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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 115

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 115

 It Was Me Who Did Not Educate Her Well

“Second brother, take a seat.”

Seeing that Qin Ling was still standing there, Old Master Rowan cleared his throat and pointed to the sofa opposite him. “Samir said that there is something important to announce today…”

After that, the old man glanced at his watch. “Is our family still short of Alexander and Nancy?”

“Nancy has gone abroad.”

Just as the old man finished speaking, Qin Ling spoke indifferently, “He said that there was an exhibition abroad, and he left in the middle of the night on a private plane.”

“She has always been like this, reckless and careless.” The man’s eyes flashed with a hint of love. After saying that, Nancy looked up at Alora as if he had thought of something. “You met Nancy, right?” “Yes,” Alora nodded.

“That girl is a little neurotic. If she said something or did something abnormal, don’t take it to heart.”

When Qin Ling said these words, he could not hide the affection in his voice.

“What did second brother mean when he told me not to take it to heart?” Alora narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Does he mean that she stressed in front of me that she and my husband were childhood sweethearts? Or did she curse me to get drunk during the dinner?”

The woman’s words caused the atmosphere in the living room to instantly drop to the freezing point.

Qin Jianan looked up at Old Master Rowan. The eyes of the father and son were both complicated.

Qin Ling also frowned slightly.

After a while, he smiled, “If Nancy has done all these things you said, then I apologize to you on her behalf.” “I didn’t educate her well.”

“Then Second Brother should educate Nancy well in the future,” Samir said in a cold voice.

“I will.”

Qin Ling looked at Alora seriously. “Did Nancy do anything that made you uncomfortable?”

Alora shook his head.

The number of times she met and talked with Nancy was counted on one hand. Although she did not like that woman, that woman did not do anything other than this. “That’s good.”

Qin Ling narrowed his eyes.

It seemed that she really couldn’t remember anything from five years ago.

They chatted for a while, and Alexander also came back.

He obviously hadn’t slept all night, and his face was haggard.

Qin Jianan looked at him with a cold face, “I didn’t go home last night, how did it become like this?”

“Where did you go?”

“I made a decision.”

Alexander took a deep breath and stood in front of his family. “I plan to get married in a few days.” His voice was steady.

His words were like a clap of thunder that exploded in the living room.

Everyone was delighted. Cheng Lu had just come down from upstairs. When she heard the news, she rushed over excitedly and

hugged Alexander. “Good son, you finally figured it out. You are going to establish a family!” “Which family is she from? What does she look like? Is she beautiful?” “Why didn’t you bring her here today for everyone to see?” After she finished speaking, she even glanced at Alora proudly. “Don’t be a woman in the entertainment industry!”

Her words caused Alexander’s expression to change slightly.

The man pulled Cheng Lu away and took a deep breath. “What I want to say is that I want to marry Sherry.” Cheng Lu’s face instantly turned ugly! Even if she never paid attention to the entertainment circle, she knew Sherry!

She liked to hype up, liked to gossip with others, and even acted in many exposed scenes!

“Are you crazy?” She bit her lip and glared at Alexander.

As Alexander’s mother, she had just mocked Alora for being better off in the entertainment industry than going home to take care of his children!

But now, he was slapping his own mother’s face like crazy

“I’m not crazy.”

“Today, I asked Uncle to get everyone to gather together,” Alexander said.

“I want to tell everyone that I want to marry Sherry.”

The man stood in front of everyone and said in a cold voice, “Sherry met with an accident yesterday. She is still unconscious in the hospital.” “The doctor said that she might wake up today. Maybe she won’t wake up for the rest of her life.”

“Something happened to her because of me. The man she likes the most is also me.”

“That’s why I want to marry her. Whether she can wake up or not, I want her to be my wife for the rest of my life.”

“I don’t agree!” “It’s fine if I marry a actress, but she’s still unconscious. I wonder when she woke up?” Cheng Lu frowned.

“Alexander, you want to anger me to death!”

“Alexander, even if this girl met with an accident because of you, you can’t insist on marrying her, right?”

“Dad and Mom want you to get married, but they want you to marry a normal person!” “Grandpa, what about you?” Alexander turned to look at Old Master Rowan. “… I don’t agree either.” The old man coughed lightly “You already knew?” He subconsciously glanced in Samir’s direction. “I support him.” Samir nodded.

“Of course you support him!” “Your second brother has been unwilling to inherit the family property since he came back from the army.” Cheng Lu was furious. “You are the only one who can inherit the entire family property of Rowan family except us!” “Of course you want Alexander to marry such a woman. It is best that he will never wake up!” “When the time comes, no one will compete with you and your sons for the family property. When the time comes, the entire Rowan family will be yours!”

The more Cheng Lu spoke, the angrier she became. “I knew you did it on purpose!”

“Don’t think I don’t know what you are planning!”

Cheng Lu’s words were very unpleasant to hear.

Alora bit her lips and turned to look at her side.

James and Steve sat in the corner playing chess, as if they had not heard the conversation of the adults.

As for Samir, he was leisurely drinking tea, as if the person who was attacked by Cheng Lu with nasty words was not him. After a long while, when Cheng Lu finally stopped speaking, Samir put down the teacup. “Is sister-in-law finished?” Cheng Lu rolled her eyes at him and stopped talking. Samir looked at Cheng Lu with a faint smile. “What you meant just now was that you were worried that the family property would be taken by me alone in the future, and Alexander would be suppressed by me and my two sons, right?”

Cheng Lu rolled her eyes at him and did not say anything. “Alexander is my nephew.”

Samir raised his hand and gracefully poured himself a cup of tea. “I don’t have anything to give him since he is married. Why don’t you give him 10 of my shares in Rowan Group?” This sentence caused the entire living room to fall silent once again. “Samir, ten percent of the shares. Isn’t this gift a bit too heavy?” Qin Ling lightly smiled. One had to know that Rowan Group was a large group that was worth hundreds of billions. Ten percent of the shares was equivalent to giving Alexander tens of billions.

Moreover, shares were not as simple as money. Samir giving up so many shares was actually equivalent to giving a lot of Rowan Group’s rights to Alexander.

Although Qin Lingyi had never been a businessman, he still understood these principles. “Alexander’s decision made me see his responsibility as a man. I think it’s worth it.” Samir smiled. “That’s true.”

Qin Ling shrugged, “You and Alexander have always had a good relationship. It’s normal for you to be willing to give so much.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Cheng Lu who was completely stunned. “However, sister-in-law might not want it very much.”

“How can a mere 10 of the shares make sister-in-law condescend to accept an unconscious daughter-in-law?”

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