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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 195

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 195

 Do You Believe That I Will Take Your Life Now?


Han Yun frowned.

Although he said that he was giving her the medicine to make her lose her memory, in fact, he was giving her the antidote!

She should remember everything about the past now.

Why did Alora look like he had really been injected with amnesia?

He lowered his eyes and looked at the medicine in the medicine box. He was puzzled.

How did she…

“Are you acting?” “Although I am an actor.”

“But I am not acting.” Alora raised her eyes and looked at him indifferently.

The woman turned to look at her hands that were tied to the bed by chains. Her eyebrows were tightly knitted together. “Let me go.”

“You don’t remember me?” Han Yun took a deep breath.

“Do I need to know you?” Alora narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“Then do you remember who you are? Who is your father, who is your husband, and who is your child?”

A layer of coldness appeared in Alora’s eyes.

The woman’s cold gaze made Han Yun shrink his body. There was a problem.

Either there was something wrong with the ingredients of the antidote, or someone had changed his medicine.

The current Alora was completely different from before. Even his eyes were different. “I just want to confirm your current condition.” He took a step back and swallowed his saliva.

“My name is Alora.” Alora rolled his eyes coldly. “She is the eldest daughter of the Jian Family who has been lost to Banyan City.” “My father is the patriarch of the Jian Family who passed away many years ago. My mother, Ruyan Liu, became the patriarch of the Jian Family after her father died. She was drugged and became a vegetable not long ago.” “My adoptive father is called Justin.”

“I have three children. Two sons and one daughter. When the daughter was born, she was thrown away by someone. Two sons were taken away by their father in the fire.”

“I have an ex-boyfriend called Truett. He is a small star. He is living a good life now.”

“I still have…”

The more Han Yun listened to her words, the more he felt that something was wrong.

“You remember all of this…”

“Then… do you remember your husband?” “What a joke. Where did I get a husband? The Jian family asked me to come back to arrange a marriage for me. How can I have a husband?” Alora looked up.

Han Yun knocked on his forehead.

He still felt unwilling. The man took out his phone and searched for a long time. He found a photo of a man and put it in front of Alora. “Do you know him?”

The man in the photo had a cold face and delicate facial features. He was dressed in a black suit and looked aloof and cold. The man in the photo matched the man who abandoned her in the fire in her mind…

“.. Wait for me to come back…” “… Don’t look for your child. They will never recognize you in this life.”

“… You only provided your stomach. Do you really think that they will marry you and take you seriously…”

“… Don’t blame us for treating you like this. It was your child’s father who asked for it. He doesn’t want you to leave alive…” The fragments of pain and suffering in her mind gradually pieced together and became the face of the man in front of her

She stared at the photo, the hatred in her eyes growing deeper and deeper.

Finally, she raised her head coldly. “Where is he?”

Seeing that she had a reaction to Samir’s photo, Han Yun was immediately overjoyed. “You still remember him, right?”

“I know him even if he turned into ashes.”

“Where is he?” she asked, raising her eyes.

“He is not in a good condition right now. He is unconscious every day and his life is uncertain..” Han Yun sighed.

Originally, he thought that Alora would be sad and worried if he said so.

However, she only faintly frowned. “It would be a pity to die like this.” Han Yun’s body stiffened.

“A person like him should be hacked into a thousand pieces.”

Han Yun, “…”

He raised his head and realized that Alora’s eyes were filled with hatred when he mentioned Samir.


“You don’t like him anymore?” he asked weakly. “How could I like him?”

“Take my child away and let me wait in the fire.”

“I waited until I was unconscious, but he never came to me again.” “He locked me up in a mental hospital and tortured me every day. He didn’t let me see my child. I almost lost my life several times.”

“In the end, he injected me with the medicine that lost my memory. He was afraid that I would miss my child and that I would take the child away.”

With that, she looked up coldly at Han Yun. “Such a man, I wish I could tear him to pieces!”

“Bang!” Han Yun fell limply to the ground. He had not used the wrong medicine.

Alora had indeed remembered the memories she had lost in the past few years.

However, there was still a problem with the medicine.

She had forgotten everything related to Samir. Her feelings for Samir had changed from liking and love to disgust and hatred.


If he started running for his life now, would he be able to avoid Samir’s pursuit?

At this time, the butler pushed open the door and entered. “Doctor Han, what’s wrong?”

“How is our young miss now?” The butler smiled and helped him up. “Housekeeper Shen.”

Before Han Yun could speak, Alora, who was sitting on the bed, gave him a cold look.

The woman’s voice was cold. “Did you do everything possible to tie me back from Banyan City just to lock me up in the room as a doll?”

The tone of her voice and the look in her eyes were completely different from before! “Young miss, you finally admit that you are the young miss of our Jian family?” Butler Shen greeted her in surprise.

“Are you still not going to untie me?” Alora nodded. “Hurry, hurry, untie the young miss!” “Go!” he ordered the servant behind him excitedly. “There’s no need for them. You can do it yourself.” Alora glanced at him coldly. Housekeeper Shen hesitated for a moment. Leaning against the bed, the woman smiled at him. “Why? As the eldest daughter of the Jian family, can’t I order you, a housekeeper, to serve me?” Housekeeper Shen paused, then took a deep breath and walked over with a smile. “It’s my honor to serve the eldest daughter.”

As he spoke, he took the key and quickly opened the chains.

The moment he opened the chain, a cold light flashed in Alora’s eyes. The next second, the woman’s hand accurately grabbed the housekeeper’s neck and pressed him directly against the wall.

Her movements were so fast that no one had time to react. When she came back to her senses, Housekeeper Shen had already been controlled by her. “You’ve been hiding your strength all this time. Do you think I’m easy to bully?” “Tie me up with chains?” “Believe it or not, I’ll take your life now!” Looking at Alora like this, Han Yun, who was sitting on the ground, subconsciously moved his body backward. He had caused a huge mess.

The little sheep had been turned into a little pepper by the antidote he had given her.

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