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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 161

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 161

Of Course You Have to Apologize!

Alora thought that the video Anne sent her should be the same as the video James showed her. It was a scene of her being drunk and making a fool of herself.

She frowned and wanted to turn it off awkwardly.

However, she did not expect that a second before she turned off the video, Samir’s face appeared on the screen.

His face, which was outlined by cold lines, was full of seriousness and affection.

He said,

“They never existed in the same time and space, and they never appeared beside me at the same time. I can’t determine who is more important.”

“But I can guarantee it.”

“In my heart, Alora is definitely no lighter than Chen Qian.”

His deep voice seemed to have magic.

Alora held her phone and stared at him for a long time.

After a while, she closed her eyes.

She wanted to drink last night because she saw the news that Samir and Nancy went to see Chen Qian.

However, she never thought that Samir would say something like this to the camera after she was drunk.

Moreover, all the crew members were present in the video.

She was actually touched that he was willing to say such words in front of everyone.

In fact, she wasn’t unreasonable to ask for the only one in his heart.

After all, the woman named Chen Qian had met him earlier than she did and gave birth to two sons for him. In the end, she gave up her life.

Didn’t she like Truett before he saved her?

Alora was angry and dissatisfied because Samir did not tell her when he went to the cemetery to visit Chen Qian.

Not only did he not tell her, he even went with Nancy and Yang Xiaoyou. Does this prove…

In his heart, he actually did not really accept her.

He did not want her to participate in his life.

Thinking of this, Alora’s heart instantly fell to the bottom of the valley.

At this time, Anne called, “Alora, look, your Mr. Rowan still likes you!” “Don’t be in a bad mood in the future!”

“He already said so!”

“What’s the use?” Alora smiled bitterly.

“Did you know? Yesterday was Steve, James’ mother, Chen Qian’s birthday.”

“He and Nancy went to mourn her, but he didn’t tell me.”

On the other side of the line, Anne was silent for a moment.

“Alora, did you misunderstand?”

“I know about Mr. Rowan’s trip yesterday. He did go to the cemetery, but he didn’t go with the person you mentioned. He went on his own.”

Alora was stunned.

“But I clearly saw it in the news…”

This time, it was Anne’s turn to be puzzled. “Did he go there twice?” “Alora, are you sure you saw him on the news? He showed his face?” Wasn’t it too strange for a man to mourn a woman twice on the same day? Samir didn’t seem like someone who would put on a show. Anne’s words completely reminded Alora.

Although Samir was as rich as a country, he had always been low-key. His suit, cufflinks, and watches were not limited edition.

Although his clothes and accessories were expensive, as long as he had the heart, he could always buy the

She bit her lips and quickly turned on the computer. She found the news from yesterday and read it again.

Sure enough, she found a flaw.

In the video, the man’s hand was so fair and delicate that it looked like he had taken good care of it.

But in fact –

Although Samir did not do rough work, he was a person who did not care about trifles and wanted to do many things by himself.

Occasionally, he would go to the garden in the backyard to take care of the flowers and plants, and occasionally he would play basketball and exercise with others.

His hand was rough and had a manly smell.

It was definitely not a white and tender hand that was wrapped up.

Alora closed his eyes.

The truth was clear.

Therefore, everything that happened yesterday should have been arranged by Yang Qingyou. She first called and entered the elevator, letting Alora hear that it was Chen Qian’s birthday yesterday. Then, she made a big deal of news and played it on TV. Because she had already set up a foreshadowing in front of Alora, when she saw the familiar sleeve and cufflink, she naturally felt that it was Samir’s hand.

“Alora, I also found the news you mentioned.”

“Don’t you think it’s strange?” On the other side of the line, Anne frowned.

“She, Yang Qingyou, is not a big star. She just went to sweep a tomb. What is worthy of the mainstream media?”

“It is very strange.” Alora narrowed his eyes.

She almost believed it.

“Anne, you said that you knew that Samir went to the cemetery yesterday?”


Anne nodded. “I had a high school teacher buried in that cemetery. Yesterday was his death anniversary. I went to deliver flowers to him. When I left, I saw Mr. Rowan.”

“He was holding a bouquet of flowers by himself, standing in front of the woman’s grave and talking to the tombstone.”

“I heard him mention your name from afar.”

“Because it’s a cemetery, it’s not good for me to greet him. I wanted to call you when I left the cemetery to tell you about this matter. Who knew that the moment I went out, I met another classmate who sent flowers to the teacher. I forgot it as soon as I talked!”

Alora helplessly held his forehead. So, yesterday, not only did Samir not go to the cemetery with the two women, but he also mentioned his name in front of Chen Qian’s tombstone?

She sighed. “Anne, I felt that I was angry yesterday. I drank wine and drank a lonely one.” It was all fake. It was a trap set up by Nancy and Yang Qing. “You didn’t feel lonely when you drank.” “Yesterday, everyone was watching you drink and talking about it!” Anne said gently. “…” Alora.

She hoped that everyone would forget about her embarrassment yesterday. But to let others forget, the first thing to do was to make others lose their nostalgic tools. She remembered that Samir had a backup copy of James’ video… “I think that you are in Samir’s heart.” “Go apologize to him sincerely and tell him that you will never do this again. I think he will help you destroy the video.”

“Apologize…” Alora pursed his lips. “Of course you have to apologize!” “Do you know how difficult it is for someone of Samir’s status to announce that he likes you in public?” Anne pouted.

“As a result, he just said that your relationship was in a complete mess, and then you were gloomily drinking and saying that he didn’t like you. If I were Samir, I would be depressed to death!” Alora, “…

After hanging up the phone with Anne, Alora lay in bed for a long time. When she got up again, it was already past ten o’clock. She decided to make something delicious and send Samir a love lunch as an apology.

She did as she said.

The woman went downstairs and found his favorite fish in the kitchen.

Three dishes and a soup.

She put the food into a thermos cup and carried it to Rowan Group Standing at the door of Rowan Group, Samir looked up at the towering building and sighed with emotion in his heart. No wonder Gary was willing to risk his life to get close to Samir.

Samir, who ran such a large asset, if not for because the rumors were too outrageous, Van family really did not have the qualifications to be related to Samir.

She also did not have the qualifications to marry him. After looking at the entrance of the building for a long time, Alora finally took a deep breath and walked in. However, she did not expect that just as she entered the building, she bumped into Nancy who came out of the building.

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