his head and continued his work.

“James, take Stella down and explain it to him.”

“Brother Steve, the clothes this person is wearing… is indeed from the Jian Family.” Stella looked at him in surprise. “What we should do now should be to escape.” Why was he so calm?

“He’s my grandfather.”

“Or rather, my grandfather from before,”

“He is not a bad person.” Steve’s voice was still calm and composed.

“Maybe, when Mommy was still very young, he was the only one who hoped that Mommy could live healthily.”

“Yes!” As soon as Steve finished speaking, James directly held Stella’s hand. “Let’s go down.”

The little girl’s eyes were a little timid.

However, the hand that was held by her brother was extremely warm.

She bit her lips and gently held James’ hand back.

“With my brothers here, I’m not afraid!”

In the past, it was not like Stella had never imagined being able to reunite with her family.

However, she always felt that even if she found her family, it would be difficult for her to quickly integrate into her family.

After all, she had been separated from her family for five years.

But now…

Her two brothers were very warm.

The eldest brother did not like to talk, but he always took care of her silently.

The second brother spoke a lot, but he had a sharp mouth and a soft heart. Although he spoke fiercely, he was actually a sister-con.


She was a little unfamiliar with Daddy, but he was also a good person.

If Mommy could get better, then she would really be too happy!

Thinking of this, the little girl took a deep breath and firmly stepped out of the car with James. “Second Brother, let us fight for Mommy!”


James: “Have you read too many comics and novels recently?”

Stella rolled his eyes, grabbed James’ hand, and got out of the car in three or two steps.

Justin did not expect that the people in the car had discussed for so long, and the last to get off were actually two brats.

“Tell the adults in the car to come down,” he said with his hands crossed over his chest.

“The adults in the car have to listen to us.”

“Grandpa, if you have anything to say, just tell me.” Stella raised his head and looked at him fearlessly.

“I am the boss of our family!”

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