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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 156

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 156

Where Could She Be Clean Herself?

Alora raised his hand and placed it on his heart.

She was sure that the most important position of her heart had been completely occupied by Samir.

But… what about Samir’s heart?

She had known him for too short a time, and he had his own past.

Even if Samir liked her now, Alora could not determine what position she was in his heart.

This discovery made her angry, depressed, and uneasy.

The woman held the remote control and stared at the scene on TV for a long time.

“Alora, do you like to watch this kind of news?”

After an unknown period of time, Liang Yuxin’s teasing voice sounded in her ears.

The woman snapped back to her senses and focused her gaze. What was being broadcasted on the television was actually the general manager of a certain overseas country who was expressing his resignation. “I didn’t expect Alora to be so concerned about the current situation.”

The actors on the side joked as they sat down on the sofa.

Not only did Leo find Liang Yuxin, but he also found many other actors.

Almost everyone in the crew was here.

Of course, other than Yang Qingyou.

As the host, Leo held his mobile phone and ordered food while smiling, “I originally planned to eat a meal myself, but I felt that it was boring to eat, so I called everyone over.” “The food on the table is definitely not enough. Let’s have some food first. I’ll order now. I’ll treat everyone tonight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, waves of cheers rang out in the room.

As the person with the highest position and status in the crew, Leo’s room was the largest and most luxurious in the entire hotel.

The group of people in his room was not crowded.

Some people were eating snacks and chatting, while others suggested playing cards together. Because of the previous news, Alora had completely lost interest in playing cards and chatting. She sat silently at the side, her eyes fixed on the phone in her hand,

In the phone was the chat box between her and Samir.

It had been a full ten minutes since she sent him the message.

He never replied to her.

… Is he working?

Or is it inconvenient to reply to Nancy and Yang Qingling?


Alora did not dare to continue thinking about it.

“Tsk tsk, we are already husband and wife. Why are you still staring at your phone like a school couple?”

Liang Yuxin hugged a bag of melon seeds and sat down beside Alora. “Do you want to eat?”

The woman paused, raised her hand, grabbed a handful of melon seeds, and lowered her head to eat them.

“I used to hate you a lot.”

“I think people like you are nothing but hype.” Liang Yuxin sighed as she ate her melon seeds.

“But I have changed my mind now.”

“Is it because of Yang Qingyou?” Alora frowned and looked at her.

“Not entirely.”

“I chatted with Director Cheng for a while in the afternoon. He said that you don’t know what’s good for you.” Liang Yuxin shrugged.

“He doesn’t even want the hype that he gave for free.”

Alora paused for a moment, then understood that what Director Cheng said about not knowing what was good for her should be referring to the fact that she was not willing to add to the kissing scene, right?

She lowered her head, “My husband is not an actor. The reason he is a kissing scene is the same as what he said at the press conference. It is because he doesn’t want me to kiss another man.”

“Deliberately increasing the kissing scene is to cause trouble for him.”

Samir had his own things to do. He should not waste his time on the crew because of her, nor should he caterto other people’s entertainment just because he had a wife who was an actor.

“That’s why.”

“I think I misunderstood you before.” Liang Yuxin shrugged.

“Moreover, I thought about it carefully. The impression I had of you in the past was that Yang Qing had added oil to the fire to my ears.”

“From the beginning, she wanted to use me as a chess piece against you.” “I hate it when people use me the most in my life!” said Liang Yuxin indignantly. “Yang Qingyou is such a vicious woman. She deserves it that she can’t get famous!” Looking at Liang Yuxin’s angry appearance, Alora smiled helplessly.

It was because of her personality that she was influenced by Yang Qingyou, right?

However, this kind of personality that dared to love, hate, hate, and hate was quite likeable.

“I know what you are thinking.” Looking at Alora’s eyes, Liang Yuxin curled her lips, “You must be curious why I used to trust Yang Qingyou so much.”

“When I first entered the entertainment circle, Yang Qingyou and I came from the same company. Because her mother was a psychiatrist, she also had some psychological counseling skills. I became friends with her…”

“Actually, before I became friends with her, I heard some rumors about her mother. However, I felt that her mother was her mother, and she was her… In the end, I found out that she was just like her mother, and her heart was like a snake!”

As Alora listened to her words, he stared at the phone screen with the corner of his eye and asked, “What happened to Yang Qingyou’s mother?”

“Don’t you know?”

Liang Yuxin bit her lips and whispered into Alora’s ear, “Yang Qingyou’s mother is the director of a mental hospital in the former city. Because she had a criminal record of capturing a normal person as a madman, she was suedin jail.” “The director of the mental hospital is Yang Qingyou’s cousin. Like me, she is also surnamed Liang.” “I heard that she is not a clean person. A few years ago, she even captured a woman who had just given birth as a mental patient.” “But for some reason, that woman did not mention the director surnamed Liang.” “Otherwise, where would Yang Qingyou get the money to enter the entertainment circle?”


“Her looks and acting skills were all supported by her cousin, Liang!” “I was too naive back then,” Liang Yuxin sighed. “How can she be clean with such a person by her side?” “To think that I treated her as a friend. She has always treated me as a pawn!” Alora pursed her lips. Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly thought of something and raised her head. “You said that Yang Qingyou’s cousin once captured a woman who had just given birth… as a mental patient?”

Her voice was a little loud.

The people playing cards in the room all stopped and looked in their direction in surprise. Leo, who was reading the newspaper on the side, frowned. “There is a balcony behind you.” Alora frowned, and before she could react to the meaning of his words, she was already pulled to the balcony by Liang Yuxin. With a bang, the balcony door was closed. Alora, Liang Yuxin, and the person inside the door were instantly separated into two worlds. “Why are you so surprised?” Liang Yuxin lowered her voice, “This is just a rumor. If someone hears you so loudly, it will sooner or later reach Yang Qingyou’s ears.” “At that time, she will definitely want to deal with you again!” Alora bit her lips and looked up at Liang Yuxin seriously. “Where did you hear this from?” “Can you… help me ask for a specific time?” If it were forfive years ago… That legendary woman should be herself!

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