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Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 100

Happy Mommy Happy Daddy Chapter 100

I Warn You, Stay Away from Me in the Future!

By the time Alora arrived at the set, the other performers who were working together had already arrived. This was the last day of her filming for White Hair Like Snow.

Therefore, she had a lot of scenes today, and there would be a wrap party at night.

At eight o’clock Alora officially started filming.

The shoot went very smoothly.

At three in the afternoon, Alora had completed all the scenes perfectly.

“Alora, you can prepare Purple City in peace now!”

In the dressing room, Anne sat next to Alora. As she helped her remove her makeup, she said expectantly, “Although this is your first time to become an official actress, it is still a small production. It can’t be compared with Purple City!”

“What’s more, Purple City’s male lead is Leo!”

“Leo has never had a rotten film. This film must be a candidate for next year’s award!” “Alora, prepare well. After this movie is finished, you can soar in the entertainment circle!”

“You think too much,” Alora said as she removed her makeup and listened to Anne’s irrelevant words.

“I only want to complete what I have to do.”

In the beginning, she had competed for Purple City only against Celia. She had no ambition, and she didn’t want to win awards or soar into the sky.

No matter which industry she was in, she firmly believed that it would be safer to walk one step at a time.


Anne frowned and stopped abruptly. She stared blankly in the direction of the door of the dressing room and stopped talking. Alora frowned and subconsciously followed her gaze. In the direction of the door of the dressing room, Truett, dressed in a suit and tie, was holding a large bouquet of bright roses and slowly walking toward her.

Beside him, there was a large group of reporters carrying their cameras!

“Alora, what is this…” Anne was stunned.

Alora frowned and looked at the back of her.

There was only one exit in the dressing room. In the direction of the exit, Truett was walking toward her.

The woman took a deep breath and stood up.

Truett had already walked in front of her.


The man looked at her affectionately.

With a bang, Truett knelt down in front of her.

“Alora, please forgive me.” He held the large bouquet of roses in his hand and said seriously.

“Forgive you for what?” Alora frowned.

What was Truett up to this time?

Truett pursed his lips and lowered his head, not daring to look at her face. “Forgive me for what I have done wrong.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten together with Celia just because you made a mistake.”

“Only now do I know how stupid I am. I have missed the person who loved me the most in the world.”

“I know you still have feelings for me,” he said, looking up at Alora’s face with a serious expression.

“After all, we have been together for more than five years. You broke up with me because I cheated on you.” “Now I know I was wrong. I want to go back and be with you again.”

“I don’t ask you to be with me now, but I hope you can give me the opportunity to go after you.”

Alora looked at him, and after a long time, the corners of her lips curled up coldly. “Are you daydreaming?”

“Who do you think you are?” Anne, who was on the side, had a fiery temper. She directly kicked Truett. “As long as you wanted to be with her again, you can be with her again? Don’t you think too highly of


“Alora already has her new life, and she is very happy. You should get lost!”

After saying that, Anne directly raised her hand and pulled Alora to leave.


Alora frowned, turned around, and looked at Truett’s face coldly. “I remember that I had already made it clear to you.”

“When we were filming in the last few days, you have deliberately kept a distance from me.”

“You have never used our past to create hype.”

“Why are you making such a big fuss today…”

She narrowed her eyes slightly. “Is someone threatening you?”

Truett’s face suddenly turned pale!

He quickly lowered his head and shook his head desperately to deny it. “No, no.”

“I just… I just suddenly figured it out!”

Alora looked at his face and turned to leave.

Truett still stood in place, watching her and Anne leave with a bitter smile on his lips.

In fact, he was not a person who did not know what was good for him. Before, he had always thought that Alora had him in her heart, so he had called her around like an accessory.

Later, he saw clearly that he no longer held any position in her heart.

If not for Elena… he wouldn’t have come to make himself humiliated.

“Mr. Uriel.”

Just as he was staring at Alora’s back in a daze, Elena’s cold voice sounded from the Bluetooth earphone that Truett had been wearing. “You let Alora go just like that?”

“Do you need me to repeat the consequences of offending me?”

Truett’s body froze.

For the next second, he threw away the roses in his arms and chased after Alora. “Alora, you can’t go!”

The man took a few steps forward and grabbed Alora’s arm. “We’ve been in love for five years!”

“You let go of your five years of relationship so easily? How can you be so cold blooded!” Alora found it funny.

She was cold blooded?


For the sake of the five years, she had not done things too cruelly.

She had already given him as many opportunities as possible.

But what about him?

If Celia had not betrayed him, would he suddenly wake up? “I am indeed cold blooded!” The woman flung his hand away fiercely.

“Truett, I’m warning you, stay away from me in the future!” Truett gritted his teeth, hell-bent on pestering her. Anyway, there were many reporters present, so he would fight her to the end today! Even if Alora refused him, there would be a lot of discussions online. Then, Elena’s goal would be achieved! Thinking of this, he reached out and grabbed Alora’s sleeve. “Alora!” “Let go of her.” Just as Truett’s hand grabbed Alora again, a cold male voice sounded. For the next second, Truett’s hand was forcefully pulled away by the man’s big hand. The man was very strong. Truett was thrown to the side by him and almost lost his balance. He grabbed the wall and stabilized himself. “Who are you?” “You don’t even know me?”

Truett raised his head.

The man in front of Alora was actually the best actor Leo?

Truett was stunned.

Leo took the tissue from his assistant and wiped his hands gracefully. His attitude of disdain was like he had just touched a toad.

“Leo, why did you…” Truett paused.

“Alora is my friend.” Leo was 188 cm tall. Standing in front of Truett, who was 170 cm tall, he was a full head taller than him.

“I don’t think I need to introduce myself.” The man looked down at Truett with contempt.

“In the entertainment industry, I am the ceiling.”

“If you want to continue pestering Alora, ask me if I can let you continue to stay in this circle.”

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