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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 196

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 196

I Can Contact Rowan Family

“Young… Young miss.”

The butler was stuck in the neck by Alora, and his face turned purple. “You…”

“Spare me…”

“Now you know to spare me?”.

Alora snorted coldly and continued to exert his strength.

“Alora!” Seeing that the butler was about to roll his eyes, Han Yun, who was behind him, hurriedly called out her name.

Only then did the woman narrow her eyes slightly. She raised her long leg and kicked the butler hard on the leg, releasing him.

The butler was in pain and had no strength. In the end, he fell to the ground, leaning against the wall.

Alora turned around and returned to the bed. He crossed his legs and sat there gracefully, looking down at the butler.

“Now do you know who is the master and who is the servant in this family?”

The butler held his neck that was painfully pinched and said with difficulty, “I… I know.”

“Very good.”

The woman stared coldly at the housekeeper’s face. “I have a task for you.”

“Please speak.”

“I have three children.”

“Two sons and one daughter.” Alora raised her hand and gently played with her hair.

“Now their age should be…”

“They should be five years old,” she said as she glanced at the time.

“What was the name of the man in the photo just now?” she asked.

“Samir.” Han Yun was stunned.


“The father of the children is called Samir.” The woman looked at the housekeeper indifferently.

“He has two sons. One daughter needs to be found.”

“I’ll give you a week to bring my children back.”

The housekeeper covered his neck and raised his head with difficulty. “Miss, you… you came back this time to marry the Ji family and let our Jian family get the investment…” “Isn’t it inappropriate for you to look for your child so openly?” “When did I agree to your marriage?” Alora raised his eyebrows.

“If you don’t get married, our Jian family…”

The woman sneered.

“In your eyes, other than getting married, there is no other way to get your family out of trouble?”

“Don’t forget, I am Ruyan Liu’s daughter.” Her mother was able to rely on her own strength to make the Jian family stand strong in the European business world after her father died. She could also do it!

Thinking of this, Alora raised his eyebrows lightly. “I can do what she can do.” The butler still looked hesitant, “But…”

“But what is!”

“You won’t listen to what I say?” Alora glared at him.

“No, I won’t dare.”

“Then why aren’t you going?”

“A week later, I want to see my three children,” the woman said, glaring at the housekeeper.

After that, she thought about it again. “Bring Samir here as well.” “Why did you bring Samir here?” Han Yun immediately coughed.

If Samir knew that Alora was like this because there was something wrong with the medicine he gave her… he would probably cut him into eight pieces on the spot. “Of course, I’ll catch him and beat him up.” Alora looked at him coldly.

After she finished speaking, she suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Han Yun indifferently. “Is this Samir married?”

If she remembered correctly, that woman had come up with such a method because she wanted to marry Samir but had no fertility.

Han Yun hesitated for a moment.

The target was the one in front of him. “I really love his wife.” .

“What are you still doing here? Get out and find someone!” Alora yawned and glared at the butler coldly.

The butler paused for a moment, then crawled up from the ground and quickly left the room.

“Butler Shen, are you really… going to help First Miss find her child and the one with the surname Qin?”

Coming out of Alora’s room, a group of servants followed behind the butler and bowed to hand him tissues.

Butler Shen took the tissue and gave the man a cold look. “Why did you find them? Do you want her to recover her memory?”

After saying that, she took a tissue and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead. “I knew this Han Yun would be troublesome. I specially found someone to change his medicine.” “In order not to be discovered, I did not have a large dose.” He looked ahead, his eyes deep and cold. “But it seems that it is enough for now.” “But Butler Shen…”

The servant behind her hesitated for a moment, then said, “Why do I feel that the current First Miss is better than the First Miss who has not lost her memory…”

Although Alora was also noisy before she lost her memory, she was not so violent. Now that she has lost her memory, her personality seems to have changed.

“What is the use?” Butler Shen sneered.

“Let her make a scene first. When the wedding is over, knock her out and send her to the Ji family.”

“Once the marriage is over, she will be a member of the Ji family.”

After Ruyan Liu became a vegetable, the LY Group glared at her. The outer members of the Jian family always wanted to take over the Jian family and swallow the Jian family.

Now the Jian family was under the enemy.

Although the Jian family had married the Second Young Miss to the Second Young Master of the Ji family not long ago, this was far from enough.

The real rich and powerful family of the Ji family was the First House of the Ji family. The Young Master of the First House, Leo, had not only been engaged to Alora since he was a child, but also had a heavy relationship. If Alora married over earlier, the Jian family would be saved! Thinking of this, Butler Shen frowned. “Oh right, did the Ji family reply?” The servant paused, “Yes…”

“They said that Young Master Leo went back to Banyan City overnight. It seems that something happened to the girl he likes…” Butler Shen frowned.

“The Ji family did not say how long it would take for him to return?” “It is said that it will take one to two weeks…”

One to two weeks. Faintly, Steward Shen remembered that Alora had given him a week to bring the three children back. After a long silence, he glanced at the servant and said, “Let’s pretend to look around first. Don’t let her find any flaws.”

If he didn’t do anything, he was afraid that he would be strangled to death by her before Leo came back.

“Do you think that Housekeeper Shen will really help you find the children?” Standing in Alora’s bedroom, Han Yun looked at the back of Housekeeper Shen in the distance and asked the woman behind him with a frown. “Of course he can’t really help me, but at least he has to put on a show.” Han Yun paused and quickly turned back. “Then what are you going to do? Don’t you want to find him?” “Of course not.” Alora lowered his eyes and stared at the shining blade. “I plan to go back to Banyan City to find them after deal with the Jian family.” Seeing her sharpening the blade, Han Yun subconsciously took a step back. “That will take a long time, right?”

“Do you have a better way?” Alora looked up at him.

Han Yun was silent for a while. After a while, he raised his head. “Why don’t we let Samir bring the child over himself?” “Are they willing to come obediently?” Alora smiled. “I can contact Rowan family,” Han Yun nodded.

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