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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 175

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 175

Who Gave You the Courage to Provoke Alora?

Throughout the night, Alora did not sleep well.

There were several times when she woke up in her dreams.

In her dreams, there was the soaring fire and the crying of children.

The fire burned her body and eroded her skin, making her scream.

“Ah -!”

She screamed and woke up from the dream. Samir, who was beside her, frowned slightly, and his face instinctively showed the displeasure of being woken up.

But a moment later, he softened his eyes and knew that Alora must have had a nightmare.

“What’s wrong?” the man asked lazily as he pulled her into his embrace.

His embrace made her feel warm and warm.

Alora leaned into his embrace and closed her eyes silently. “I’m fine now,” she said.

It was probably because she had been paying too much attention to Chen Qian that she had dreamed that she had been set on fire.


She began to feel puzzled.

That fire back then… Was it really because Chen Qian was depressed after she gave birth, or was it… someone else?

“Don’t worry too much.” The man closed his eyes and held Alora tightly in his arms. “Mathias has already found Yang Qingyou’s address last night.” “He has already brought people to guard her home. When you are in a better mood, shall we go over?” Alora turned to look, and a trace of emotion emerged in his heart. “Thank you…” In the end, the matter of finding Chen Qian was something she wanted to do. If Samir wanted to find her, with his strength and influence, it was impossible to find her in five years. However, he was willing to help her find someone who he had never been able to Thinking of this, Alora felt warm in his heart. “Why are you thanking me?”

“Do you want to sleep for a while longer, or do you want to leave now?” the man asked as he gently knocked her on the head.

“Let’s set off now.” Alora frowned.

“Sleep for a while on the road.”

Indeed, she did not sleep well.

However, it was equally important to look for Yang Qingling’s cousin.

Looking at her haggard face, Samir sighed lightly.

“I hope that after Chen Qian’s matter, you can have a good rest.”

“I can’t rest.”

Alora yawned and got up from the bed to wash up. “No matter whether I can find out Chen Qian’s whereabouts in the next few days or not, I have to go to the mountain village to go to the Exterior.”

“This movie is going to be released by the Exterior. As the heroine, I can’t not go, right?” she sighed as she washed her face. “You are so busy, yet you still care about other people’s affairs?” Samir frowned lightly and smiled as she put on her coat. “You are so busy, yet you still care about other people’s affairs?”

“This is not someone else’s business.”

“How can the matter between you and the babies be someone else’s business?” Alora laughed.

The woman’s words made Samir’s hand, which was buttoning, pause slightly.

After a while, he chuckled.

Ten minutes later, the couple boarded the car to Yang Qingyou’s cousin.

Yang Qingyou’s cousin was called Liang Yan. Five years ago, Liang Yan took over the mental hospital after Yang Qingyou’s mother was imprisoned.

After becoming the director of the mental hospital, Liang Yan bought a house in the villa area in the south of the city. After she became the director of an ordinary psychiatric department, she lived a life of living in a villa and driving a car.

Alora had reason to suspect that the reason why Liang Yan could develop was related to Chen Qian and her.

The hotel they lived in was very far away from Liang Yan’s home. Sitting in the back seat of the car, Alora was in a daze. As the car swayed, she leaned on Samir’s shoulder and fell asleep. After an unknown period of time, in a daze, she heard Samir pick up a phone call. In her sleep, she did not hear what was said on the other side of the line. But she heard Samir’s cold and low voice. “When did it happen?”

“Okay, I got it.” From his cold voice, Alora sensed that something was wrong. She frowned, yawned, looked up, and asked in a daze, “What’s wrong?” Samir looked at her deeply, hesitated for a moment, and sighed, “Liang Yan is dead.

Alora instantly lost all sleepiness. She widened her eyes. “Dead” How was that possible

The matter of Liang Yuxin investigating Liang Yan was a secret. Moreover, even if not for a secret, her relationship with Liang Yuxin last night wasn’t that good. No matter how others thought about it, they wouldn’t link it to her!

How could it be… She was on her way to find Liang Yan, but Liang Yan died Alora began to tremble. She raised her head to look at Samir’s face, trembling. “How… did she die?” “Suicide.”

“What just happened.” The man closed his eyes.

After that, he asked the driver to turn the car around. “There’s no need to go.”

“What a coincidence…” Alora grabbed the hem of his shirt tightly. “Is it… Is it possible for us to come directly to her last night?” “It’s all my fault… I shouldn’t have rested…” “I shouldn’t have slept…”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Samir took a deep breath and interrupted her softly. The man took out his phone and showed her the news this morning. “She committed suicide because of this matter.”

Alora pursed her lips and picked up the phone.

On the phone was a piece of news about attacking illegal profits.

She saw Liang Yan’s name in the list of public and private interests.

“She committed suicide because of this.”

“The police set up a network for a long time. Last night, Liang Yan committed a serious crime. Perhaps she was afraid of being caught. She committed suicide early in the morning.”

The man sighed and gently rubbed Alora’s head. “It has nothing to do with us.”

“Even if you arrived last night, she might not tell you the truth. Maybe she will still die.”

Alora was shocked speechless.

If not for this piece of news… she would have thought that Nancy and Yang Xiaoyou were already extremely capable. Not only did they know that she wanted to seek confirmation from Liang Yan, they even killed Liang Yan! It was really… too much of a coincidence. “Don’t think too much about it.”

“Didn’t you say that you were going to the mountain village to shoot an outdoor shoot?” Samir sighed lightly and hugged her.

“Get ready for the next few days. When we’re done filming and come back, I’ll accompany you to look for her.”

The woman lay in his arms and nodded obediently.

It seemed that this was the only way.

She leaned into his arms in frustration and closed her eyes, but she could not fall asleep no matter what.

“Darling, Liang Yan’s death really has nothing to do with us, right?”

The man looked up at the scenery outside the window, and his eyes were deep.

Rowan family’s old house.

Nancy listened to the voice on the other side of the line in shock.

“Ms. Short jumped off the building?”

“Why is it so sudden?”


Before she could finish, someone knocked on the door.

The woman quickly hung up the phone and went to open the door.

Outside the door stood the tall Qin Lingyi.

The man walked in with a gloomy face and kicked the door shut.

“Second Brother…”

“Why are you so angry so early in the morning?” Nancy bit her lips, puzzled.

“What happened?”

“What happened?” Qin Ling glared at Nancy coldly. “If I didn’t have someone in Samir’s bodyguards, do you know what would

have happened to you today?” ?”

“Who gave you the courage to provoke Alora in front of him

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