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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 194

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 194

Who Are You

Alora was a little desperate.

She looked at Han Yun helplessly. “Doctor Han…”

Lowering her voice, the woman took a deep breath. “If you lack money, when you go out, my old guild will give you a lot.”

“You don’t have to…” Han Yun glanced at her indifferently and smiled. “Alora, do you think I still lack money here?” After that, he began to apply the medicine gracefully.

The slender needle was inserted into a small bottle and then injected into another. “You may not know much about the Jian family of the European giants.”

“The Jian family, both black and white, is a big tiger in the continent that is not to be trifled with.”

“The Jian family has a deep background and is not to be trifled with, but there are many people who covet the Jian family’s property or make enemies with the Jian family.”

“Twenty-three years ago, Jian Mingzhong, the head of the Jian family with power, passed away in a car accident. His wife, who was seven months pregnant, secretly escaped to an unknown city to take care of her child.”

“After Jian Mingzhong passed away, the Jian family was turned upside down. In the family, relatives. competed for power and profit. Outside the family, people who coveted the Jian family glared at them.”

“Later, the child was stolen. Ruyan Liu had no choice but to return to the Jian family.”

“This Ruyan Liu is also a powerful person.”

“After returning to the Jian family, she directly pulled out the first person to stand up and fight for power. She personally punched him into a hole with a pistol.”

“Because of this matter, Ruyan Liu made a name for the Jian family. She became the new head of the Jian family.”

“Then she began to deal with the others of the Jian family while secretly sending people to search for her daughter.” “It has been twenty-three years now…”

Alora listened to Han Yun and was lost in thought. “The Ruyan you are talking about… is my mother?”

“What do you think?”

“However, in the past, the Jian family had always turned a blind eye to the matter of finding the young miss of the Jian family.” “After all, they feel that the family head is still young and many things can be taken slowly.” “Many people are pessimistic about finding the young miss. They think that the young miss was not stolen by some bodyguard. She should be dead.” Alora frowned.

Judging from how the butler and the others had brought her back and were burning with anxiety to wash her memories, they seemed to be in a hurry.

It was not what Han Yun had said.

As if seeing through Alora’s doubts, Han Yun Shrugged. “I said it before. That was in the past.”

“The current Jian family is full of troops.”

Alora frowned, puzzled.

“The Jian family has encountered an unprecedented crisis.” The man took a deep breath. “Half a month ago, the head of the Jian family, Liu Ruyan, was poisoned and turned into a vegetable.” Suddenly, Alora raised his head. “A vegetable?”


“After Ruyan Liu became a vegetable, the Jian family became a group of dragons without a leader. Most of their business in Europe was taken away by the LY Group, the second largest businessman in Europe.”

“The LY Group has been watching the Jian family for a long time. They can’t take the first place in Europe, so they stared at the Jian family. Some people even said that Ruyan Liu was drugged because of the LY Group “The Jian family has no cards to compete with the LY Group. The only thing they can rely on is marriage.” “And marriage requires the young lady of the Jian family to return to her original position.”

Alora sucked in a breath of cold air.

So, the Jian family spent so much effort to get her from the country, tie her up, and brainwash her, just to… let her marry?

“But I am already married!”

“No one cares.”

Han Yun smiled, pinched the syringe, and slowly walked towards Alora.

The woman was instantly alarmed!

She subconsciously dodged backwards, but she could not avoid it no matter what! In the end, the moment Han Yun’s needle pierced into her skin, she suddenly raised her head and looked at him, “What’s the use of you telling me this?” “Didn’t I forget everything after you pricked me with this needle?”

“I think it was wrong for Samir to say that you were stupid before.” Han Yun looked at her with a faint smile. Alora frowned and was about to say something when her vision suddenly darkened.

She had a very long dream. In her dream, she was tied to the bed of a mental hospital, and was injected with sedatives time and time again, struggling again and again.

She screamed like a madman, screaming –

“I want my child!”

“I want my child!”

“My child is still alive!”

“Don’t look for your child. They won’t recognize you for the rest of their lives!” the people in the hospital warned.

“You just provided your stomach. Do you really think they will marry you and take you seriously?”

“Doctor Liu, she has always been so crazy. We have no other choice. Let’s use our trump card.”

“Let her forget all of this.”

Alora widened her eyes and screamed as she was injected with an unknown liquid,

The liquid was exactly the same as the one that Han Yun had injected her with. The memory fell forward again.

Justin rescued her from the fire.

“I shouldn’t have saved you in the first place. But now, I have caused a lot of trouble.”

Justin carried her thin and unconscious body and sighed helplessly, “They said that I would strangle you to death. How could I be ruthless…” “But I didn’t expect that I would have to pay so much for you, little girl!” “Don’t get into trouble again! We’ve found some clues over there.” “There’s no other way. We can only send you to the mental hospital to hide for a while.” “No matter how powerful the Jian family is, they can’t think of going to the mental hospital.” Alora closed his eyes and listened to his words. He couldn’t help but smile.

Time went back.

Back to the fire.

Qin Ling, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, smiled and stood in front of her. “You take the children to have a good rest. My brother will come back to see you soon.” “You don’t have to thank me. As a person of Rowan family, I naturally can’t bear to see you separate from the children. I will not let you suffer.”

“I have already taught them a good lesson. Those who cheated you to transport them will have to pay the price.”

“Thank you.”

Alora looked greedily at the two children in his arms and thanked Qin Ling seriously.

Later, it was dark.

She choked on the fire. Thick smoke billowed.

Her first reaction was to cover the faces of the children with a wet towel.

A man rushed in.

He was handsome, handsome, and imposing.

“I am the child’s father!” “I’ll take you away!” the man pulled her up. “Take them away first!” Alora glanced at the skinny children. “Okay, wait for me to come back!”

After saying this, the man carried the two children and disappeared into the sea of fire.

The fire burned brighter and brighter. She waited in the fire, but she never came back. The fire swallowed everything in her, and the tongue of fire licked her face, making it difficult for her to breathe. In an extremely unbearable situation, Alora suddenly opened her eyes.

In front of her was still the villa of the Jian family.

She had a dream.

“Looks like I remember.”

Han Yun, who was sitting on the sofa, had her legs crossed elegantly and her gaze was indifferent. “How do you feel?” “Who are you?” Alora frowned and looked at him warily.

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