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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 158

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 158

Was His Love Not Obvious Enough?

In the next second, Alora was pulled into a familiar embrace. The man’s embrace was extremely warm. She lay in his embrace and smiled with intoxication. “It’s still better in a dream.” She must have had a dream, right?

If not for a dream, why would Samir appear in front of her? Why would he hug her? He should be busy with his work now.

He should be thinking about his Chen Qian.

How could… how could he come to find her, an unimportant woman? The man holding her sighed lightly. Samir raised his head and glanced at the men and women in the room. “Everyone, my wife is drunk.”

“I’ll take her away first.”

After saying that, he hugged Alora and was about to stand up when he was stopped by an arm.

It was Leo.

He leaned against the door with a cold smile on his lips. “Mr. Rowan, are you taking her away just like that?” he asked.

“What else?” he asked. “I didn’t need Mr. Leo’s permission to carry my wife home, did I?” Samir asked. “If you didn’t quarrel with Alora, of course you didn’t need my permission.” “But right now, your relationship is not good” Leo picked up the goblet and took a sip of red wine. “Now that Alora is drunk, if I allow you to take her away, I’m afraid that she will find me and throw a tantrum when she wakes up.” He deliberately described his relationship with Alora as close. In fact, Alora never said that she had quarreled with Samir and would not throw a tantrum at him at all.

“Oh?” Samir smiled.

“Why didn’t I know that I had a quarrel with my wife?” In the room, the two tall men were full of aura. The two of them were at loggerheads, causing the air in the room to be suppressed.

Liang Yuxin bit her lip and quickly came out to be the peacemaker.

“Leo, did Alora and Mr. Rowan quarrel?” “Didn’t she just call Mr. Rowan on the balcony?”

“It doesn’t look like a quarrel…”

“If not for a quarrel, why did Alora come back from the balcony without even eating? Why did he start drinking directly?” Leo smiled.

“He obviously doesn’t have a good alcohol tolerance, but after calling Samir, he crazily came in to drink. Isn’t this enough to explain the problem?”

Liang Yuxin was stunned.

It seemed that… it also made sense. She looked at Leo and then at Samir, not knowing how to persuade him.

But even if Alora was drunk, the oppressive atmosphere in the room made her very uncomfortable.

The woman pursed her lips and pulled away the hand Samir had placed on her. “I want to drink -”

Liang Yuxin frowned and quickly went to support her. The actors around them all lowered their voices and began to discuss.

“Why can’t Leo let her husband take her away? Even if they quarreled, Alora and Mr. Rowan are still husband and wife. Is there anything more intimate than husband and wife?”

“But Leo’s behavior is understandable. If your friend and husband quarreled, you won’t allow her husband to take her away while she is drunk, will you?”

The discussions of the surrounding people rose and fell one after another. Liang Yuxin furrowed her brows, and a thought suddenly flashed through her mind. “That.. Is it possible for Alora to decide on her own after she wakes up?” This sentence caused the entire room to instantly become silent.

“Alright,” Samir said with a faint smile.

After that, he glanced coldly at Mathias, who had been waiting at the door. “Prepare some hangover soup and some hangover medicine.”

Mathias nodded respectfully and turned to leave.

After he left, the man looked up at Leo. “Mr. Leo.”

“If Alora wakes up and proves that we did not quarrel, are you going to apologize for stopping me?” Leo frowned and did not speak. “I don’t want to sober up!”

When the two men were at loggerheads, Alora shook off Liang Yuxin who was supporting her and sat on the sofa. “Drink…”

“Mr. Rowan, come over and drink with me!” she said, looking at Samir, intoxicated.

Then, she glanced at Leo again. “You come too!” she said. “We… won’t go back until we’re drunk!” “Alora, you’re drunk! Don’t mess around!” Liang Yuxin frowned helplessly.

Letting these two male gods drink with her, even if she was drunk, she would not be able to say this!


Leo curled her lips and sat down beside Alora.

Samir also frowned and sat down on the other side of her. “Let’s… play Truth or Dare!”

Alora burped and poured wine for the two men beside him. “Drink!” he said, intoxicated.

Leo narrowed his eyes, picked up the wine glass on the coffee table, and drank it in one gulp.

Samir sneered, picked up the wine glass and drank it. Of the two men, one was cold and arrogant, while the other was elegant and elegant.

The two of them sat beside Alora, one on the left and one on the right, drinking non-stop from time to time, causing the surrounding people to be dumbfounded

Liang Yuxin hurriedly picked up her phone and secretly took a picture of this scene.

Just as she finished filming a part and was about to take another part, the phone in her pocket rang.

This was Alora’s phone. Just now, when she helped Alora up, it fell to the ground. She casually put it into her pocket.

She originally wanted to return it to her when Alora returned to the room, but she did not expect it to ring in her pocket.

Liang Yuxin picked up the phone. It was a call from Anne.

“Where is Alora?”

Upon hearing Liang Yuxin’s voice, Anne immediately frowned. “Who are you?” Liang Yuxin glanced at Alora who was still leaning against the sofa and watching the two men drinking wine. She quickly grabbed her phone and went to the balcony.

She briefly explained the current situation to Anne and even sent her a short video of Samir and Leo drinking together

Anne, “…” “I’ll be right there.”

Twenty minutes later.

Mathias’ hangover medicine had arrived, and the travel-worn Anne had also arrived.

The two men on the sofa had already drunk more than two bottles of red wine. What was surprising was that these two people were surprisingly good at drinking. Ordinary people would not be able to find the north after drinking a bottle of wine. Not only were these two not drunk, they could continue to drink. Anne glanced at Alora who was still drinking on the sofa and quickly strode forward. “Alora, I’ll send you back to your room.” “I don’t want it!” Alora curled his lips and pulled Anne’s arm away. “I want… I want to continue drinking!” As she spoke, she picked up the bottle on the table and pretended to pour it into her mouth. Samir quickly snatched the bottle of wine away.

Leo took the opportunity to hide the other wine on the table, afraid that she would continue to snatch it. “Don’t drink anymore.” “Why are you so drunk?” Anne pursed his lips. “I’m not in a good mood,” Alora chuckled. “I just want to drink!” “Why are you in a bad mood?” Anne sighed and held Alora’s hand.

The familiar warmth and tone of her best friend made Alora’s intoxicated mind finally clear up a little. She looked up at Anne’s face and her aggrieved voice almost sounded like she was crying.

“Samir doesn’t like me.”

In an instant, everyone in the room focused on Samir. Samir, “…” Wasn’t his love obvious enough?

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