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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 131

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 131

Lu Ziyao Was a Thief

Alora and Luo Jingze sent the parents of the Luo family to the hotel together.

Mrs. Luo was in poor health. Previously, when she was with Rowan family, she had always been stubborn. The moment she left Rowan family, she was like a deflated ball, extremely weak.

Now that Sherry had become like that for Alora, Alora felt that it was necessary for him to take good care of her on behalf of Sherry. Thus, the woman kept pouring tea and water for Mrs. Luo in the hotel.

“Mrs. Rowan, don’t be busy.”

“This is my old illness. I will be fine after resting for a while.”

“With such a noble status, don’t take care of me. You will lose your value.” Her words made Alora pause slightly.

A moment later, the woman sighed. “Auntie, don’t say that.”

“Although I am Samir’s wife, I am also Sherry’s friend.”

“It is my duty to take care of you.”

At the mention of Sherry, Mrs. Luo coughed even harder. “Get up.”

At the side, Luo Qingze glanced coldly at Alora, his voice low and cold. “My mother is overly sad. She will be fine after resting for a while.”

“Don’t get in the way here.”

After saying that, the youth rolled his eyes coldly and turned to open the door of the room. “Let’s go.”

Alora pursed her lips.

Luo Qingze’s actions always made her feel uncomfortable.

“Mrs. Rowan, you can go back.”

“It’s already so late. You haven’t eaten yet, right?” Mother Luo leaned against the headboard and continued, “It’s already so late. You haven’t eaten yet, right?”

“It’s all my fault…”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Luo Jingze. “Send Mrs. Rowan back, do you hear me?”


Luo Jingze curled his lips. “I will definitely send her back even without you telling me.”

“No matter what, she is still a weak woman. Even if I hate Rowan family, I will not ignore her.” The young man opened the door and looked at Alora again. “Please.”

Since he had already said this, it was not good for Alora to continue staying here.

She looked at Mother Luo and took a deep breath. “Auntie.” “I know that there are some things that should not be said by me, but I still want to say it.” “Although Alexander is not very good at talking and is also very strange.” “However, he was the one who proposed to marry Sherry, and he was also the one who took the initiative to fight against his family for Sherry.” “Also, the problem of shares that you care about is not that Alexander wants to marry Sherry for the sake of the shares. It is my husband who is afraid that Alexander’s parents will disagree and make things difficult for him. Therefore, he promised to use 10 of the shares as Alexander’s wedding gift.” “There is no such thing as Alexander marrying Sherry for money.”

She specially came over to explain this matter to the Luo family. After all, Alexander would not take the initiative to explain, and Samir could not chase after her, so this matter could only be done by her.

“Even if he isn’t doing it for money, what about his parents?” “Isn’t it all for money?” Luo Qingze rolled his eyes.

“Moreover, what his mother said is human?”

“But, Sherry married Alexander.” Alora bit her lips. “You can’t judge a child with your parents, can you?” She took a deep breath. “Then can you see that my mother left me since I was born? Is my father an alcoholic?”

“I have foster parents.”

“My foster parents are greedy. For the sake of money, they forced me to repay their kindness of raising them and marry Samir.”

“According to the logic of having a mother and a son, I should be a mercenary, with a corrupted character and irresponsible character, right?”

The woman’s words caused the entire room to fall silent. The Luo couple looked at Alora in shock.

What they were shocked about was not only Alora’s background, but also the courage of this girl.

They had only met today at Rowan family.

However, she was willing to frankly expose all of her past to them when there was a disagreement.

Her sincerity made Luo Jingze feel a little embarrassed to continue speaking ill of her. After a while, the youth curled his lips. “Why are you saying so much?” “Are you leaving or not?”

“Let’s go.”

Alora bit her lips before bowing and saying goodbye to the Luo couple. She turned around and left with Luo Jingze.

Coming out of the hotel, Alora saw that there was a dumpling restaurant opposite the hotel.

She remembered that when Sherry participated in the program, she once said that she liked dumplings the most. Her younger brother also liked dumplings the most.

So the woman pursed her lips and directly pulled Luo Jingze into the dumpling restaurant.

“It’s already so late. Uncle and Aunt haven’t eaten yet.”

Her reason completely convinced Luo Jingze.

The youth unwillingly sat down opposite Alora.

The dumplings in the dumpling restaurant were cooked very slowly.

Alora could not help chatting with Luo Jingze. The content of the chat naturally could not be separated from Sherry. “She will get better.” Luo Jingze poured himself a cup of water and sipped it gently. “My sister is the most sensible.” “She won’t let my mother lose two daughters in a few years.” Two daughters? “You have an older sister?” Alora frowned Luo Qingze’s body paused slightly.

“I guess so.”

“But she isn’t his biological daughter.”

“That Lu Ziyao.”

Lu Ziyao “She’s your sister too?” Alora widened her eyes in shock.


“My sister was kidnapped and sold when she was young, but in the end, she still escaped from the human traffickers by herself.”

“Later, she was sent to the orphanage.”

“She met Lu Ziyao at the orphanage. They were like sisters.” “Later, when the police took her parents to find her, she asked her parents to adopt Lu Ziyao.” “So.” “Later, my mother took her home and raised her like a biological daughter.”


“You saw it now,” he said, lowering his head. “My sister gave Lu Ziyao a family, giving her hope of living again.” “But what Lu Ziyao did in return was that there was always a place in the heart of the man my sister loved the most.” His words made Alora sigh and especially wanted to cry out for Sherry.

But on second thought…

“Actually, this is not Lu Ziyao’s fault.” “She might not have expected it either…” “How could she not have anticipated it?” “She’s a thief,” Luo Jingze sneered. Alora pursed his lips. Before he could ask Lu Ziyao what exactly she had stolen from Sherry, the dumplings were already cooked. Luo Qingze stood up with the dumplings in his hands and waved goodbye to Alora with a smile. The moment he turned around, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something. He turned his head, a cold smile hanging on the corner of his lips. “Lu Ziyao stole my sister’s most important thing.”

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