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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 114

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 114

Could This Be the Will of Heaven?

“Alora, if anything happens to Victoria and Elena, I won’t forgive you!” Gary threw down this sentence and left.

Alora stood where she was and watched him help Victoria leave. Her eyes gradually turned cold.

After a while, her cell phone rang. It was James calling.

She knew that he must have been waiting anxiously at the entrance of the police station.

Raising his hand to hang up the phone, Alora turned around and strode out of the police station. “Mr. Rowan, what are you looking at?”


In the corner of the police station, Qin Ling looked away indifferently. “What is that woman doing here?”

“Oh, she is here to take a statement. One of her friends was kidnapped and abused yesterday.”

The man nodded and turned to look at the person beside him. “Her friend is in trouble. Is she okay?”

“Do you think she looks like she is in trouble? She must be fine.”

“Second Master Qin, you have been single for almost forty years. Why are you suddenly interested in such a big little girl?”

Qin Ling glanced at him coldly.

The surrounding air became cold.

“I am just curious. Why are you suddenly concerned about a stranger?” The man coughed awkwardly.

“She is not a stranger. I have seen her before.”


Qin Ling frowned and looked at the direction where Alora left.

But it seemed that she had forgotten him. What happened five years ago, she… really forgot it all?

Outside the police station.

Alora opened the door and got into the car.

“Mommy, Daddy just called and asked us to go to the old house now!”

As soon as she got in the car, James could not wait to say, “Daddy is waiting for us at the door of the old house!”

Alora nodded and subconsciously glanced at her clothes. “Is it… appropriate for me to wear this?”

Although she had met Old Master Rowan family before, this was the first time she had seen Samir’s two brothers.

Samir was an old man.

Although he was now twenty-eight years old, his two older brothers were already very old. Even his second brother was almost forty years old.

Alora always felt that it was very stressful to see his two older brothers.

“It doesn’t matter!”

“Mommy, don’t be afraid! Eldest Uncle and second uncle are not bad people!” James smiled.

After that, he looked up at Steve, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. “Brother, don’t you think so?”

“Yes.” Steve, who had been looking at the distance, came back to his senses.

“Then it’s decided happily. Let’s go to the old house now!”

“Driver, drive!” James smiled.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the door of Rowan family’s old house.

Alora got out of the car and looked at the majestic villa in front of him, feeling very stressed.

“Let’s go.”

The man’s deep voice sounded in her ears.

She was stunned and subconsciously looked towards the source of the voice. Two steps away from her stood Samir in a black suit. He was tall and straight, exuding an elegant and cold temperament.

The midday sun made him look even more distinguished and charming.

He stretched out a hand towards her.

She held his hand nervously.

Feeling her tension, the man curled his lips. “Don’t be nervous.” Alora bit her lips. How could she not be nervous. The family of four entered the old house.


In the living room of the old house, the old man was sitting on the sofa drinking tea. On the sofa on his left, there was a middle-aged couple. Judging from their age, they should be Alexander’s parents.

At this time, the woman in the middle aged couple complained with some dissatisfaction, “Samir didn’t bring his wife back to see us when he got married. He simply didn’t put us brothers and sister-in-law in his eyes at all.”

“Now that he said that he had something to announce, we have to honestly push the matter that had been arranged to wait for him here!” “Sure enough, he is the future head of the family. His temper is as big as his arrogance!”

“Speak less.”

Qin Jianan, who was beside her, frowned fiercely. “Samir has his own considerations for everything he does. He is still young, and we are brothers. What’s wrong with letting him have a little?”

Cheng Lu curled her lips and looked unhappy. “The inheritance rights of the group have been given to him. How much more do you want to give him?” From afar, Alora heard their argument.

The woman’s heart slightly froze.

It seems that… the relationship between Samir and his family is not very good…

“Big uncle, big aunt!” James rolled his eyes and shouted loudly as he ran towards them. A clear voice broke the tense atmosphere in the living room. “James missed you so much!” James threw herself into James’ arms with a smile on her face. The little fellow’s coquettish voice eased Cheng Lu’s expression.

She liked children. No matter how much she hated Samir, she still couldn’t hate Samir’s children.

“Do you really miss me?” she asked with a smile as she hugged James. “Of course!” James smiled and raised his hand to touch her face. “Big aunt is young again!” Cheng Lu was overjoyed by the praise and completely forgot the quarrel with Qin Jianan before.

“Samir is here.”

Qin Jian’an stood up and looked at Samir with a smile.


Samir held Alora’s hand and walked over. “Big brother, this is my wife, Alora.”

“Alora, this is my big brother, Qin Jian’an.”

“This is sister-in-law, Cheng Lu.”

“Hello, big brother and sister-in-law.” Alora pursed his lips. Qin Jianan smiled and nodded. “She’s pretty. How old is she?”

“She’s twenty-three years old,” Alora said honestly.

“I’m about the same age as Alexander.”

“What do you do?” Cheng Lu looked at Alora contemptuously.

“I’m an actor now.”

“An actor?”

“What do you mean by not doing well? Are you going to be an actor?” Cheng Lu raised her eyebrows.

“There are not many good women in the entertainment circle.”

“Listen to sister-in-law. Hurry up and stop working. It’s better to go home and take care of Samir than in the entertainment circle.”

“Besides, isn’t Samir looking for a wife just to find a cheap nanny to take care of two children? Is he willing to show his face in the entertainment circle?” “Ah-!”

As soon as she finished speaking, James, who was in her arms, “accidentally” knocked over a cup of hot tea.

“I’m sorry, Big Aunt.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose…” James was about to cry.

“I’m going to change.” Cheng Lu pouted and put James on the sofa. After she left, Qin Jianan looked at Alora with some embarrassment. “Sister-in-law, don’t blame me. Your sister-in-law is like this. She doesn’t speak well, but she is not bad.”

“It’s okay.” Alora pursed his lips.

“Alright, stop standing.”

“Sit down,” the old man said.

Only then did Samir pull Alora to sit down on the right side of the old man.

“Where’s second brother?”

“I went to the police station early in the morning.”

“I’m almost back,” the old man said as he looked down at the time.

As soon as he finished speaking, the sound of a car stopping came from outside.

Not long after, a tall figure walked in from outside. “Second brother is here.”

Samir reminded him in a low voice.

Alora hurriedly stood up, intending to greet her second brother.

She looked up at the man in front of her. Why was it him? When Qin Ling saw Alora, he was also slightly stunned.

Why was she here? “Second Brother.” “This is my wife, Alora.” Seeing that the two of them did not speak, Samir frowned. “Hello, Second Brother.” Alora snapped back to reality and hurriedly greeted them politely. “Good…”

Looking at Alora’s face, Qin Ling’s beautiful facial features instantly stiffened. She actually married Samir… Was this heaven’s will? Or did Samir find out something…

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