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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 132

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 132

 I Don’t Dislike You

Alora looked at Luo Qingze’s back as he left, feeling empty in his heart.

She knew that Luo Qingze’s last sentence should be the main point.

However, he did not explain in detail what exactly Lu Ziyao stole from Sherry.

Alora thought left and right and could only think of Alexander.

Could it be that Lu Ziyao had stolen Sherry’s Alexander?

In fact, she had known Alexander when she was a child. The one who had been communicating after that was Sherry?

After a long while, Alora sighed helplessly and raised his hand to knock on his head.

She must have read too many novels recently and had become muddle-headed.

How could there be such a coincidence in this world?

Even if Alexander could not distinguish the handwriting of the girl who wrote the letter to him and could not distinguish the habits of her words, Sherry was not mute.

She was a living person, and Alexander was her favorite person. Why didn’t she say it clearly?

It was definitely not like this. Alora thought about it for a while and could not figure it out, so she simply got up and went out of the dumpling restaurant.

“Madam, are you going home now or back to the old house?” The driver stood respectfully beside her.

“Go home,” the woman hesitated for a while.

She really did not want to eat with the people of Rowan family.

When she got home, she simply cooked a bowl of noodles for herself. She wanted to eat it herself, but

James, who went downstairs to drink water, saw it.

“Mommy, you eat alone secretly!” “My brother and I ate the meal made by the servants tonight. It is not delicious at all!” After that, the little fellow directly took the bowl of noodles in front of Alora.

“Mommy, make another one for yourself!” he said.

“Give this to me and my brother!” he said.

Looking at the little fellow’s strange back, Alora sighed helplessly and turned back to the kitchen to cook noodles.

When she was cooking noodles, she received a message from expert Han Yun. “When you recalled the past in the afternoon, was it just a headache?” “Are there any big fluctuations in your emotions?” “No,” Alora thought about it carefully.

“Then I am almost certain that you have never been sick.”

“As for the reason why you lost your memory, according to your confession, I think it is almost a new type of medicine.”

“I have done relevant research. There is a very powerful medicine abroad that can suppress the nerves of the patient’s brain in charge of the memory zone, cause amnesia, and the symptoms of headaches when thinking of the past.”

“But it is said that this medicine has encountered a problem when it was just introduced. When facing patients with too strong willpower, the restrictions of this medicine are broken again and again.” “So the research of the drug ended in failure.”

“But even so, there are many patients in every corner of the world who have successfully suppressed their memories.”

“Alora, I suspect that you are one of them.”

“I will go to the research institute abroad tomorrow to take a look. If I confirm that you are the victim of this drug, the research institute will fix the drug that will help you recover your memories.” Standing in the kitchen, Alora looked at the messages sent by Han Yun on her phone, and her heart could not help but tremble.

So, she really had not gone crazy.

Moreover, if she really was the victim of that medicine, she could still remember the past without

experiencing the pain in the afternoon, right?

This discovery made Alora’s lips involuntarily curl up in excitement.

After the noodles were cooked, she even happily ate two bowls.

“Will you be so happy even if you eat a bowl of noodles?”

When she was halfway through the second bowl of noodles, the man’s low voice sounded in her ears.

Alora suddenly raised her head.

In front of her, Samir was already sitting opposite her.

He took off his coat. He was only wearing a white shirt. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up, revealing his strong forearm.

At this moment, he was crossing his arms around his chest, looking at her quietly.

It seemed that he had been back for a while.

But she did not notice him at all! The only thing in her mind was the noodles in front of her!

“When did you come back?” the woman smiled embarrassedly.

“When you first started eating the second bowl of noodles.”

Alora, “…”

This man walked without making a sound?

“You eat too well.”

“Is there anything else in the pot?” he asked lightly, his voice low and smiling.

“No more.” Alora shook his head subconsciously.

She had cleaned up the pot just now! “Then I can only make you eat less.” The man smiled helplessly. He stretched out his long arm and directly scooped up the half bowl of noodles in front of Alora.

He picked up her chopsticks and ate half of her noodles.

“Well, if you want to eat, I can make more for you…” Alora bit her lips. There was no need to eat the rest of her… “No need.”

“I don’t dislike you,” the man said, even as he ate his noodles elegantly.

Alora pursed her lips and blushed. For a moment, she did not know what to say.

“I have signed the contract between Big Brother and sister-in-law.”

The man’s low voice broke the awkwardness in the restaurant. “But I have an additional condition. It will only take effect after Big Brother and sister-in-law apologize to the Luo couple.”

As he said that, he lifted his eyes to look at Alora indifferently. “You can vent your anger now.”

Alora pursed his lips. “I heard from Luo Jingze that… Lu Ziyao was also raised by Father Luo and Mother Luo.” “En.”

Samir nodded. “Sherry met Lu Ziyao when he was in the orphanage. Later, the Luo family found Sherry and adopted Lu Ziyao.” “This is also the reason why Lu Ziyao told Alexander to take good care of Sherry before she died.” “After all, it’s the grace of raising her.” Alora bit her lips. The grace of raising her. For Lu Ziyao, the grace of raising the Luo family was a debt. For her, the grace of Van family raising her made her heart cold. When she thought of Van family… she couldn’t help but think of Gary and Elena. From the moment Elena entered the police station, Gary had already thought of many ways to threaten her. If the video that Director Lin had shot for her today was released, the last bit of evidence in Gary’s hands would be gone.

She closed her eyes. She did not believe that Gary would give up because of Director Lin’s video.

He definitely had to use other methods to coerce her.

Thinking of this, she felt a headache. “When I just came back, Mathias asked around.”

“The evidence for Elena’s case is conclusive. The verdict will be given next Monday.”

“He consulted the relevant personnel. As the planner, Elena can probably stay in prison for ten years.”

“Ten years?” Alora pursed his lips. “Why? Do you think it’s too much?”


“Gary will go crazy.” She shook her head.

“Up to him.”

“Interesting.” Samir put down his chopsticks and elegantly picked up a tissue to wipe his mouth.

“I just got the exact news that Elena will have a court hearing next week. Nancy told my second brother that she will be back next Tuesday.”

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