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Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1337

Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 1337

She avoided asking about the details of the burial.

To her, it wasn’t more important than having Shane home.

Furthermore, she wasn’t interested to know when or where Jacqueline was buried.

After all, no one would care about their enemy’s funeral.

“I’m coming home now.” Shane checked his watch.

Natalie smiled.

“All right, hurry up.The kids and I are waiting for you to have dinner.”


Shane nodded with a gentle expression.

After ending the call, he returned his phone to his pocket and turned toward Jackson.

“When do you plan to bury her?”

“Three days later.”

After pondering for a few seconds, Jackson added, “Within the next three days, I plan to find someplace where she belongs.”

Shane grunted in acknowledgment.

“It’s up to you.What about the funeral? Are you holding one? Let me give you advance notice that no one will be attending.To those in our circle, the Graham family has been bankrupt since ten years ago.Hence, no one will come to the funeral of the daughter of a disgraced family.Moreover, many are well aware of her wrongdoings too.Therefore, I hope that you would not hold a funeral, for you will be ridiculed for it.More importantly, your parents will suffer the same humiliation”

Instead of being offended, Jackson just smiled.

“Don’t worry.I’m a different person now and well aware of the concerns.It had never crossed my mind to hold a funeral for her.To let her leave in peace is a good thing too.All right, Shane, that’s it for today.You should head home already as Natalie is getting worried.”

After giving Jackson a slight nod, Shane got into his car without another word.

Silas, too, sat in the driver’s seat before driving away.

Jackson just stood there and watch them drive off.It wasn’t until they were out of sight that he left the crematorium.

By the time Shane returned to Thompson villa, it was already eight o’clock.

Upon hearing the sound of a car, the two children’s ears pricked as they jumped off the sofa at once.

“Mommy, Daddy is back.”

“Mommy, let’s go and welcome Daddy.”

Sharon tugged Natalie’s hand as she headed out.

Natalie didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“All right, all right, we’re going, so slow down.Don’t run or you’ll fall.”

Despite what she said, the children didn’t heed her advice.

Instead, they ended up running faster.

Left without a choice, Natalie picked up her pace to protect the children from falling down.

Soon, the three of them arrived outside the villa and coincidentally saw Silas opening the rear passenger seat door.

As Shane alighted from the car, his heart almost melted at the sight of his wife and children.He approached them.

“Why are you all out here?”

“Connor and Sharon heard the car approach.When they knew you were back, they dragged me out to welcome you”

Natalie explained with a smile, as she tousled the children’s hair.

Shane lowered his gaze at them.

“Aren’t you cold? Why do you insist on coming out?”

“It’s not cold.”

The children shook their heads in unison.

As long as their parents were by their side, they were not afraid of the cold even if they were covered in snow.

As Shane watched the children deny being cold despite their frozen cheeks, he couldn’t help but feel amused.

Subsequently, he turned toward Silas, who was standing in front of the car and instructed, “You should head home now.I’ll give you the day off tomorrow so that you can spend more time with Sally”

Silas’ eyes lit up as he bowed to express his gratitude.

“Thank you, Mr.Thompson”

Just as he spoke, he hurried into his car and drove off to see Sally.

“Come, let’s go back into the house.”

As Shane held Natalie’s hand on one side, he held Sharon’s on the other.As for Natalie, she was holding Connor with her free hand.

The family of four walking side by side back into their villa made for a harmonious and heart-warming sight.

Obviously, it would have been better if Anders was there with them.

Therefore, the moment they stepped back in, Natalie asked, “By the way, Shane, Anders is already seven months old.Can we bring him home already?”

She stared at him.

After giving it some thought, he replied, “I’ll contact them to see what the situation is.”

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