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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 134

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 134

Don’t Look for Your Child Anymore

Innocence release? “Did you hear wrong?” Alora frowned. How could Elena be acquitted? As the witness of the kidnapping incident that day, she did not overturn the confession and did not cancel the report. How could she be acquitted when there was solid evidence? “It’s true.”

“It is said that Elena’s father produced an appraisal report that Elena is mentally ill. After verification, Elena is suffering from intermittent anxiety disorder. When she planned to kidnap my sister, it was when she was

“Alora, don’t you think this is a lie?”

“How can this be!” On the other side of the line, Alora tightened her grip on her phone.

No wonder she saw Gary’s car when she came out of the mental hospital with Han Yun.

It turned out that Gary went to the mental hospital this time not to find evidence of her hospitalization and illness, but to find someone to prove that Elena had a mental illness!

“Calm down first. I’ll think of a way.” She closed her eyes.


“Alora, my sister is already like that. I don’t want the culprit to get away with it.”

“Of course, this has nothing to do with you. If you can help, then help.” “If there’s really no other way… I’ll go fight that Elena to the death. Anyway, my life is cheap!” His childish words made Alora frown slightly. “Sherry won’t want to hear you say such things.” After saying that, she sighed, “You settle Father Luo and Mother Luo first and wait for my news.” After saying this, she did not wait for Luo Jingze’s reaction and directly hung up the phone. “What happened?” Han Yun in front of her frowned. “Dr. Han,” “Do you know the intermittent anxiety and anxiety disease?” Alora looked up at him seriously. “Your friend has this disease?” Han Yun, who was sitting in front of her, smiled.


She pursed her lips and told Han Yun everything that Luo Qingze had said on the phone.

“Doctor Han, what should we do in this situation?”

“You asked me. It can be considered asking the right person,”

“I have a lot of research in this area,” Han Yunxi said as she sipped her coffee.

“Give this patient to me. If she is sick, I can cure her and let her go back to jail.”

“If she is not sick… I will let her get what she wants.”

When he said the words “get what she wants”, a strange smile appeared on Han Yun’s face.

Alora looked cold.

Although she knew that Dr. Han was actually a good person, his sinister smile still made Alora shiver instinctively. “Then Dr. Han, do you want to help me with this?” she asked in a trembling voice. “Of course.” Han Yun smiled faintly.


“I helped you yesterday because of Mark.” The man looked at Alora indifferently. “I helped you today because I think you are a good person.” “But, I can’t always help you.” “Alora, you and I are not related.” He gracefully placed the coffee cup on the table. “If I say that I can only help you with one thing, what will you choose?” His bottomless eyes stared fixedly at her face. “To find medicine for you and to settle the case for your friend. Of these two things, you can only choose one thing for me to do for you.”

“How do you choose?” Alora was stunned.

She had never thought that Han Yun would ask her this question.

Of course, she had thought that expert Han Yun was unrelated to her and would not always help her for free. She had also thought of using her own salary to thank him.

However, he threw out this question right now and even clearly asked her to choose between two.

The woman bit her lip.

On one hand, she wanted to recover her past memories, but she did not want to be as painful as yesterday. It was the best choice to let Han Yun go to the research institute to help her find medicine.

On the other hand, she also had some responsibility for Sherry’s current state. Moreover, the Luo family was not in a good mood now. If Elena really could not get any punishment in the end…

The woman snapped her fingers and thought for a long time.

After a while, she raised her head and looked at Han Yun seriously. “I choose to help my friend,” she said.

Even if there was no medicine in her memory, as long as she worked hard and suffered more, she could always find it back.

But Elena was different.

If Elena escaped this time, someone would be injured next time.

Moreover, even if Elena did not do it again, who would pay for Sherry’s pain?

Han Yun curled his lips lightly and looked into her eyes.


“If I do this for you, you still have to do me a favor,” the man said mysteriously.

Alora nodded. There was no free lunch in the world. “What favor?” she asked.

“I don’t know.” He looked at her and smiled. “In short, it won’t be murder or arson, nor will it destroy your family.”

“I will tell you when I have thought it through.”

“It’s a deal.”

After the two of them agreed, Han Yun simply asked Alora for some information about Elena and left. After Han Yun left, she first called Luo Jingze to appease the Luo family, and then sat alone in the restaurant in a daze.

After a long time, she picked up the phone and called Justin. It was still turned off. She had no choice but to leave him a message. “A friend said that I might not have gone crazy five years ago.” “He also said that my memory loss might have been caused by someone and not by mental illness.”

“Dad, you were the one who handled the procedures for my hospitalization. You should know my illness best. Can you tell me what is going on?”

“Don’t hide it from me anymore. I remember now. My child is not dead at all.”

After sending the message, the woman let out a long sigh and put away her phone.

But what she did not expect was that not long after the message was sent out, Justin called.


The man on the other side of the line’s voice was much hoarse and haggard. “Why did you suddenly mention what happened five years ago?”

“Did Samir tell you?”

Alora frowned. What did what happened five years ago have to do with Samir? “So, Dad, what happened five years ago?” Justin was silent for a long time. “It was indeed me who sent you to the mental hospital.” “But I had a reason at that time.” “You were injured at that time. Because of some personal reasons, I couldn’t send you to the hospital. I just happened to know a friend from the mental hospital. Under her suggestion, I sent you in.” “I asked you to be in the mental hospital. I asked you to treat other diseases, not abuse you.”

“Also, don’t look for your child.” “You are just a surrogate mother. That child is someone else’s blood. Even if you find that child, what do you want to do?” “Do you want the child to leave your father and family? Does your old guild agree with you?” “If you can’t take the child away, then what’s the difference between seeing him and not seeing him?”

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